Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set Review

The Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set is one of the top choices in the market today geared toward female golfers who have just started playing golf.

There are several attributes that distinguish this golf club set as one of the finest. These are the lightest clubs yet that Cobrahas made. Plus, they are highly forgiving. All clubs perform well as intended.

A top-notch bag encompasses all clubs and has all the space you need to house your gear, goodies, and supplies.

Cobra has built up a heritage of manufacturing clubs that boast great construction details and that are easy to play with all at a tempting price point. The Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set continues with this trend.

Cobra Women's Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set Review

Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set

There are many good things about past club sets that can be seen in this latest Cobra Airspeed iteration. The offset style, wide-soled large-sized irons, and several other plus points are present in the current Airspeed range. Thanks to cutting-edge materials science, these clubs are now lighter than ever. Hence, they will prove to be a boon for women with slow swing speeds.

If you are looking for light clubs from Cobra then you are in luck for these are the lightest clubs that the brand has ever purveyed. Therefore, they will be ideal for your needs.

Cobra is one of the most prestigious brands in the world of golf. So female golfers who can afford to pay for these should try getting this high-end set. These may be more costly than other competing brand sets like Callaway’s Strata. However, the return on investment and the value for money are awesome.

If you are in the market for a golf set whose quality speaks for itself and that will last you a lifetime, then the Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set should be high on your priority list.

Here are the details on individual clubs contained in the Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set.

Weight Reduction

Cobra’s sustained weight-reducing drive means that the current F-Max Airspeed clubs are lighter than the previous year’s F-Max Superlite range. The current iron from the F-Max Airspeed is 16 grams lighter than the previous F-Max Superlite iron. Likewise, current fairway woods are 20 grams lighter while present hybrids are lighter by 17.5 grams. So these are even lighter than the previous Superlite range that had lived up to its name.

The present-day F-Max Airspeed driver weighs just 285 grams. Hence, it is about 40 grams lighter compared to the current Cobra Speedback driver. Cobra’s material technology is evolving and improving continuously. And it reflects in the diminishing weight of its clubs.


The following clubs are available in this golf set – driver (15-degree loft), 7 wood, 5 wood, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, mallet putter, sand wedge, and 6 iron. These are all contained in an aesthetically appealing and durable cart bag.

The hybrid, woods, and driver all have nice-looking headcovers that will keep them safe when not in use and thus extend their service life.

These clubs are just as good as individual premium clubs that are sold separately. The advantage of buying the complete golf set is that more or less similar premium clubs have been bundled in one neat package at a handsome discount.


There is adequate offset in all these clubs. Thanks to this offset, your hands will be in front of the golf ball during impact. This will allow improved contact and a more accurate shot.

Greater offset is ideal for beginners and those with a lower handicap. Players of higher handicap may also have a preference for this offset due to its shot-enhancing function.

The bag also is up to par. It sports 14 dividers to hold all your clubs. 9 zippered compartments are also available besides these to hold your supplies and goodies. There is a big insulated beverage cooler to ensure that your beer is ice-cold.

Light and Forgiving

The whole set is designed to be as forgiving and light as possible. This golf club set is the one to aim for if you want your shots to fly straighter even if you do not hit the exact center of the club head during your swing. Thanks to the low weight of these clubs, you can generate plenty of swing speed. If your swing speed is low, then this feature will be extremely beneficial.

Although the brand has reduced the weight of these clubs consistently over the years, it has not compromised on their strength. Besides keeping clubheads light, the shafts have also been trimmed down to reduce the weight of the clubs. Hence, you will find that they are more fun to play with. It is vital that you enjoy yourself while playing – this will motivate you to practice more and improve your game. This golf club set helps you to do just that.

As far as durability goes, these clubs are as good as it gets. You can expect these big-brand clubs to last much longer than their more obscure counterparts. So although you will have to pay more for these, you will also be rewarded with much longer service life.

Although this is a big-ticket purchase, you can buy this club set just once and expect it to last several years without problems. Hence, you can enjoy much greater peace of mind with these and expect your investment to provide good returns over the long term.

Our Final Thoughts

The Cobra Women’s Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set has the full gamut of positive characteristics that beginners and intermediate-level players can benefit from. Hence, it is ideal for women golfers who have just started their golfing journey and want a complete golf club set that fulfills their needs.

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