Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls Review

If you’re one of few of those golfers who found their perfect golf balls, you’re a lucky one, for sure. But if you’re someone like me who can’t decide on a golf ball compatible with your golfing preferences, believe me, I feel your pain.

Deciding on the most suitable golf ball for consistent control and great performance can be confusing because of several options available. I remember finally discovering the Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Ball and buying it because, of course, when has Bridgestone ever disappointed us?

Understandably, not everyone buys first and thinks later. So, if you’re more interested in assessing how the e6 is before adding it to your golf kit, I come bearing great news.

Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls

Welcome to the Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls Review, where I share my experience and assessment, highlighting the pros and cons of using this make. Therefore, all your questions like, “Is the e6 good enough?” or “Will the Bridgestone e6 lady golf ball improve my game?” will be answered by the end of this concise guide.

Which Golfer Is The Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Ball Well-Suited For?

The Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls are primarily designed for women golfers but generally suit beginners and average golfers. Their structures and specs suit golfers with average swing speeds looking to cover maximum course distance for every shot. They assist golfers in increasing their shot’s height and vastness, especially during difficult shots.

Also, just to clarify the misconception, just because it’s named a Lady Golf Ball doesn’t mean it’s only for lady golfers. The golf ball is gender-neutral; the only difference between a regular golf ball and a lady golf ball is the compression rate. Lady golf balls like the Bridgestone e6 usually offer low to medium compression, assisting golfers in reducing their lost ball speeds on mishits.

Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls Review: Assessing The Qualities

So far, we’ve already established the Bridgestone e6’s player suitability. Now, let’s delve deeper into evaluating the golf ball’s remaining vital specs to see if it’s your right call or not.


The Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Ball contains a dual-layered structure with a Surlyn cover. The two layers assist in building the ball’s low compression, enabling high handicappers to excel at distance coverage on the course. The layers also offer the ball a softer feel than multi-layered alternatives. Overall, the e6 Lady Golf Ball is among Bridgestone’s softest balls.

Admittedly, soft golf balls don’t necessarily have to be beneficial every time. But they’re incredible for people who’d rather experience a softer feel against the drive.

Moreover, softer golf balls mean better consistency and optimal control over your shots. The more manageable every shot feels, the more self-assured you’re likely to feel. And ultimately: self-confidence during a match is an essential trait that slowly but surely improves your performance. Furthermore, the Surlyn cover, created by DuPont, is famous for its robustness. It improves the e6 lady golf ball’s durability, reduces spin, and provides extra distance.


When you’re starting out on golfing or don’t have a high swing speed, you can take full benefit of this stunning golf ball. Bridgestone e6’s highlight is its low compression. Generally, a low compression promotes more sky or airtime for the ball, and the higher the ball goes, the more distance it can cover off the tee. That’s not always the case, though, mainly depending on the wedge or iron you use. Additionally, low compression means more effective energy transfer from your driver to the ball, urging the shot to travel farther than when using hard compression golf balls.


Are you a golfer with a restricted budget to accumulate golfing essentials? There’s nothing to fret about because, fortunately, the Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls are incredibly affordable. The ball’s benefits help you save extra money for other golfing equipment.

Plus, it’s no surprise that you’re bound to lose several balls when golfing, especially when you’re dealing with trickier shots. So, even if you misplace or lose one of the e6’s, you wouldn’t feel half as disappointed compared to losing a luxury golf ball.

That way, you can let go of your stressful thoughts of potentially losing an expensive golf ball and focus more attention on delivering a magnificent performance. So far, Amazonis one of the best places to get your Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls, available in packs of twelve.

Color Availability

The e6 is available in white and pink colors. While I’m not a huge fan of white-hued golf balls, I like the pink better, simply because of its better visibility. White golf balls can be a nightmare to locate if your shot lands the ball somewhere in the greens or wild. They can be difficult to recognize even on the regular courses when golfing on bright sunny days.

On the other hand, colored golf balls are a lot easier to track when they land in sand traps or on the fairways. While I prefer yellow golf balls, it was a pleasant surprise that the vivid pink ones were just as easy to spot.


The e6 contains an aerodynamic structure with 330 delta dimples, offering an improved launch to every shot. This contributes to better airflow across the ball’s surface and better control of the ball’s trajectory, promising a phenomenal performance.

Our Final Thoughts

As I conclude my Bridgestone e6 Lady Golf Balls Review, I’ll summarize all the points discussed above. The e6 is a wonderful option for lady golfers and players with high handicaps –amateurs or slow-swingers aiming for better distance.

Naturally, the ball is designed with features to improve energy transfer and increase the ball’s trajectory to fly higher. The cherry on top: the lady golf ball is incredibly affordable. The Bridgestone e6 is available in pink and white colors to cater to people who prefer instant visibility or classic feels. The only drawback is that the e6 is not for people who would prefer multi-layered golf balls with a harder feel. Overall, the model is a gem and an excellent option to consider.

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