Wilson Complete Golf Club Set Review

If you are searching for the best golf clubs, you want to look at brands that are the best in the business. Wilson is the premier brand in golf that ardent golfers have come to rely on for purveying the best gear. Hence, you need to think about the Wilson Complete Golf Club Set.

Wilson has a stellar reputation for putting out the best golf equipment that any avid golf fan can lay their hands on. You can feel much more confident when considering a brand that is as reputable as Wilson.

But before you take the plunge, you need to know what you can expect from the Wilson Complete Golf Club Set.

Wilson Complete Golf Club Set Review

Wilson Complete Golf Club Set


Something that you will notice sooner rather than later is the power that this golf set allows you to generate. You seem to be going substantially higher distances with these clubs. That is sure to give you immense satisfaction.

Here is how different clubs fare.


Just holding this thing in your hands makes you feel like a pro. The driver’s head is madeof titanium,and the distance it develops is simply priceless. Since it has a big head, it is very forgiving. So even if your shot is not that accurate, you can still go the distance with this bad boy.

Since the driver has a nice level of forgiveness, hooks and slices can be mitigated. Of course, you will still need to muster all your skill to ensure that you are getting it in the fairway all the time.

Even veterans can’tget it in the fairway all the time. However, you will feel more confident while driving,and this should motivate you to strike the ball cleaner.

Do note,though,that it will take a little while for you to become accustomedto the large head size,especially if you played with a smaller one previously.

But after you get the hang of it, you will love the powerful clean strikes that you can generate with this driver. The nice part is that the sound is as good as the feel of your strike.

4-hybrid/Fairway Wood

Many golfers find these clubs to be the most challenging,and it takes lots of patience to settle down and start striking proficiently with them.

The 3-wood feels particularly tricky. Getting loft is not that easy, and even when that happens, there is a fair chance of slicing the ball so that it fails to travel the full distance. Perhaps you might concur with these sentiments. If that is the case, then you no longer need to despair for the hybrid,and fairway wood in this golf club setsare designed to mitigate your golfing woes.

The thing about these 2 clubs is that they add to your loft so that you can launch the ball more easily. Many have managed to substantially boost their loft with these and there is a good of it happening with you.

Launching the ball just becomes a whole lot easier with these ergonomic and well-designed clubs. Having this 3-wood club is the next best thing to actually improving your swing since it is engineered to mitigate the impact of slight inaccuracies.

The hybrid,on the other hand,feels much better to play with since it has the potential to lift you out of trouble. And the hybrid from this golf set does not disappoint. You can gain good contact using this thing and hit the ball pretty much straight in the direction you want. With this hybrid, you will relish the trajectory and distance that you are getting out of it.

Irons 5-PW

Irons have a good deal of forgiveness. Hence, you will have less trouble keeping your shots straighter with these in your hands. The perimeter waiting is also something to look forward to since it boosts your comfort and confidence levels when playing strokes.

These have a nice ergonomic grip so that theywill feel right there in your comfort zone. You will enjoy playing with these irons due to the generous forgiveness that they lavish on their holders. Shots will feel better and more precise. Even if you feel that the contact was slightly off target, you will be able to get decent distance, straightness, and trajectory with these in your hands.


The heel-toe putter feels light and nimble in your grip. Despite the light touch, there is no problem with maintaining a fair amount of stability so that the ball can travel straighter. Equipped with this club, you can line up your shot better and thus increase your chances of landing the ball in a hole.

That being said, if you like playing with weighted putter heads, then you will have to look elsewhere.


The bag is as good as it gets. It’s designed to hold all your clubs with poise. The bag remains pretty stable when you balance it on the stand. There are head covers as well as a rain hood to keep your precious clubs safe from the elements.

Besides the spacious compartments, plenty of pockets line up this bag where you can stash your ice-cold beer, gear, spares,and other goodies.

Our Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find fault with the Wilson Complete Golf Club Set. This is as good as it gets and it has virtually all attributes that you would desire in your golf set. Hence, it is a very good investment that will provide great returns on the golf field.

If you want to do well over your golf chums and want to gain an edge over them, then the Wilson Complete Golf Club Set is the way to go.

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