TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver Review

The TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver review will discuss this minimalist club which combines versatility, carry distance, and forgiveness in one unique driver courtesy of some truly smart design.

Mini drivers have had their fair share of ups and downs over the past few years. However, they are in vogue yet again thanks to the PGA 2021 championship that Phil Mickelson won using a mini driver.

The TaylorMade300 Mini Driver no doubt has generated a lot of hype. But does its performance live up to the expectations of the most demanding and ardent golfers?

TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver Review

A look at the characteristics and features will throw light on these key questions.


The TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver rocks high aesthetic appeal and could set the benchmark for how mini drivers should look.

The white borders of SIM2 drivers are no doubt fabulous, but the black borders of TaylorMade 300 Mini look even more alluring. Crown graphics are also more demure in this version. The black theme together with sober graphics and compact dimensions means that you have the right candidate that the pros will take seriously. It sends all the right vibes by looking good rather than overly flamboyant.

Size is one key factor that warrants discussion. The TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver is just 307cc making it substantially smaller than other drivers that normally measure 460cc.

Fairway wood territory goes up to 200cc which the Mini Driver exceeds by a big margin. It is a hybrid shape no doubt, but which one does it resemble more?You could say that it looks closer to drivers compared to fairway woods since the face height is noticeably large.

The sole is a confluence of the vintage and the contemporary since it combines elements of both. Some elements hark back to classic designs but the Speed Pocket evinces a more modern design.

The head cover is also worth talking about. This is one bold design that has been met with disdain by some purists. However, it sends good vibes with its outlandish retro appeal.


When out there on the range, you can identify the SIM2 driver with its great sound on impact. And since this fine club is so widely used, you will get to hear it quite often.

Though similar, the TaylorMade 300 Mini Driver does not sound the same. In any case, it sports a nice impact sound of its own.

The sound is more on the quiet side. The full low-pitch sound has a nice subtle hint of metal. The sound is gentle compared to the power you generate. That’s a plus point if you don’t want an overly loud driver.

The feedback is likewise good overall due to which you will be able to locate impact with a fair bit of ease.


Now it’s time to move on to how well it performs on the golf course.

Whether it is ball speed or forgiveness, the TaylorMade Mini Driver proves to be adequate. Smash factors are right up there with some of the best drivers that you will find.

According to the TaylorMade brand, the club head is designed to produce low spin. From the ball trajectory, it is apparent that this indeed is the case. Even on thin shots, you get decent ball speeds.

The low center of gravity and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket allows for some nice launch angles as well as average speed.

The Mini Driver plays well off the turf. The nice thing about the driver is that even with slim contact between ball and club, you get a good distance when playing from the grass. Skilled players will certainly get more carry distance from this club.

The one caveat is that since it is so different compared to conventional drivers, it takes a bit of time before you get fully accustomed to it. You will have to take care of things that matter like getting the tee height right, optimizing your swing, adjusting the ball position, and so on before you start getting nice results on your shots. After some trial and error, you will get there though soon enough.


Here are some more mini drivers that you can try out if you are seeking alternatives.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Driver


This high-tech driver leverages AI and machine learning to give you a design that allows for great ball speeds, acoustics, forgiveness, and more. Thanks to the cutting design, the club head rocks excellent MOI and low spin – something that is hard to find on most drivers. This is not unusual since you are looking at one of the most sophisticated drivers out there.

Callaway Rogue Triple Diamond LS Driver


This driver is a tried and tested tour-proven design that will not disappoint. It is highly stable yet provides good speeds off the club face. The sophisticated head design allows for low spins so that the ball can go straighter. The tungsten speed cartridge strategically shifts weight deeper and lower into the club head so that you can get nice speeds off mishits and unprecedented forgiveness thanks to extra high MOI.

Ping G400


The Ping G400 is the budget driver that provides the best in stability and aerodynamics. The multi-material design and deft engineering mean that drag is reduced. Thanks to a great choice of materials and advanced design, the face happens to be thinner and stronger so that you get better ball speeds at launch. The awesome 9000+ MOI and the deeply seated center of gravity allow for greater consistency and accuracy. Hence, it provides great value for money on a budget.

Our Final Thoughts

The TaylorMade MWD-300Series Mini Driver review took a close look into the latest Mini Driver by TaylorMade. Overall, it scores well on all fronts and should be a force to reckon with in the hands of good players.

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