Top Flite Bomb Golf Ball Review

The Top Flite Bomb golf balls are advertised as extremely long and soft, which is why they’re perfect for all golfers, regardless of their skill level. They’re specifically designed for outstanding distance.

The Top Flite Bomb golf ball’s core design has a bigger size to allow for a more efficient transfer of energy, resulting in longer distances. Its ionomer cover is designed for an extremely high launch and less spin to provide greater distance.

If you’re a golfer looking to go all out with explosively straight shots and long distances at a reasonable price, then the Top Flite Bomb Golf Balls could be a perfect choice.

Top Flite Bomb Golf Ball Review

These golf balls are currently unavailable on Amazon(ASIN: B087423KHL), but you can still purchase the Top Flite 2020 BOMB Golf Balls – 24 Pack here.

Top Flite Bomb Golf Ball: Specifications and Features

Larger Core

The Top Flite Bomb golf balls feature a larger core that is soft and compressible.

This larger core provides for greater ball speed and optimal energy transmission. This translates to greater distance. The larger core compression permits the Top Flite Bomb to draw greater energy out of it, and consequently, it can move faster and farther.

This will boost the range of your swings and stronger iron shots, as well as the swing speed of your clubs.


Low spin technology developed by the top-of-the-line Top Flite designers is used to cut down on hooks and slices when shooting long distances.

This ball will lessen the side spinon the shots for high handicappers or golfers who suffer inconsistencies with ball contact.

As a result, your distance will improve and the numberof balls you lose will decrease.


The high-launch dimple design has been constructed to provide the best height and optimal launch even in the most difficult of lies.

This is a great option for golfers seeking to improve overall distance. Consider it similar to a garden hose spraying water. You may send the water further by raising the launch angle of your water hose


Another reason the Top Flite Bomb Golf ball is an excellent pick for mid to high handicappers is its compression.

The Top Flite Bomb golf ball has low compression. This effectively indicates that compressing this ball requires a slower swing speed.

Compression is one of the most important factors. It can predict how much spin the ball will have and how far it will travel.

Golf ball compression can have many effects on the game. It affects the distance the ball travels, your capability to stay on greens, and how well you hit draws and fades.

Finding the right compression for you is usually determined by the type of golf that you play. Golfers with lower handicaps will prefer balls that have high compression. High handicappers will opt for a ball with low compression. They may also choose “soft” balls.

Another factor to consider when choosing your ball compression is your swing speed.

Compression and Swing Speed

The conventional guide for determining compression is as follows.

  • High Compression – Swing speed of 105 MPH or more.
  • Medium Compression – Swing speed of 85 -104 MPH
  • Low Compression – Swing speed of 84 MPH or less.

The reason behind this is thatcompression has an impact on spin and distance. High-compression balls need increased swing speed to compress on contact. That’s the reason golfers with slow speeds should use golf balls with low compression rates.

Golf balls with high compression have the ability to produce more spin. This is primarily for players with a low or mid-handicap who want to stay on the greens. They will also be able to strike more draws and fades due to this.

Golf balls with low compression have much less spin, which is a benefit for players who slice their balls frequently.

Design and Materials

Top Flight’s golf balls are constructed in a standard two-piece form.

This golf ball has soft outer covers and a stronger central core.

High handicappers like two-piece balls because they offer lower spin and higher distance. This can reduce the number of slices on golfers who are beginners. It also enables players with slower swing rates to send the ball farther.

Who is the Top Flite Bomb Golf Ball for?

This golf ball is aimed at higher handicap players who want to improve their distance and control.

An incredibly smooth Ionomer outside layer covers this Top Flite Bomb. The Ionomer layer is a substance that is more commonly seen in golf balls for midto high handicappers.

Compared to other golf ball materials, the ionomer layer encourages greater distance and less spin. The ionomer layer makes the ball a bit more forgiving for players with a mid to high handicap. Particularly those who want greater distance and forgiveness.

User Reviews

We investigate what customers are saying about the Top Flite Bomb golf balls in this part of our review. We conducted our survey by reviewing hundreds of customer reviews on the internet to see what they had to say about their experience with the Top Flite Bomb golf ball.


  • Practicality
  • Increased Distance
  • Forgiveness


  • Bad control on the green

The most common feedback we read during our research was the greater distance gained by playing with this ball. Every customer review we found mentioned getting an extra 10-15 yards they gained after playing with the Top Flite Bomb.

Throughout our search, the only disadvantage we found was that the green controls were not as effective.

The golf ball’s two-piece construction and minimal compression could make it difficult to stick to the greens However, this type of green control issue is more of a side effect of playing with a minimal compression golf ball than a problem with the Top Flite Bomb Golf Ball.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that our review has helped you figure out exactly which golf ball is right for you. Remember, these Top Flite Bomb golf balls are a fantastic choice for golfers with moderate to high handicaps seeking an affordable golf ball.

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