Best Golf Balls Under $20

Amateur golfers tend to lose golf balls frequently in their initial learning phase. This is why purchasing expensive golf balls may not be a great idea. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to get a golf ball that is budget-friendly and not too heavy on your pockets.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

A common misunderstanding is that cheaper golf balls compromise on the quality and ruin your game. Read this article to find out the five best golf balls under $20 in the market that promise to transform your golf game experience!

1. Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Golf Balls

Are you aiming to achieve a longer distance? If yes, then you must consider buying the Wilson Golf Tour Velocity golf balls. These are our top pick for the best golf balls under $20 because their design incorporates low compression 70 core that gives you maximum feel and dramatically increases the length of the distance. Due to the low compression, these balls are extremely smooth. They also have advanced 2-piece construction that gives you superior playability. This kind of construction is done using a single solid core that is covered with a dimpled surface.

For golfers looking to achieve a great performance flight trajectory, these balls have an improved and longer flight due to the enhanced dimple pattern that works perfectly for a broad range of golfers. Wilson Golf Tour Velocity balls have immense durability, and they allow you to practice as much as you want without breaking the bank.

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· Contains a hard ionomer cover that maximizes the distance

· Has an outstanding feel

· Has a dimpled designed to give an extra launch

· Also available for female golfers

· The balls have a two-piece construction


· When played using shorter irons or wedges, these balls don’t produce good spin

· They cuff too easily

2. Strata Voodoo Golf Balls

The most interesting and fascinating golf ball in our list of the best golf balls under $20 is the Callaway Strata Voodoo golf ball. It comes with a magically soft outer core that helps you make long strikes and simultaneously provides an astonishing feel. It is designed to be durable and unique with cross-bones logo and player numbers. And guess what? A dozen white Callaway Strata Voodoo golf balls will cost you less than $15!


· Every ball comes with a Strata stamp which serves as an alignment aid

· These balls can be used in tournament play because they are USGA compliant

· Offers great distance

· Has a high-visibility


· Lacking in spin near the greens

· The logo on the ball scuffs easily

· Not suitable for golfers with a mid or low handicap

3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls

In case you are struggling to strike accurate shots, you should consider getting the Wilson Smart Core golf balls right away! These are not only one of the best golf balls under $20, but they’re also some of the most innovative and technologically advanced ones. Designed to minimize spins during your practice sessions, these golf balls give you greater control over your shots and allow you to cover longer distances.

Wilson Smart Core balls consist of a durable ionomer cover that increases their playability over different conditions. Their best feature is the smart core technology that offers a reactive experience every time you swing with your golf ball by delivering unique distances and spins based on your style. For instance, you can expect a firm response off the tee when you aim for maximum distance and a soft reaction around the green for exceptional feel.


· Comes with a smart-core technology

· Reacts individually to different swings

· Has a brilliant and greater accuracy as compared to other golf balls under $20

· Gives minimal spin

· Made of high-quality materials


· These balls have been reviewed to lack distance as compared to other golf balls under $20

4. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel makes it to our list of the best golf balls under $20 mainly because it feels like a premium ball off the clubface even though it hardly costs anything. A Srixon ball has an unbelievably soft feel due to the Energetic Gradient Growth Core that is included in its design. This core maintains the softness without compromising on the ball distance, launch or speed.

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls have a two-piece construction with a hard ionomer cover. They also feature 344-speed dimples that offer great control, impressive distance, and excellent life.  These balls are rightly credited to have improved the greenside spin and to allow the production of amazing accuracy. They have an alignment aid that facilitates pre-shot setup.


· Gives a softer feel than other golf balls under $20

· Is safe to use

· Has an energetic gradient growth core that assists in ball speed and launch

· Has good accuracy

· Has a 344 simple pattern that reduces drag and produces more distance

· A reliable ball for long-distance shots


· Not recommended for golfers with very slow swing speeds

· Might be a little too soft for the most advanced players

· Reviewed by golfers to not produce the desired spin

5. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Are you one of those golfers who are struggling to improve their all-around shots? If yes, Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball will be a game-changer for you! Each of the Nitro golf balls has a two-piece construction that includes a durable cover and a super-reactive titanium core. The high-quality material used to make this golf ball help in maximizing the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball at impact and cause the ball to spin less while covering a great distance.

What makes them one of the best golf balls under $20 is their symmetrical and aerodynamic dimple design which assists in decreasing the drag and increasing the life resulting in higher and longer shots with phenomenal spin control. If you thought that cheap golf balls can’t be used to make straight shots, the Nitro Maximum Distance golf ball will certainly prove you wrong. Its cut-proof cover is made using Dupont Lithium Surlyn which ensures long-lasting durability, enhanced resistance, and brilliant performance.


· Has a two-piece tournament construction

· Allows you to make longer shots

· Consistent ball flight under all weather conditions

· Contains an aerodynamic dimple design

· Has a titanium core that maximizes energy transfer to the ball on contact

· Available in a variety of colors

· Has a high visibility


· Not all golfers prefer bright colored golf balls

· Not very durable

· Not suitable for advanced or experienced players

Our Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t want a high-quality golf ball that helps maximize performance? But we hope you now understand that not all great golf balls have to break the bank. The best golf balls under $20 listed in this article will make a great difference in your golf game and you might just even find a new favorite!

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