Square Strike Wedge Review

If you watch golf regularly, you have likely seen hundreds of infomercials for golf clubs promising great game improvement and results. And today, the Square Strike Wedge is one of the most popular infomercials.

So, how is this club with an unusual design making headlines in the golf world? Find out in our in-depth Square Strike Wedge review below!

Our Review of the Square Strike Wedge

There are many facets to the game of golf that golfers overcome to improve their game. It’s difficult to hit wedge shots with a full swing and usually costs many golfers the game, and this is where the Square Strike wedge comes in. The Square Strike wedge is similar to the many chipper clubs you’ve seen for years, except it’s on steroids.

Everything You Need to Know About Square Strike Review

The club functions like a putter with a  heavier head, upright lie angle, and 45° loft angle. So, you might be wondering which category this club belongs to. The engineers designed it to look like a wedge but operate almost exactly like a chipper, making it a hybrid between a standard wedge and a putter. This unique design improves the square clubface contact on the ball, creating a better roll for more accuracy.

Chipping should be one of the easiest shots in golf as it involves the shortest clubs, but unfortunately, it’s where most beginners and even some pros fail. If your golf wedges are just not giving you your desired performance around the green, then opt for the Square Strike wedge. This is what you need to improve accuracy, hit further shots, all while having a standard putting stroke.

Features and Benefits of the Square Strike Wedge

Here’s the complete breakdown of our Square Strike wedge review:


The grip is usually the first thing golfers notice on a golf wedge, and this wedge comes with an extra-long thing green grip that is an inch longer than standard grips. So, you can use this extra income to grip down shots closer to the hole. However, this grip may not suit everyone since it’s on the thin side compared to your other clubs.

However, you can use the same grip on your putter since the square strike wedge is quite similar to a putter. So, you can experiment with your grip and get better control in every shot.


The shaft has the length of a standard putter (35”), which makes it easier to control compared to other wedges. Since it’s a precision club, it doesn’t need the extra length for more distance. Ask any pro golfer, and they’d tell you the same thing – wedges are used for precision, not distance.

And if you watch golf regularly, you often see golfers improvising around the greens by using a 7 or 8 iron to chip and get more roll. Irons usually have shafts with lengths between 36.5 – 37 inches, which means that you could lose some accuracy.


The clubhead on the Square Strike Wedge weighs 330 grams (11.64 oz), which is 30 grams more than a sand wedge. The center of gravity is exactly in the center of the clubface, thanks to its unique design. This means that the weighted club head provides more forgiveness around the green to reduce mishits as the move of the weight prevents the clubhead from opening and closing excessively while swinging.


The Square Strike Wedge has an enormous sole with shallow grooves between the hold and toe. It reduces friction and provides a smoother slide through the turf, thereby eliminating fat shots. Additionally, the beveled leading edge reduces the chances of the club digging into the turf.


This club isn’t suitable for long-distance since its weighted clubhead will make it more difficult to produce a full swing. While it’s not impossible to hit distance, you’ll still fall short compared to a pitching wedge. Instead, you can use the Square Strike wedge to assist with bunker play where the height is reasonable.


This golf wedge will allow you to set up closer to the ball with a 68° lie angle that is close to most standard putter. This means that it’s difficult to achieve a full swing on the Square Strike wedge.


As mentioned earlier, the Square Strike wedge has an unusual design compared to standard clubs in your bag. It has a rectangular face with an upright lie angle, a green head, and a wide sole.


Before our Square Strike wedge review, we considered the feedback from several golfers who have used this golf wedge. Most golfers said that hitting a fat shot is nearly impossible, and they love it. It produces low shots to generate more roll than what you’d achieve using a pitching wedge.

Secondly, the weighted clubhead allows golfers to play shots from different lie angles with a great slide, thanks to reduced friction. The pitching wedge usually grabs into the thicker grass.

Pros of the Square Strike Wedge

  • Exceptional run and chip shots on different terrain
  • Consistently square impact position for more precision and accuracy
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Can use putter stroke and grip for more accurate results
  • Perfect for shorter shots

Cons of the Square Strike Wedge

  • This club is not ideal for long-distance shots
  • Many golfers find it heavier than standard wedges
  • Doesn’t offer the versatility some other wedges offer

Our Final Thoughts

Considering all the features, pros, and cons in our Square Strike wedge review, this club is a great option for beginners or amateurs who are experiencing indifferent results around the green using standard wedges. Benefits that you will gain from the Square Strike wedge include improved confidence thanks to greater accuracy and consistency in shots.

However, this is not a club for more capable golfers that are comfortable using more versatile wedges regardless of their shortcomings. Overall, this is a great golf wedge for game improvement, especially for beginners.

If you’re also in the market for a putter, there is a combo pack available with a putter included. This short game set has some raving reviews online.

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