Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review

Callaway has been producing premium golf balls since its founding in 1982. It is now one of the biggest names in the golf equipment manufacturing industry. Professional golfers such as Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson, Jon Rahm, and Sam Burns use Callaway equipment on their PGA tours. Callaway produces equipment for all kinds of golfers. Whether a professional or a complete beginner, your game could benefit from Callaway’s golf equipment.

This is our Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review. The DCB in Apex irons is the abbreviation for ‘deep cavity back.’ These irons are Callaway’s largest and most forgiving ones up till now. The Apex DCB irons feature Callaway’s new Flash Face Technology and are the first of the apex irons to use the Tungsten Energy Core.

The Callaway Apex DCB irons come with high recommendations by golf critics and review writers, with almost 96% of them giving these the “go-ahead and buy” nod. On Amazon, the ratings on average were 5 out of 5, and with a 4.8 out of 5 by consumers in the Callaway stores, they are some of the highest-rated irons available in the market today.

The positive reviews include high launch and ball speeds and an amazing feel with utmost forgiveness that does not go against the forged label that it comes with. Callaway has very successfully applied game-improvement technology on these Apex DCB irons that provide extra parameter stability on the head, allowing it to move powerfully through the surface of the ground and hindering digging.

Callaway Apex DCB Irons

Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review– Features and Specs

Shaft True Temper Elevate Steel / UST Recoil Dart Graphite

Orientation Left- and Right-Handed

Grip Golf Pride – Z Grip

Name Loft Standard Length Lie

#4 20° 38.75″ 60.5°

#5 23° 38.125″ 61.25°

#6 26° 37.50″ 62.0°

#7 30° 37.00″ 62.5°

#8 34° 36.50″ 63.0°

#9 38° 36.00″ 63.5°

PW 43° 35.75″ 64.0°

AW 48° 35.50″ 64.0°

Flash Face Cup

A uniquely complicated face architecture for the different irons in your golf set has been designed with artificial intelligence. As a result, the ball speed is higher, there is more distance control, and a healthier spin.

Tungsten Energy Core

The 50 grams of tungsten that the mid and long irons hold allows the center of gravity to be placed in such a way to provide higher launch and increased forgiveness.

Forged Feel

Built from 1025 mild carbon steel, the urethane microspheres aid in lessening the vibrations that accompany your mishits. However, this does not sacrifice the feel or sound that comes on impact. The DCB iron has a higher moment of inertia (MOI), greater offset, and a cavity that is much deeper, a body that is larger, and a sole that is wider.

Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review

Look, Feel, and Sound

The Apex DCB irons are very similar in looks to the standard apex 21 irons. Room has been made to add the label in the badge’s design. The iron behind the top line is hardly visible and, as such, minimizes distraction when you look down.

Soft, crispy, and slightly springy – That is what the strikes in the sweet spot feel like due to the extra forgiving head. Even on mishits, you don’t get that uncomfortable feel – the loud muffled sound in the center gives you credible feedback on your mishits. The Callaway Apex DCB irons also have an indentation that seems to push the weight more towards the heel and toe of the club.


A strong loft which is about 0.5 degrees stronger than the ones in the Apex 21 irons, combined with the Flash Face Cup design technology, gives you the advantage of very long iron shots. The DCB provides a straight and consistent ball flight, a better off-the-face feel, and, of course, ample forgiveness. These minimize slice and hook and are suitable for golfers with a ten or higher handicap.

While the irons produce low spin, the high flight they generate allows for good ball stopping when you approach the greens. The irons also help in limiting the curving of the ball and keep your shots on line. The very high flight, the great feel, and the consistent accuracy of these irons should be reasons enough to go for these irons in spite of their steep price.

According to Callaway, Golfers will simply love the Apex DCB irons as the company has created these with the most advanced technology at hand. It is their best creation yet, with a look, the feel, and the performance that any golfer could wish for. These irons can be used by tour professionals as well as high handicappers. In the words of Xander Schauffele, “This is what you want in a forged iron. Everything, from the performance to the feel, launch, and control, is so dialed in. It’s that good.”

Our Final Thoughts

That’s it for our Callaway Apex DCB Irons Review. Overall, these irons provide amazing ball speed, a great ‘forged’ feel, and incredible power due to the wider sole. The ball stopping power depends on how you swing. However, due to the high flight trajectory, they do provide good stopping power when you reach the greens. If you already play with the standard Apex 21 irons, switching to the DCB irons will be worth it. Even if your striking isn’t on a professional level, the clubs’ forgiveness will allow you to better your game significantly.

The price of these Callaway apex irons is a bit higher, but considering the quality, durability, and performance of these irons, it is not surprising. The Callaway Apex DCB irons will be worth every penny you spend on them, especially if you fall in the med-high handicap range.

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