The 3 Best Golf Cart Coolers

Although not as active as other sports such as football and hockey, golf is still a sport that can get you sweating. This is especially true when you’re on the course all day in the warmer months, with temperatures rising up to 90° in some areas. To stay cool while on the course, there is one accessory that all golfers turn to – a golf cart cooler. It should also be noted that golf isn’t like other sports – although it does involve competition, a large part of golfing is social. To ensure that you’re cool and have plenty of drinks to go around, invest in one of these golf cart coolers.

Best Golf Cart Coolers

Want to have cold drinks throughout your 18-hole round? You’ll want to get a golf cart cooler. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best golf cart coolers we could find.

1. YETI Hopper Flip 8 Soft Cooler

YETI is known for its excellence in insulation, and this cooler is no different. The Hopper Flip 8 cooler uses YETI’s signature Coldcell™ insulation technology which ensures that your snacks and drinks remain cold throughout the day.

Best Golf Cart Coolers

It is also durable and can withstand rough handling. The fabric used is not only waterproof, but also puncture-, mildew-, and UV-resistant. YETI also boasts a Hydrolok™ waterproof and leakproof zipper and an inner lining that is made from FDA-approved material. While compact and lightweight (only weighing 2.8 lbs.), this golf cart cooler can still hold 8 cans of beer and 10 lbs. of ice.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof material
  • Puncture-, mildew-, and UV-resistant fabric
  • Waterproof and leakproof zipper
  • Lightweight
  • Holds 8 cans of beer


  • Relatively costly

2. YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

This soft cooler keeps convenience in mind and has been designed with a wide mouth so that loading and unloading snacks and beverages is easy. It’s also extremely secure and durable – the Quick-Release buckles on the cooler ensure that it can be handled roughly without affecting its contents. YETI’s HydroShield™ technology uses strong magnets to make sure that the cooler remains closed when not in use.

Although this is the costliest item on this list, it is one that will last you a very long time. YETI uses Dryhide™ Shell technology in its construction and claims that this cooler is made from high-density fabric that is mildew-, puncture-, and UV-resistant. In addition to welded seams, the Hopper M30 cooler boasts a waterproof exterior and a leakproof interior lining.

In addition to being lightweight and only weighing 7 lbs., it is able to hold up to 20 cans of beer and 28 lbs. of ice. YETI’s Coldcell™ insulation also ensures that your snacks and beverages will remain cool for a long period of time.


  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • Holds 20 cans of beer
  • Leakproof and waterproof
  • Mildew- and puncture-resistant


  • Premium price

3. Callaway Clubhouse Mini Cooler

Callaway is known for producing some of the best golf clubs in the market. This high quality extends to their golf cart cooler as well. This cooler is conveniently compact but does not lack in its ability to hold drinks. In fact, it can hold up to 6 cans of beer. The easy glide zipper makes the cooler easy to use and the nylon shoulder strap makes it even more convenient to carry around.

The Callaway Clubhouse Mini Cooler uses insulated thermal lining and is sure to keep your snacks and drinks cool during the course of the day. The seams are also sealed to ensure that there’s no leaking so that buyers have the best possible golfing experience.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and portable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Thermal lining and sealed seams
  • Easy glide zipper
  • Can hold up to 6 beverages


  • Limited capacity for larger groups

Features to Consider in a Golf Cart Cooler

Take a look at the following features before purchasing your golf cart cooler. Factors like weight and capacity vary from golfer to golfer, and it is best to know your requirements beforehand.


Make sure that the golf cart cooler you opt for isn’t too bulky. In addition to being more convenient, smaller coolers are easier to conceal than larger ones. This is especially important if your club discourages the use of private coolers.


The ideal golf cart cooler should be lightweight in order to prevent fatigue. However, this isn’t as important a factor if you intend to keep the cooler in the golf cart at all times.


While a cooler should definitely have the capacity to hold more than a couple of drinks, how many depends on the typical number of drinks you and your friends consume. Someone golfing all day would prioritize capacity over someone who is on the course for shorter periods of time. Additionally, solo golfers don’t require as much room for drinks as an entire group.


Buying a durable cooler ensures that you won’t have to spend money time and time again on a new one. Low-quality coolers won’t stand the test of time and would eventually end up being more expensive than a one-time purchase. Look out for factors such as waterproofing and special coatings to determine whether a cooler is worth investing in.


How long a cooler can keep your drinks cold is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a golf cart cooler. Those spending the entire day on the course will require coolers that are effective for longer periods of time. After all, no one wants warm beer when they’re out on the course.


Your budget may vary depending on how often you golf and would use the cooler. It should be noted that while some golf cart coolers are more expensive than others, there are plenty of affordable options that do the job just as well as more high-end ones.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide to golf cart coolers has been helpful. Whether you’re looking for an affordable cooler or don’t mind shelling out some more money, we’ve included options for every budget. Of course, the perfect golf cart cooler for you will be determined by your needs on the course. Use our buyer’s guide to see exactly what you need in a cooler – this way, you can use it for years to come.

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