Nike Hyperflight Golf Balls Review

Have a proper posture, strong grip, and great swing are all signs of improvement in your golf game. But do you feel like your progress is slow? Maybe it has nothing to do with you or your club set. Have you considered that it may be due to the wrong choice of a Golf ball? In this post, we’re going to talk about the importance of golf balls and an in-depth Nike Hyperflight golf balls review:

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your golf balls, just do it!

Choosing a Golf Ball

Golf is a game of precision, strategy, and great equipment choices. Before we get started with our Nike Hyperflishgolfball, you should know the importance of choosing a golf ball and how to choose the best one. Beginners and amateurs spend a lot of time looking for a great golf club, but when it comes to selecting golf balls, they think they’re all the same.

An In-Depth Review of Nike Hyperflight Golf Balls

You have to understand that the only equipment you use in each shot is a golf ball, so you have to emphasize it. When choosing a golf ball, it is important to consider the following:

  • Distance

If you need to improve your long game, a distance ball will help. However, you may have to give up control on the greens. If you need more control, you’ll need a ball with high spin, and Nike offers a mix of styles to help you work on different aspects of your game.

  • Trajectory

Do you want to improve or lessen trajectory? The dimple design affects the trajectory of the ball – Large dimples improve height, whereas smaller dimples lessen it.

  • Feel

This depends on your game and what level you’re at. Beginners like a ball with a hard feel to get more distance, while pros prefer a soft feel for playability on the greens.

  • Compression Rate

The firmer the ball, the longer it will travel, and if you keep buying softballs, you will never reach your true potential. If you want to improve, use firmer balls to get longer shots and practice control on greens.

Nike Hyperflight Golf Balls

Nike has dominated the sports world with great design, cutting-edge technology, and superior ease of use provided by golfing and sports equipment. The Nike Hyperflight golf ball is no exception and is a great ball for beginners and amateurs. It has an ultra-soft compression core designed to maximize forgiveness for golfers who usually swing less than 85 mph.

At 85 mph, the carry distance between a short ball and a long ball is about 8 yards and increases further as the swing speed declines. Regular golfers usually swing at 115 mph, so the carry distance is over 17 yards, and that’s why the Nike Hyperflight golf ball is ideal for beginners.

How Do They Feel?

When you touch the ball, you immediately feel that the ball’s design intends to optimize performance on the greens, thanks to its softer cover. And its lightweight (1.1 lbs) allows it to travel more distance than other golf balls hit with the same force.


As any golfer, and you would know the importance of a golf ball’s distance ability on this game’s outcome. So, while selecting the right ball for the game, they often choose one that provides a good distance. The Nike Hyperflight golf ball is a great choice because it delivers faster speed for maximum distance.

You can launch it off the tee and stop it on the green as its 3-piece construction delivers versatile performance for a soft feel around greens as well. Thanks to its soft compression core, golfers get enhanced speed, accuracy, and control.


One outstanding attribute of most Nike products is precision, and the Nike Hyperflight golf ball is precise. It succeeds where most golf balls suffer – consistency. While testing with swing robots with lower speeds, the golf ball goes about similar distances or directions. Inconsistent golf balls can exceed 20 yards in carrying distance.

This doesn’t have much to do with the design but the quality of production, something the engineers at Nike don’t take for granted. Every dimple is accounted for, and if the ball isn’t round, it doesn’t make the stores.


Nike Hyperflight golf balls are durable. If you are a beginner, you can use the same ball for a long time, but as you improve your swing speed and start hitting the ball harder, it’ll soon be time to replace this golf ball with an option for amateurs or pros.


  • A great choice for beginners
  • Performs well on greens
  • Three-piece construction for versatile performance
  • An inexpensive option for beginners
  • Nike is a reputable and reliable brand
  • Ultra-soft compression core design promotes incredible distance
  • White color shell
  • Mantle layer designed to equip golfers with enhanced speed, accuracy, and control
  • Innovative dimple design to reduce carry distance


  • Not suitable for pros that regularly swing between 110-125 mph
  • Doesn’t generate much backspin on the greens

Our Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, choosing the right golf ball to improve your performance and reach your potential is essential. We hope you enjoyed reading our Nike Hyperflight golf balls review. The Hyperflight is a great golf ball to have in your beginner golf kit.

Great golf balls go longer and straighter and make you look like a pro. Hyperflight Golf Balls are an ideal blend of feel and control for beginners to enhance speed, accuracy, and control at any distance.

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