Cobra King F9 Driver Review

There are many golf drivers available in the market but when you want an all-rounder, the options really narrow down to a few products.

One such market winner is Cobra King F9 driver that has made the consumers mesmerized with gorgeous design and elegant engineering.

Cobra King F9 Driver review

Our Cobra King F9 Driver Review

In this driver, you will get the famous speedback shaping that includes machine milled slim face with an extremely lightweight and aerodynamic body. If it is not enough for you, add the cutting edge technology and the freedom of flexibility that Cobra presented to this unit.

You might be psyched to know every tiny detail about this product.Sit back and relax! Because we are going to write all the secrets this driver has under its wings.

Things We Liked

  • Aerodynamic design with an amazing color scheme
  • Low center of gravity for better performance
  • High moment of inertia for more forgiveness
  • Lightweight and suitable for all types of golfer
  • Provides more speed and distance with less spin

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Priced higher

Key Features of the Cobra King F9 Driver

Better Weight Distribution

​Weight distribution is crucial in a driver as it helps to maintain a low center of gravity. The manufacturer has produced the most massive crown which wraps around the body. Multiple materials have been used to make the crown lighter than other rival drivers.

This driver is weighed only 16 grams, of which 14 grams of weight has been shifted to the front. It enables the user to swing faster. Moreover, the weights are reversible so players can adjust it to get the launch and spin they desire to have.

Thinnest Face

​You will find the thinnest CNC milled face in Cobra F9 Driver. The sleek, ultra-light shape assists the player in maintaining accuracy in the game. Such precise results can hardly be seen in a hand-polished driver.

Players will be able to achieve handsome distance in the accurate direction even when they mistime a shot, thanks to this amazing feature.

Paired with Speedback Technology

​The innovative speedback technology is one of the factors that differentiates this driver from the rest. Speedback shaping refers to the innovative shape that uses multiple elements and makes no compromise between the distance and forgiveness. This feature has been advertised as the ultimate formula for speed.

Cobra Connect

​Cobra’s award-winning feature helps the users to track and improve their performance. It has sensors installed in the driver to record the speed, accuracy and distance of each shot. As a result, players can evaluate their performance which enables them to take a smarter decision in the next game.

It is known as the Cobra Connect and is developed by ArcCos. Players can easily track their improvement on the field by syncing it with their smartwatch.

Alluring Aerodynamic Design (5/5)

The design is the most striking factor of this driver. Cobra is famous for making attractive drivers. But this specific model comes with both the design and development.

Researchers have tried their level best to build a driver that can provide the most optimum and efficient result. They have built the thinnest face on this driver by using computer numerical controlled milling. Hence, it helps the player to achieve the most accurate response.

The heel and toe region of the skirt area has been raised in this model and it now has a unique curvature angle. It also elevates the crown region. So, the driver now has a shape that is identical to the wing of an airplane.

​Polymer and Titanium trips have been used on the crown and sole respectively to ensure better airflow.

Though the crown has a 12% larger area made of carbon fiber, ironically it is the most lightweight crown Cobra has ever made. It is almost 13 gram lighter than the titanium crown used by the rival makers.

It is equipped with 360⁰ Aero Technology that boosts the drag reduction and helps the user to move the club more swiftly. Additionally, the PWR ridges on the sole make it easy to align with the target and frame the ball.

The outstanding color combination is the signature of F-series drivers. This driver comes with the popular blend of black and yellow along with a glossy finish. A new black and white variant with matt finish has also been launched for the players who wanted variation in color.

Precision (5/5)

The dynamic shape coupled with the smartest weight structure helps maintain accuracy during every shot. While the clubhead size is large, it weighs little. So the driver has a larger sweet spot that is more forgiving in nature. Its center of gravity is low enough to provide more inertia while the design ensures less spin.

Higher inertia makes sure that the club can sustain a powerful impact without twisting, so there are minimal chances of error. With 15⁰ launch angle, you can expect consistent performance with this refined driver.

Flexibility (4/5)

Finding a driver with the perfect loft and angle adjustability system is the secret of winning the game. Flexibility is a crucial element that no players can ignore. This driver has unique Myfly technology along with smartpad that provides eight different loft adjustments.

Efficient Performance (5/5)

Players want a forgiving driver that has higher speed. It is difficult because of the balancing point of drivers known as the center of gravity (CG). Higher CG increases the speed but reduces the inertia.

​For this reason, it is lower in most drivers and placed in the backward portion. Such distribution facilitates high launch and inertia but hampers the speed.

Cobra made a breaking discovery that solved the puzzle. They kept the CG low but made the driver extremely lightweight with an aerodynamic shape. Resultantly, the driver now has a higher speed and launching point, but less spin. So, we now have a driver that is speedy as well as forgiving.

The manufacturer calls this driver an ‘aeroefficient’ driver, referring to the fact that it makes sure an efficient transfer of energy. It is 17% more efficient than its predecessor.

Our Final Thoughts

This driver may costs more than other drivers, but it is a productive investment. It is more compact than the F8 as it can cover 11.4 yards more with an additional speed of six mph and 400 rpm less spin. Its dependable performance made it worthy of being a pricey driver.

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