Recycled vs Refurbished vs New Golf Balls

The popularity of Golf is well recognized around the world. If you are a professional golfer or you are someone who is going to be swinging that golf club for the very first time, you must have had a hard time deciding on the equipment you need to purchase.

Golf equipment involves a golf club, golf bag, ball markers, gloves, and towels. It takes a lot more caution while buying golf balls. When it comes to buying golf balls, you can choose from three categories: recycled golf balls, refurbished golf balls or new golf balls.

recycled vs refurbished vs new golf balls

This article will help you to know about the fundamental differences among the three categories of golf balls and help you to select wisely.


How the Type of Golf Ball Affects Performance

No matter which position you stand on in the sport of golf, it is important to know which golf ball to buy according to their performance and outlook as well as which will be best suited to you.

Golf is such a game that requires carefulness but also allows you to enjoy and relax. Ending up with the wrong golf ball can lead you to have a disappointing day, both in and out of the field.

If you want good golf balls, it’s expected for you to spend a little more than usual as the sport of golf is costly. Then again, it’s good to keep in mind that if you invest smartly and have a love for the game, your cost will not go in vain. Same goes when you go to purchase your very first golf ball.

However, with the variety of golf ball categories in the market, you will get a little puzzled at first. It doesn’t need as much research as you might fear, but keeping a few things in mind and having a basic idea about the different kinds of golf clubs will be enough for you to decide on the right golf club to purchase.

A brief description of the types of golf balls:

Recycled Golf Balls

The golf balls that have been found and retrieved from the ponds, forests and other locations around the gold court are the recycled golf clubs. Individuals or groups collect these balls with the focus of selling.

Later, they cleaned and sent to the shops to be resold at a lower price. They can be referred to as used golf balls.

Many players prefer the recycled golf balls over others as they can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Not only that, these balls are mostly in great condition when they were lost after one or two strikes from the golfer.

Performance of Recycled Balls

After bringing in the balls, they are sorted according to their condition such as mint, grade A or grade B. These let the players choose according to their price and status. The mostly preferred recycled golf balls are the mint conditioned ones.

Their performance is, if not the same, almost close to a newly purchased golf ball. When it comes to an understanding its condition, recycled balls can be easily differentiated from bad to the best. The outer look of the ball can be distinguished; whether the cover has been burnt or has been washed off can be understood.

There is a good demand in the Golf community for recycled balls. Therefore, you will come across many in the market and most of them in right conditions.

Since they have great performances, there is always one or two individuals waiting to grab the next ball to fetch from the forests and lakes.

The Process of Recycled Balls

These balls don’t require any specialized process of preparation. They are simply washed and sorted according to their brand value.

Using a recycled golf ball have some beneficiaries. As the golf is expensive sport, it is always a good idea to save some money and take used balls that are equivalent to high performance from the store.

Then again, the only problem that you might face while using recycled balls is that, if they are either brunt or has a peeled off surface, might decrease the performance to a little extent.

However, such changes are negligible even to the average golfer. There is no true way to recycle a golf ball. Many companies do it these days. Companies clean and standardize the balls and sends them off for resale.

Refurbished Golf Balls

Refurbished golf balls are those which are taken from the used section of the golf balls, made smoother through the process of sandblasting and adding a new coating of paint to make them look attractive. In addition, a brand-new stamp is used as well.

The refurbished balls go through a less complicated process. They are more focused on the outlook of the ball and its attractiveness.

Performance of Refurbished Balls

Other than the cosmetics differences, there aren’t any noticeable differences in the performances of the refurbished balls comparing with newly purchased ones. Even the statistics show that the carry distance is very little to no change.

After being tested with a mechanical driver of proper consistency, it can easily be said that the average golfer will not be able to tell the difference between the strike of a new golf ball to that of refurbished one.

Process of Making Refurbished Balls

After the golf balls are selected for refurbishment, the following steps are taken:

Firstly, every ball is cleaned properly; this is the most significant step. Some balls are even given for resale just after cleaning as this is preferred by some golf players.

Secondly, the cover needs to be removed. By doing so, it minimizes the chances of any defeats that a ball can face when it is taking flight from the strike. It’s highly recommended to keep most parts of the covers untouched if the condition is well.

Thirdly, a new cover is put on by adding a blended plastic which is duplicate to the original cover. After this process is done, the ball can be painted, and even new stamps and numbers can be used.

This process results in a good-looking golf ball which can be misunderstood to be a brand new one. It also assures high performance from the ball. Furthermore, balls in more rough conditions can be refurbished by putting off the cover and by reapplying paint and markings.

Be careful while purchasing refurbished balls since there are chances that a refurbished ball can be sold as a brand new one. One brand’s logo and a stamp can be easily used on another and be sold at a high price in the market.

You need to be cautious while purchasing a refurbished golf ball and its best to take someone with you who has a profound idea on golf balls.

