The 7 Best Yellow Golf Balls

Are you looking for yellow golf balls?

Yellow golf balls are more visible than white golf balls over longer distances. Studies show that the human eye can identify a yellow-colored ball more easily than any other colored golf ball. Besides, yellow contrasts better against the color green, which makes it easy to track. When compared to white balls, yellow balls are around 3 times easier to track.

Best Yellow Golf Balls

If you are looking to play with them, here is a short guide to ensure you pick the best ones:

Best Yellow Golf Balls

1. Wilson Staff Duo Pro Matte Yellow Golf Ball Low Compression Balls

These golf balls were introduced many years ago to help golfers to play with a softer feel while retaining longer distances.

The Wilson Yellow Golf Balls use the urethane cover technology at 60 compression and create an matchless feel. For longer distances, it offers a soft feeling to maximize distance. The urethane cover offers optimal feel, spin, greenside, and control with terrific durability.

The “Soft” refers to a low compression rating. From a non-technical perspective, this means that the golf ball is mushier and feels softer during hitting.

Due to the DUO’s properties, it ensures that amateur golfers can have fun with premium golf balls without compromising performance. To reach out to a broader number of golfers, the DUO Performance comes in three matte colors (white, orange, and green).


  • Available in a 12-ball pack
  • Three-piece construction
  • Seamless 362 dimple pattern

2. Srixon Z-Star XV 6 Tour Yellow Golf Ball Tour Distance Balls

The Srixon Z-Star XV 6 offers optimal distance to experienced players. It features the latest FastLayer Core and 4th generation Spin Skin technology, which comes with four-piece construction for maximum feel and distance.

The newer FastLayer Core is softer in the center and, over time, becomes firmer around its edge, which provides high speed to players with maximum ball speed for longer distances. A modern urethane coating maximizes spin for more stopping power and control.


  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
  • 4thgeneration Spin Skin and SeRM
  • New Fast Layer Core

3. Bridgestone Tour B RX 2020 Yellow Golf Ball Tour Balls

The Tour B RX Golf Balls use the REACTIV Urethane Cover. This enhancement allows it to deliver better on slow impact shots for more control and spin. The cover’s response varies based on the impact’s force.

The Gradational Compression core adds greater forgiveness and distance. Besides, it incorporates a lower side spin and higher ball speed.

Moreover, the Dual Dimple technology incorporates enhanced aerodynamics and extra distance. The added distance comes due to a more efficient ball trajectory.


  • Optic yellow cover for great visibility
  • Dual Dimple technology
  • Distance ball with lots of spin
  • Compression of 66

4. Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Play Yellow Golf Ball Tour Balls

The Callaway Yellow Golf Balls come with a faster core for long distances. The considerably larger inner core builds lower spin and higher launch. The latest Ionomer blend makes for seamless energy transfer from the SoftFast Core for higher ball speed. Durability and consistency improve due to the compound additives, whereas the stiff mantle enables ideal spin on wedge shots.

If you are looking to minimize drag and increase overall distance while maximizing ball flight, these are a good choice.


  • Optimized aero design
  • Thinner Urethane Cover
  • High-speed mantle system

5. Bridgestone e12 Contact Matte Yellow Golf Ball Distance Balls

The Bridgestone Yellow Golf Balls help you with straight distance. The latest CONTACT Force dimple features a distant structure with a raised area. It comes with the Active Acceleration Mantle, consisting of the latest High Performance Polymer material. It’s created to suit players who play with driver swing speeds lower than 105 MPH.

With increased content area, you get to enjoy higher ball speed off the club face and go over longer distances with your driver. The improvements extend to the bag too. Furthermore, the contemporary dimple design generates greater control and friction with your wedges and results in maximum control on approach shots.


  • CONTACT Force Dimple Design
  • Increased visibility
  • Active Acceleration Mantle

6. TaylorMade Distance+ Yellow Golf Ball Distance Balls

These balls offer ultra-soft feel with 77 compression and a two-piece construction, created for maximizing your ball speed. If you would like to drain more putts, these balls will ensure you aim at your line accurately and roll the on the targeted line. The Plus Alignment Aid will continue to make sure your efforts don’t get wasted.

A high gloss UV resistance paint is added to increase visibility. Lastly, a dimple pattern boasting 342 aerodynamic design is created to minimize drag and increase ball speeds off the tee.


  • Ionomer cover
  • 342 Aero dimple pattern
  • 77 compression

7. Titleist Pro V1 Yellow Golf Ball Tour Balls

From the core to cover, these golf balls are quicker than most. Created to leave the clubface with lower long game spin and higher ball speed for more distance, it provides the best short game control to boost your shooting of lower golf scores.


  • Drop and Stop Short Game Control
  • Penetrating Trajectory
  • Very Soft Feel

Our Final Thoughts

Are you tired of your golf balls blending in on the ground or disappearing against the sky? With this guide, buy the best yellow golf balls that can address your worries and help you enjoy golf sessions.

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