Warrior Golf Clubs Price: Are They Worth It?

Golf equipment manufacturers sell different types of golf clubs at different prices. While the features of golf clubs, such as forgiveness, high loft, and more, play a vital role in improving your performance, these are not the only factors that affect your performance.

Factors, such as your height, golf swing, body posture, etc., also influence how well-suited a particular club is to your needs. This is why many people prefer to buy custom golf clubs, based on their own physical features and attributes.

With that said, it’s difficult to find a reliable manufacturer that doesn’t charge excessively high prices for custom golf clubs. Warrior Custom Golf Clubs is one of the few custom golf companies that offer custom golf clubs with modern features at affordable prices.

Warrior golf club price

In this article, you will learn about the Warrior golf clubs’ prices and why you should consider using custom golf clubs.

Why is Custom-Fitting Golf Clubs Important?

Successful athletes in all major sports will tell you the importance of using customized equipment and the role it plays in giving you an extra edge over your opponent. Likewise, golf equipment is no exception.

Considering that the margin of error in golf is small, it is no surprise that customized golf equipment has a significant impact on a golfer’s performance. Experienced golfers will attest to the fact that you cannot play to your real potential unless you have your equipment customized.

Although many people argue that customized fitting is only necessary for top golfers, that is not always true. Skilled golfers may adapt to a golf club if given enough time to practice using it. However, many golfers avoid practicing with a golf club that doesn’t fit their specifications perfectly.

Just ask any golfer if they would play with a club without customizing it. Their answer would be that they would prefer customizing a golf club rather than ruining their golf swing by modifying it for an ill-fit club.

Moreover, if you are an amateur golfer, you need to buy a custom golf club that is greater than that of a skilled golfer. Experienced golfers are highly skilled, and it is extremely easy for them to adjust to a certain golf club.

However, in the case of amateur golfers, they don’t have the skills to adapt to ill-fitting clubs easily. Therefore, if they play with golf clubs that are not tailored to their needs, they are likely to fail.

Some experts even suggest that beginners should start playing with custom golf clubs.  Otherwise, these early golfers are prone to develop swing faults that may take years to improve.

New Technology Won’t Benefit You Much Unless the Club Fits

Wherever you see, from golf magazines to websites, you will find them full of advertisements about how great a certain golf club is. The majority of these articles focus on how using the latest technologies, some golf clubs outdo other golf clubs, and can improve a golfer’s performance.

Although those articles are not lying about the ability of these enhanced golf clubs, these clubs won’t benefit you much unless they fit your skills.

To understand this further, imagine that a brand has developed a specialized running shoe that has the best spring technology in its sole and vibration dampening to minimize injury. Now think how useful that shoe will be if it doesn’t fit the needs of athletes. Unless the shoe has a perfect size, comfort level, and width fitting, a runner wouldn’t be satisfied and would not use it.

Likewise, if a golfer buys a state-of-the-art driver that doesn’t fit his or her needs, it doesn’t matter how advanced the club’s technology is. This is why it’s important to buy a custom golf club or, at least, custom-fit your golf clubs before using them.

One of the biggest objections raised by golfers against custom golf clubs is that they are expensive. While this is true, some custom golf club makers allow you to buy these clubs at reasonable prices. Let us look at two of the most popular golf clubs offered by Warrior Custom Golf and compare their prices.

Warrior Custom Golf Fairway Wood

Warrior Custom Golf Fairway Wood is custom-built to the specifications of each user. The club allows you to strike the ball from 100 to more than 300 yards.

One of the pros of the golf club is that you can use it in multiple situations and scenarios. From the tee, buried lie, and fairway to the tall rough, hardpan, and fairway bunker, this specialized fairway wood can assist you in every situation.

Warrior has designed its fairway woods to be progressive and shallow-faced. With the help of specialized filament-wound graphite shafts, the company has been able to decrease the center of gravity of the club. This decreased CG allows golfers to have better control over their hits and enjoy superior performance.

Furthermore, since the club has been tailored to your personal needs, the club will give you the competitive edge you need on the course. This small improvement in performance will allow you to perform consistently, play all your shots with more confidence, and lower your scores.

Like most golf clubs, you can buy Warrior Custom Golf Fairway Wood in varying flexes, depending on your swing speed. The general categories of the available flexes are Regular, Ladies, Senior, and Stiff. Similarly, the degree of club loft can vary from 15 and 21 degrees to 24 degrees.

Key Features

  • Rapid Recoil Technology
  • Enhanced Mass-Transfer Weighting
  • Active Channel Technology
  • Low Profile Club Head
  • True Launch Shaft


Custom golf clubs are known to be extremely expensive. It can cost you thousands of dollars to get a decent club. But, the specialized and custom fit Warrior Custom Golf Fairway Wood is available at a reasonable price if you like them.

Warrior Forged Titanium Driver

The Warrior Forged Titanium Driver is another excellent golf club that can help you become a better golfer. The club enables you to hit the ball from 125 to more than 300 yards, depending on your level of skill.

The best feature of this club is its titanium head. The titanium head of the forged driver offers extreme forgiveness and the ability to launch the ball at greater distances than most drivers.

Because of its high degree of forgiveness, new golfers can get away with mishits and start to score regularly on the course. The beefed-up 460-cc titanium club head is the secret to the driver’s high level of forgiveness.

Besides that, the power-weighting technology of the 460-cc titanium driver and the clubhead’s aerodynamic design supplement the lack of power in a beginner’s strike. Both of these attributes can add to a golfer’s swing speed and help them to generate greater power behind their hits.

Lastly, the long drive graphite shaft used in the club allows golfers to play longer and more penetrating shots off the tee. The club is specifically designed to suit your requirements, so you will be able to achieve maximum accuracy, distance, and control.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Maximizes energy transfer for greater distance
  • Low CG allows elevated ball flight, regardless of your swing speed
  • Maximum perimeter weighting allows more accuracy and control


If you want a specialized forged titanium head driver, you won’t get a better bargain than this.

Our Final Thoughts

Custom-fit clubs help golfers improve their performance on the course and gain an edge over their opponents. The benefits of these clubs are available to all kinds of golfers, from competitive professionals to beginners who are just learning the basics. However, if you are concerned about the steep prices of custom golf clubs, you can try Warrior Golf Clubs and improve your game without straining your pocket.

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