Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls Review

Need a line of golf balls to complement your amazing club set and boost your game? Look no further than Callaway’s line of Hex golf balls to get back into the winner’s circle. And if you need more information before buying, you’re in luck because we have an in-depth Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls Review for you.

By the end of this review, you will know if Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls make sense for you, considering its features, pros, and cons.

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Callaway’s Hex Aerodynamics

Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls are part of Callaway’s Hex Ball Line, which also includes HEX Black Tour, HEX Chrome, HEX Solaire, HEX Warbird, HEX Hot, and Hot Pro. Each of the Hex Balls is designed for a specific type or level of a golfer, so you need a moment to think about your game and choose accordingly. However, one thing all of them have in common is Callaway’s patented Aerodynamics.

Unlike traditional round dimples that typically cover about 85% of a golf ball’s surface, the HEX dimples produce 100% surface coverage. This pattern provides a unique and unparalleled aerodynamic performance with improved and cut-through ball flight as well as reduced drag. It’s a golf ball every golfer should have if they want to optimize their overall game.

Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls

It seems like the Hex lineup does have one particular golf ball to help improve all areas of your game, and that’s the Callaway Hex Control Golf Ball. This golf ball helps you hit more precise shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Its design aims to get more distance, more spin, and control around the green. With the cutting-edge core technology, softcover for feel, and consistent performance on different clubs like putters, irons, and wedges, this is a bell that is going to take your golf game to a new level.

Here’s the breakdown of our Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls Review:


The core has a compression rating close to 100 and feels soft yet firm. This allows golfers to feel the ball better on the clubface as they strike, thus allowing for more flexibility.

Trionomer Cover

The Hex Control Golf Ball comprises of a trionomer cover that can generate a great amount of spin for shots on the green. Still, Urethane covers continue to be more popular among golfers.

Resilient Mantle Layer

The Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls come with a durable design that increases ball velocity for greater distance. Moreover, the ball can take powerful hits and still retain its shape for a longer duration. For golfers looking for equipment that lasts, Callaway is a smart option.

More Dimples

Thanks to Hex technology that allows more surface area dimple coverage, the Hex Control Golf Balls have 332 dimples compared to many competitors, including Nike Mojo Golf Balls with 312. The extra dimples allow more control on greens.


Distance is a major determinant in a golf game, and this is why most golfers of all levels want a ball that can go a long way without compromising on accuracy and precision. The Callaway Hex Control Ball is a great choice because the Hex aerodynamics reduces drag and retains optimum velocity for maximum distance.

Its 3-layered construction delivers an all-around performance on greens and roughs thanks to its soft compression core.


It’s been a while since the Hex Control Golf Balls came into the market, so the prices have dropped quite a bit. Even with the high price tag, this golf ball offers great value for money, especially for amateurs and pros. Plus, Callaway has introduced many new models with higher prices, so it’s a great option for golfers looking for a high-quality alternative.

Who are the Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls for?

The Callaway Hex Control is a 3-layered golf ball, which means that it has both distance-enhancing qualities and control over the greens. It is a great option for golfers who want to reduce spin on their driver but increase it around the greens using different wedges. By incorporating multiple layers into this golf ball, Callaway has elevated versatility.

This is great for beginners as well who don’t want to purchase golfing equipment for a specific purpose but rather an all-around one. For amateurs and pros, it’s a great option for practicing long shots, chips, and putts to improve their game further.

Player Handicap

If you’re a high handicap golfer, you will have no issues using the Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls, although they’re better suited for mid-handicap golfers. This is because mid-handicap golfers can tell the difference in feel around the greens, whereas high handicap golfers need to take advantage of the extra distance and lower spin, so the ball rolls longer.

Pros of Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls

  • 3-piece golf ball
  • Low Driver spin
  • High wedge spin
  • Great feel around greens
  • Affordable pricing
  • Suitable for any game level
  • Longer-distance of the Tee due to Hex aerodynamics
  • Resilient mantle layer boosts longevity and ball shape retention

Cons of Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls

  • Older model and technology
  • Not the longest golf ball in the market
  • Some golfers find the Hex Golf Ball Line confusing due to multiple variants

Our Final Thoughts

Callaway continues to bring us cutting-edge golf ball design, and we hope you found our Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls Reviewinformative. The best feature of this ball is the Hex aerodynamics that not only makes it look unique but also improves your overall game. Give it a try, and you will surprise yourself with lower scores and higher confidence.

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