Ping G410 Plus Driver Review

If you are new to golf, then welcome aboard. Don’t worry about the terms; just keep reading.

We’ll break it down for you. Let’s begin with the basics – golf woods. 

ping g410 plus driver review

Woods are another name for golf clubs. There are different types of woods. One of the types is called a golf driver, which is the topic of our discussion today.

Today, we are particularly going to talk about the Ping G410 Plus Driver, which is a particularly big name in the arena of the golfing quarters.

Golf is a game of inches. You have to understand that it is very technical, and with all technical games, it requires you to get the basics down first.

So, let’s get into some more details about this vital tool of the game.

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review

A golf driver is a particular type of club that is used to hit the ball to the putting green. Many factors come into play to give the driver high functionality during the game.

This one, in particular, has been revered by users all over the country. The main appeal of the G410 Plus and other SFT drivers is that they can heavily pace up the golf ball.

SFT drivers, in general, are a straightforward piece of equipment. They have a higher mass near the heel, which helps them to correct mishits (also known as slices). The one from Ping that we are here to talk about has a head that measures to about 455 in cubic centimeters.

Among all other golf clubs, the drivers are the ones that can hit golf balls the farthest. One thing that aids it to do is the volume of the head. The bigger the head, the further it can throw the ball.

Comparing it to many of the drivers in town, this is the one that gives the farthest distance with the least resistance.

Another aspect of the head that attributes to the great coverage across the fairway is the density of the head. The head of this driver is made of tungsten, and it weighs 16 grams!

So, this means that a great force hits the ball, transfers all the kinetic energy into the ball and lets it fly away to the greener grass on the other side.

Just the head itself is not where the whole deal is at. The swing also impresses. It is lighter than most other drivers in this same price range. And this allows the players to lift up the swing at a higher projection and let it swing to hit the ball with a heavy but sturdy weight.

These are the main factors that make this particular driver so desirable by golfers.

Materials Used in Construction

The back of the body of this fast-paced driver is made of very heavy tungsten.

Rest of the body is constructed with something called a cast Ti 8-1-1, which is an alloy of titanium with a finer infrastructure.

What this infrastructure does is that it makes the club sturdier without adding to the bulk.

Other than that, it has a body forged with a T9S+ face, which makes the driver faster by reducing the drag force on it.

The Trajectory

The hosel is the part of the driver that hits the ball in direct contact. The wider the hosel, the better it is for the golfer to control the ball. That being said, let’s place it in connection to the G410 Plus. 

Using this club is more satisfactory now because of the fact that the hosel has been redesigned to have a more lightweight body so that it has a bigger aerodynamic range.

After modifications, the achievable loft sizes are as such: 0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰. The lie adjustments, on the other hand, is now 3 degrees flatter than the industry standards.

It’s a patented design of the company, and this is what makes the driver so exciting to play with.

An Improved Shaft

The company had received some complaints about a certain model of their tool, and since then, they have put extra attention to ensure the quality of their tools.

A proof of their professionalism is in the shaft itself. The one that has been modeled for this tool is called Alta CB Red 55 – this is a better version of their previous design.

This shaft is better than the regular ones in the most fundamental ways – it is lighter, and it can easily support high launches due to the counterbalancing weight of 8 grams. The weight works against the weight of the head on the other side and creates an equilibrium.

Moreover, the shaft has more head weight, and this only works out to allow more speed to the ball.

The Center of Gravity

Due to the balance between the height of the shaft and the weight of the hosel, the center of gravity decreases, from which the resultant force becomes almost zero.

As a result, there is not much time wasted in getting the driver to stop. Actions are more instantaneous, and this is why the user also requires less effort to take swings.

Another thing we want to remind you is that this is an SFT driver, a term that has been owned and mastered by the company for years.

Short for Straight Flight Technology, controlling the direction of this ball is also much easier due to this overall balance in weight.

All in all, shots are more accurate and more effective in reaching the green when you use the G410 Plus.


  • The shaft is lighter and faster
  • Centre of gravity allows more sturdiness to the swings
  • The ball has a faster spin due to the wide hosel
  • Trajectory angles are much sharper and cleaner


  • There is no way to reduce the spin
  • Big turbulators can become a hindrance to some players

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most commonly asked queries regarding this product are as follows:

Does being “forgiving” mean that I won’t make any mistake with this driver?

No, of course not. It only means that you will be able to get away with some mistakes. Minor mistakes can be buffered away by good quality drivers such as these.

What does the number on the golf ball mean?

One digit numbers are just for identification whereas bigger numbers in the hundreds indicate the number of dimples on the ball.

Is it mandatory for me to wear gloves during golfing?

No, it’s not a requirement. However, it is advisable to do so because, with gloves, you can have a better grip on the shaft.

How long does one round of the golfing game last?

Depends on the number of playing the group. For 2 people, it’s usually 2 hours.

Do all golf courts have 18 holes?

Not necessarily. Traditionally, 18 holes are the standard for golf courts.

Our Final Thoughts

The key to playing this game is to focus a lot on the natural swing of the body.

You also have to maintain your posture and balance the weight of the driver, its pace and area of contact.

This is where you should consider getting the Ping G410 Plus. But it has recently gained a good name among golfers.

So, hurry up to get yours. Best of luck!

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