Refurbished balls are also known to not hold their performance streak for long as the paint and cover might come off from regular use. Moreover, it’s always wise to use them with proper supervision for ensuring higher longevity.

New Golf Balls

Newly purchased golf balls perform the best and meet the performance standards according to their advertisements. If you are someone who wants the very best and don’t want to compromise any risk of performance defects, new golf balls are for you. As long as you are careful not to lose them, they should be the perfect golf balls for you.

Performance of New Golf Balls

New golf balls usually use a urethane cover. This is a similar kind of rubber that is used on skateboards and is quite soft. This material helps to create a lot more pin. As a result, give more altitude. They are in fact without a doubt a much preferable ball to use in-the game. New golf balls maintain the standards shown in the advertisements.

Process of Making New Golf Balls

The following shows how a new golf ball is made;

a) Manufacturing the Center
b) Forming the cover and dimples
c) Polishing, painting, and final coating
d) Drying and packaging

Finally, paint is applied, and they are sent for packaging when dried.

Making brand new golf balls are expensive, and the price varies from brand to brand.

Which Golf Ball Should You Go for?

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before playing golf is to make sure you buy the right equipment. This has a good amount of impact on your performance in this game.

Before you purchase your golf ball, you should make sure you know what kind of building you want to achieve in your game to limit any performance issues.

Choosing between New and Recycled Golf Balls

Quality of the golf club doesn’t always depend on the price. It’s possible for you to purchase recycled golf clubs which will give you the same performance as that of a new golf club. Golf is an expensive game as they invest in highly paid players around the world. Therefore, golf equipment won’t price down anytime soon.

The average price of a new golf ball is four dollars. Sometimes it’s essential for the golfer to purchase new golf clubs. On the other hand, with recycled golf balls with similar performance assurance, you can do with a recycled golf ball.

It’s important to not let go of any performance issue by purchasing a cheap golf ball, but it’s possible to buy recycled golf balls which can give an equivalent performance to a new golf ball. In addition, it can even increase the performance of the player as it eliminates the thought of losing four dollars in the woods.

Choosing a Refurbished Golf Ball

A refurbished golf ball may lead you to buy a fake brand’s golf ball saying it as its own. Therefore, be cautious while purchasing a refurbished golf ball. They also do not lack in performance. Refurbished golf balls are almost as good as brand new ones.

Finding the Right Golf Ball

Focusing only on the price isn’t enough when you buy a golf ball. You need to make sure whether the certain golf ball will suit you to give out your best in a golf game.

As a golfer, you need to keep in mind that the golf ball you purchase ensures accuracy, control or proper distance.

Evaluating Golf Ball Construction

The material of the golf ball affects the way you play the game. These include the control and accurate distance of the ball.

Furthermore, as a player, you can choose between the three-piece and two-piece golf balls. They both can be in a recycled or new form, and each has its traits in the game.

You can choose the golf clubs according to your own need by knowing your style of play and what suits you better. If you are someone who just started this sport, you might want to start off using brand new golf clubs which will give you the best performance you can ask for.

If you are an economic player when it comes to the equipment you purchase for the sport, you can always go for the recycled golf clubs which will save your money.

Last Few Things to Keep in Mind:

These are the last things you have to bear in mind;

Supervise the Type of Ball

Whether you buy recycled or new ones, keep in mind that the golf ball needs to fly a long distance. Checking whether they have a good rolling distance is also very important. For this, two-piece balls are significant.

Evaluate the External Part of the Ball

The course of the game can be changed by the external material and structure of the golf ball. Soft scales are better for the extra height of the ball when you hit, but at the same time it might cause scratches to the ball. The golf balls’ movement is determined by their dimples too.

Stay Economic

Losing a highly expensive golf ball can cause you to regret spending all those cents. Concurrently, while playing with expensive new golf balls, a constant thought of losing them might gradually decrease your performance. Therefore, it’s a better move to go for an affordable recycled golf club.

Keep the Idea of Ball Spins

Backspins matter a lot in golf and that depends on how hard or soft the ball is. Some balls are designed to take low spins while others take high spins. When you purchase your desired gold ball, it’s wise to take someone who knows this sector well.

Ensure the Durability of the Ball

Harder balls are in ways better than the softer ones. They tend to fly higher depending on the strike rate. Although striking too hard can cause it to get stuck to trees which in turn damage the ball, such damages can be amended with proper care. In the same scenario, softballs might tend to break.

Have a Colored Ball

Ensuring that your ball has a vibrant or unique color that is suited to your taste. It can help you to identify if you ever tend to lose it in the forest. It’s a small detail, but this particular detail can save your time and money from purchasing another golf ball.

Our Final Thoughts

Golf balls play one of the most contributing factors when you play. Choosing the right golf ball can lead you to victory while choosing poor one can get you to fail. There’s a lot to keep in mind before you purchase a golf ball. It is crucial that you adhere to the pros and cons that come off with each golf ball.

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