Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood Review

The M5 and M6 are the first two fairway woods made by Taylormade that have the twist face technology. While M5 emphasizes adjustability to boost the performance, M6 puts the focus on design to improve functionality.Taylormade M6 fairway wood is non-adjustable, just like the M6 driver. But, it is more refined, compact and sleeker than previous fairway woods.

Clearly, customers have some excellent reasons for flocking in large numbers in accessory shops to purchase this product.

taylormade m6 fairway wood review

So, what are the main attributes of this wood?

Our TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood Review

We are going to present all the ins and outs of the tool in our review.

Things We Liked

  • Sleek design
  • Twist face
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Made for him and her
  • Low center of gravity
  • Comfortable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Non-adjustable

Key Features

Speed Pocket Slot

​The speed pocket slot is redesigned to deliver faster performance. It has been slightly twisted to provide more ball speed. The slot also includes thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that reduces the impact on turf and provides comfort.

Therefore, when you connect the ball by the lower portion of the face, you will get superior ball speed. You will also be able to communicate with the sole more comfortably as the TPU slot sits flush with it.

Twist Face Technology

​After extensive research, analysis and experiment; the engineers have been able to incorporate the revolutionary twist face technology in this fairway wood. To do so, they had to alter the head geometry.

The loft has been increased in the high toe and decreased in the low heel. It made the wood more forgiving, increased the trajectory and kept the shots straighter.

CS300 Steel

​This tool features CS300 steel in the face. It is renowned for being sturdy and strong.

Smart and Practical Design (5/5)

​The design may not be a lavish one, but you have to agree that it is a smart and straightforward looking fairway wood.

Talking about smartness, the manufacturer cleverly applied all the tricks in their arsenal to make the wood more functional.

The clubhead has been modified in order to incorporate the twist face technology. Also, the height of the face has been increased. Thus, it makes the address profile larger. Surely, it will boost your confidence in the field.

You will feel delighted to see the matte finishing on the silver colored address profile. The silver outline is thinner than former models. On top of it, the Taylormade logo has been beautifully crafted. It makes the design more dazzling.

The maker has been able to lower the center of gravity by making the face taller. Consequently, the impact area of the face has been increased.

Impressive Performance (5/5)

​To produce an efficient transfer of energy, the maker has placed the center of gravity to the back portion of the head. Since the crown is made of composite Carbon, it is more lightweight. Also, it is larger than before.

Additionally, it will let you put some discretionary weights backward. Because of this, the center of gravity is lower in M6. When the balancing point is positioned to the lower portion of a club, it improves overall performance. Hence, you will be able to hit longer and straighter. The ball will also fly higher.

Extra Forgiveness (5/5)

Why do you need a fairway wood?

The answer is quite simple. You need this wood for hitting accurately. Trust me, Taylormade did not compromise with the precision at all.

Let me explain.

The manufacturer has corrected the loft setting in the high toe and lower face area. As a result, the initial launch is more precise. It also minimizes the spin and keeps the ball straighter.

Furthermore, the face has been tweaked by an additional 0.5⁰. It increases accuracy and reduces dispersion by up to 15 yards. This feature is so unique that you will not even find it on the M6 driver.

In M6, the moment of inertia has also been increased. So, it is more forgiving in nature than previous fairways made by the maker.

Adjustability (2/5)

The tool is not so flexible like the M5 fairway. It will not give you the freedom to move some weights in your preferred position. The hosel is also fixed.

However, the lack of adjustability doesn’t hamper the performance much. The sleek shape makes up for this inability. Ultimately, you will get a similar result in this wood too.

User-Friendly (5/5)

You will feel extra confident using this wood. Because the redesigned address profile with a large crown will give you extra hitting area. Moreover, you can easily get under the ball because of the denser center point.

The speed pocket on the sole helps to reduce the turf drag. It increases the ball speed too. So, you can hit the ball using fewer efforts.

It makes a beautiful sound upon hitting. You will also feel very comfortable as the face is taller than before. Additionally, the manufacturer is offering a draw biased version of M6 D-type fairway. It will benefit the players who find it difficult to fade the ball. This draw-biased version is available in 15⁰, 18⁰ and 21⁰.

Our Final Thoughts

Taylormade M6 fairway driver is the flagship product of the brand. It is no wonder why they have given so much attention in making this club.

Many people who are using the M4 fairway wants to know if the M5 offers superior performance or not.No, it will not give you a higher distance. But, if you want your club to be more user-friendly and comfortable, you shouldn’t miss this one.

To conclude, we think it is one of the most comfortable wood within a moderate price range.

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