Cleveland CBX Wedge Review

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Cleveland CBX Wedge

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Cleveland CBX Wedge Review

When it comes to the world of golf, there are a few companies or brands which have made a name for themselves. They have established themselves to be significant and trustworthy for the golfers. Cleveland is one of the brands which has been able to accomplish that. And there are many reasons for this.

The reputation Cleveland has made for itself is a result of the great products they produce. It has a wide range of goods with excellent quality. And it has been able to serve their customers over the years with the best products. Thus, they were able to earn the loyalty of their customers.

Time after time, Cleveland has come up with better and modified clubs to make sure that the golfers can have a better time when they are out in the golf course. And the CBX wedge is one of their new and innovative designs.

The new design of the club has made the cavity back wedge present. This means that the club will not have a larger head without the added resistance to the twist as it was in the RTX-3.

One of the most amazing things about the Cleveland CBX wedge is the kind of customization you can do with it. There is an option for both left and right-handed people, which is not the case for most clubs available in the market.

Now, that is not where the options and the customization ends. You can even select the kind of shaft material you want; you are given a choice between steel and graphite. You can choose either one based on your personal preference and style.

And lastly, you are given the choice of 8 different lofts from 46-degrees to 60-degrees. This too would enable the golfers to customize their club and bring forth a combination which would allow them to perform better.

Key Features Cleveland CBX Wedge

Now we will be listing and explaining few of the most important and significant features of the Cleveland CBX wedge. With a detailed description of the qualities, you will have a vaster knowledge regarding what you might end up purchasing.


While playing, there are many minor mistakes, and flows players make which could have a very serious and bad impact on their performance. However, something this particular wedge is good at is forgiving those mistakes.

This basically means that you will see much greater consistency among all of your swings.

The club is able to do such a thing for you because of the way it was designed. We have already mentioned the CBX has a cavity back due to the way they have distributed the 76 grams of mass. With this you will be able to get control and a higher MOI.

Wide Dual-V Sole

The width of the sole can be important for some golfers. For those people, this is a great option as this has a much wider sole than most others produced by Cleveland. Due to the wide sole of the club, the players will have an easier time to glide the leading edge through the turf.

One reason why the wide sole may stand to be a problem is that it is not the best option for short shots. However, as this one has a wider toe, you will have an easier time working with it.

People who are new to golfing will surely like this feature of the club. They will be able to perform well, even without having a complete skill set to be a good golfer.


For many reasons, the design of the club and the way it is constructed might take the feel away. But that’s not a problem you are likely to face with the CBX wedge.

The weight they had on the hosel has been removed, and a tapered sole width has also been added. This makes the whole distribution of weight more balanced. Due to this balance, you will feel like you have more control over the club and therefore, more control over your performance and the game.

All in all, this balance and control will give you exactly what you came for to the golf course. And you will be able to get surprising feedback on impact.

Matched to the Irons

In order for the lower lofted wedge to be blended completely and seamlessly with the cavity back iron is something Cleveland has spent a lot of time and money on. This seamless mix between the two is what gives the club a more traditional and better profile.


  • The design of the club makes it very good to look at
  • Dual-V sole
  • Very effortless to play with
  • Has a great feel to it


  • The quality of the bat is questionable

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have a few of the most commonly asked queries regarding Cleveland CBX wedge:

Is it possible to get the CBX wedges that come with various lie angles? Are they going to be bendable?

64-degrees is the stock lie angle of the wedges. You will be able to bend them up to 2 degrees flat and 3 degrees up.

Will I get a 50-gram graphite shaft with a 60-degree wedge?

No, it is 48-grams lighter than the steel shaft.

Is it possible to purchase the wedge paired with a regular flex shaft?

Yes, this wedge can actually be bought with a regular flex shaft. It is not going to cause any type of problem.

Does it come with a stiff shaft?

Nothing of this sort has been mentioned.

Our Final Thoughts

By going over the features and the reviews, it is very easy and clear to see that this a very good purchase, especially after seeing the price tag on this. It will be money well spent if you buy the Cleveland CBX wedge.

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