Mizuno ES21 Wedge Review

Golf has always been known as an expensive sport and is becoming more so with the big OEMs continuously pushing up equipment prices. One of the recent additions to the list of golf equipment with a premium price tag is the Mizuno ES21 wedge. Is it worth the price? Let’s find out!

Mizuno ES21 Wedge – A Detailed Review

Launched in the latter half of 2020, the Mizuno ES21 wedgesparked debates in the golfing community and sort ofdivided the players into groups. Some loved it, while others simply detested it. Some were concerned about its high price, whereas others couldn’t look past its not-so-good appearance. Let’s discuss the key features of the Mizuno ES21 wedgeto help you decide your position:


Mizuno has been known for producing some of the best-looking irons, and their wedges were considered to be in the same league until the release of the ES21. It has a large and bulky face with an exaggerated teardrop shape at address, which garnered a lot of criticism. However, some assert that this gives players the confidence to manipulate the club’s face and pull off a variety of different shots.

Mizuno ES21 Wedge Review

Golfers also stand divided on the pronounced curve this Mizuno wedge has on the leading edge. Some like it, others not so much. But one feature where everyone stands united is the wedge’s black finish. It looks chic and classy.


Mizuno ES21 is made from 431 stainless steel and features a hollow body construction, which shifts its center of gravity further higher and deeper and brings the sweet spot to the center. This provides greater control while also ensuring higher spin and a square strike.

For those interested in specific details, Mizuno ES21 shifts the center of gravity 2 mm higher and 3.5 to 4 mm deeper than a conventional wedge.

The wedge’s face utilizes Mizuno’s signature Grain Flow Forging technique, which creates a tight and more compact grain structure. The Quad Cut Grooves on the face provide the highest possible spin. These are made with extremely precise CNC milling. Mizuno ES21 also features Hydroflow Micro Grooves on the face. These are created using laser technology and work to help remove moisture and maintain spin during wet conditions.


Mizuno ES21 is not a game improvement wedge. But it provides a higher, more consistent spin and a lower launch angle due to its unique center of gravity location. This provides players with better control over precision shots. The centralized sweet spot of the Mizuno ES21 wedge also ensures that the ball remains longer on the face by reducing head deflection on off-center strikes.

The higher vertical center of gravity of Mizuno ES21 also results in less spin loss when you hit the ball higher on the face.

Hydroflow microgrooves on Mizuno ES21 work great to channel water and keep debris off the face, which ensures more consistent contact.

The Pros and Cons of Mizuno ES21 Wedge

Like any other golf equipment on the market, the Mizuno ES21 wedge has its own unique set of advantages and downsides. Here’s a list of some of its major pros and cons to help make it easier for you to decide if it is the right wedge for you:

Pros of Mizuno ES21

  • Higher and consistent spin
  • More stopping power
  • High stability
  • Features Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which ensure great performance in wet conditions
  • Offers more optimal strikes
  • Available in two sole options
  • The use of Harmonic Impact Technology provides excellent impact feel and feedback

Cons of Mizuno ES21

  • Not for those looking to improve their game
  • Makes a clicky sound that many players find a bit annoying
  • Many players have reported the sole to feel a bit cumbersome
  • Isn’t the best-looking wedge out there
  • Expensive

Mizuno ES21 Product Specifications

Mizuno ES21 comes in two sole sizes and multiple loft angles. Here are all its key specifications for your reference:

  • Loft – 54o to 62o
  • Sole Size – Standard and Wide
  • Lie Angle – 63
  • Length – 35.25 inches
  • Stock Shaft(s) – KBS Hi-Rev 110

Our Final Thoughts

The higher and deeper center of gravity of Mizuno ES21 makes it a one-of-a-kind wedge on the market. However, its limited loft angle range puts it at a disadvantage. If you have Mizuno ES21 or are considering buying, you will highly likely need another wedge (with a different loft angle) along with it, which isn’t desirable for golfers. It’s also not a game improvement wedge, so not an option for newbies. The higher price of the wedge is also a problem. There are many other less expensive options on the market that offer a much better feel and performance.

Even though Mizuno is a reputable name in the golfing community and has been a top choice for irons, its ES21 wedge didn’t quite hit the spot for most players. It’s made for those looking for more consistent distances and spin rates in short games.

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