Ping Frontier Golf Bags Reviewed

Ping Frontier has quickly become one of the top golfing brands among golfers. Through their Frontier golf bag, the company has created an excellent alternative to a full-size golf bag.

Keeping the bag’s design simple yet functional, they have added club dividers to prevent golf clubs from banging into each other. The cart bag also includes a separate putter, which they have created on the driver’s side of the golf bag. It also features large pockets on both sides with a large fold-down pouch on the front.

You can carry this bag with ease, thanks to the handles added near the collar. You can easily place and remove the bag from your golf cart, carry it around the golf course, or put the bag on the floor in your car or at home.

If you want to keep your golf club dry, you can hang it on the Velcro strap located on the outside of the golf bag. The bag comes in several different colors, such as red and black and blue and black. You can even monogram it with your name if you want to.

Ping Frontier Golf Bags

Along with a wide choice of colors to choose from, the Ping Frontier golf bags offer excellent and impressive features. They have been designed to provide you with comfort, design, and space.

However, are the Ping Frontier golf bags right for you?

Should you buy the golf bag or move on to another brand?

The only way to know that is to learn how to choose the right golf bag for yourself. Before you buy any golf bag, you have to know if it is right for you and worth your money. For that, you need to know the style of golf bag you are drawn towards.

Is a Tour Staff Golf Bag Right for You?

A tour staff bag is not for you if you will be carrying your golf bag yourself on the golf course. Most professional golfers have the privilege of hiring a caddy for carrying their golf bags and they usually go for this option. If you have been putting a lot of time in the gym and have a very strong back, get a tour staff golf bag for yourself.

Even though this golf bag looks superb and is guaranteed to make a great impression on other golfers when you arrive at the golf course with it, it is quite costly. Plus, it is bulky, heavy, and does not provide as much storage space as a stand bag or cart bag.

The good thing is that tour staff golf bags offer added protection to golf clubs. Who are these golf bags perfect for? They are for people who regularly compete in golf tournaments. If you are not a professional player and golfing is more of a hobby for you, the next three golf bag styles may be a better option for you.

Is a Cart Bag Right for You?

Who are cart bags suitable for? Riders and pushcart users will prefer cart bags over other golf bag styles. Cart bags are full-sized golf bags designed to sit at the back of a golf cart or on a pushcart. They will offer you ample storage space and weigh around 5 to 9 pounds. In comparison to carry golf bags and stand golf bags, they are much larger in size.

On most cart bags, you will find a single shoulder strap. The downside to buying a cart bag is that it does not have a built-in stand system because it is designed to be carried, not stand. A sleeve or tie-down can keep the strap secure.

On the front of the bag, you will find pockets that are within one’s reach. For easy access, these bags feature full-length club dividers, which can also keep your golf clubs organized. Does the cart bag remind you of a golf bag? The Ping Frontier golf bag is a cart bag, which is the perfect fit for you if this style resonates with you.

Is a Stand Bag Right for You?

If you will be riding a golf cart and walking around with your golf bag, opt for a stand golf bag. A stand golf bag, known for its versatility, has a built-in stand system. Stand bags are a lightweight option, weighing around 3 to 7 pounds. But, they can weigh more, depending on the number of features they have.

This golf bag will reduce fatigue and increase comfort because of its ergonomic and contoured construction with double-shoulder straps and a padded area that acts as a cushion for your back when you carry it. Its two-strap design distributes the weight and places less strain on your shoulders and back. Therefore, this makes it ten times better than a golf bag with one shoulder strap.

Most stand bags come with a strap or clips that secure the legs to stabilize them when you ride a golf cart or a push cart. On some stand bags, you will also find a pass-through, used for a cart strap, located behind the pocket.

With so many positives, there is one negative. They do not offer ample storage space and are made from lighter material and fabric to reduce the weight. The light material and fabric can affect the durability of the stand bag.

Additionally, you will come across sturdy stand bags in the market. They look like tour staff bags, but a compact version of them. Sturdy stand bags feature several large pockets to keep extra items, such as clothes, drinks, snacks, golf balls, and accessories, thus increasing the overall storage space.

Is a Carry Bag Right for You?

Lightweight and compact, carry bags are easy to carry around, but lack structure. You can fold them for easy transport and storage, both on and off the golf course. They do not offer a lot of storage space.

On a carry golf bag, you will find a hook for a golf towel, a ball pocket, and one large pocket. People who usually opt for a carry golf bag are those who want to play a quick round of golf or want to bring their golf clubs on the road, but have less storage space.

Once you have selected the style of the golf bag you want to buy, you need to consider the common features found in them. Some common features include:

  • Dividers
  • Putter well
  • Pockets
  • Straps and handles
  • Umbrella holder
  • Rain hood
  • Towel loop and ring

If you have decided that the Ping Frontier Golf Bag is perfect for you, you should consider buying one before your next trip to the golf course. Once you have bought your golf bag, you need to care for it by cleaning it, protecting it during rain, not putting anything sharp inside that can tear the pockets, and storing your bag in a case.

If you do not have a case, you can put a sheet of plastic or trash bag over it to protect it from dirt, pollen, debris, and other outdoor elements. We hope this guide can help you choose the right type of golf bag for yourself.

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