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Hey there and welcome to Golf Guy!

About GolfGuy.net

As avid golfers who’re continually trying to improve our golf skills and scores, we happen to try a lot of different golf products and techniques out. We’ve created GolfGuy.net to share our results with you.

If we like a product, we’ll let you know… If a certain swing technique works for one of us, we’ll also let you know… Oh yeah, and if some golf product or technique absolutely sucks, we’ll be sure to let you know that too.

Meet the Golf Guy Team

My name is Ben, and my best golf buddy’s name is Jackson. We love golf and play as much as possible. Hopefully, we can start improving our golf game along with you. It’ll be a team effort. My handicap is currently around 10 or so, and Jackson is between 15-20 so we’re far from professionals. We see that as a benefit to Golf Guy, because we’re just like you…

Meet the Golf Guy Team

Ben Crane – Writer

  • Handicap: 10
  • High School Golfer
  • Shares the name of an ex PGA pro golfer

Jackson Worthy – Editor

  • Handicap: 15-20
  • New’ish to Golf

Of course, when it comes to sports equipment and techniques, what works for one person may not work for others, so keep in mind that all of our reviews may not perfectly match your own golf game. It’s best to try things out for yourself… That being said, we’re here to help as much as possible!

Anyway, we’re pleased to meet you and glad you found our online home. Time to go hit the links… See you in the pro shop!

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