The 6 Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone is one of the well-reputed names in golf. Everyone who loves to watch or play golf is sure to know about the brand. Bridgestone is a powerful brand that is associated with famous players. Some of the best PGA and LPGA players like Lexi Thompson and Tiger Woods use Bridgestone golf balls.

Are you here because you are confused as to where to start researching? Do you want to know which of the Bridgestone model will suit you most? You need a single model to be the hero of the course. You’ve stumbled on the perfect pitch, then.

Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

This review of Bridgestone golf ball is sure to assist you in deciding the best golf ball for you. Below we offer the six best Bridgestone golf balls that cover optimal distances and offer you great greenside control. We’ll also drop down a few factors you must consider when getting the ideal Bridgestone golf ball for your next game.

Best Bridgestone Golf Balls

1. Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Ball

The contact force-dimpled structure of the ball does wonders for impact. The design ensures a higher generation and transfer of energy as you hit the ball. The ball is raised in the center. In addition to the shape of the ball’s outer, the softcore helps slow the horizontal rotation and, hence, increase the core activation.

This innovative shaping makes the ball deliver a quicker speed and cover a vast distance. Are you a senior and are looking for a golf ball that covers a broader distance in each shot? The Bridgestone e12 is essential for your golf kit. You need a golf ball that absorbs the maximum energy with which you deliver your shots. E12 balls do that for you.

The three-piece golf ball comes in four colors, of which three are matte ones. So, if you’re a golfer who doesn’t prefer glossy-colored balls that gleam during daylight, you can go for the matte-shaded balls. They avoid UV exposure and help you see and target the ball more effectively. You may sometimes find it challenging to track the red matte golf balls in the air if your eyesight is anything less than ideal. In that case, you can always go for other colors like yellow or white.

2. Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball

E6 is the golf ball for players who prefer covering the best yard distance at an average swing speed. The three-piece golf ball has a wider yet softer core compared to its previous versions. While the e6 is one of the oldest golf balls of the company, the new e6 soft version is an even more valuable ball to own.

All the layers of the balls help you deliver straight launches. A normal swinging force is all the ball needs to fly straight and further. Even the inner dimpled structure lowers the drag-at impact and hence, makes the ball faster.

Golf balls are all about their contact impacts and the speed with which they cover the distance. E6 is one of the best Bridgestone golf ballsthat maximizes the yards and makes the ball fly with an energetic speed.

Even the outer dimple of the golf ball prolongs the descending and offers a higher rollout. The soft covering and a low compression core allow the ball to spin better while ultimately feeling soft and smooth.

If you are starting with handling golf basics, the e6 Soft golf ball is a great pick. It’s light, has a springier impact, and you can control the ball’s swing easily. The design and shape of the ball are smooth and recommendable creativity. The delta exterior makes the ball resistant to the airspeed and direction and helps you control the ball’s flight better.

There are two colors of the soft golf ball: white and yellow. You can track them in the air and play with them to notch up your golfing skills in no time.

3. Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Ball

If you’re looking for the best golf ball for mid-handicap golfers, this one’s especially for you. The Bridgestone 2020 Tour RX has some of the most responsive feels. It targets both qualities: spin and distance. You can achieve the high spin while improving the yard coverage- the dream of every golfer out there.

Increasing the yards that you cover every shot isn’t easy. You don’t just need to deliver the shot with optimal strength, but ensure a high energy transmission and low sidespin as well. The golf ball offers you a low compression rate that reduces the sidespin for shorter shots.

No matter how experienced a golfer you are or how hard you train, sometimes you cannot gain distance. Stressing about such situations might deteriorate your performance or disrupt your game. Don’t panic and use the RX golf ball. The ball offers a wonderful feeling that makes your game even more worthwhile.

The ball also has a urethane coating that helps you experience a better feel and boost the ball’s performance. The ball straightens your shots while reducing the drag-at impacts as well. Even the gradational core structure helps the golf ball increase the accuracy of your shots. All these reasons make the ball one of the user-friendliest Bridgestone golf balls of all time.

The only slight drawback of the golf ball is that its cover isn’t as long-lasting as that of other urethane-coated golf balls. However, the restriction is set off because of the golf ball’s more appealing and significant benefits. So, the next time you wonder about ‘what are the best golf balls for distance?’, RX is an attractive candidate for the list!

4. Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS

Go for the Tour B XS model if you want a tournament-quality golf ball that boosts your golfing experience. The golf ball maximizes your greenside spin and offers an even softer feel than other top Bridgestone golf balls.

If you are a lower handicap golfer who prioritizes soft feels to cover more yard distances, XS is nearly perfect for you. The ball also reduces sidespin for straight and short shots. Some of the top golfers like Lexi Thomson and Tiger Woodspreferred using the XS for their games.

That’s how the XS Tiger Woods Edition was launched with a “TIGER” stamped on the sides of the golf balls. Nothing can encourage you more to play your ultimate best, like the fact that you’ll play with a ball that Tyler Woods used!

The XS golf balls have a dimpled covering. This generates an exceptional spin in every shot and increases the speed of high balls. The lower compression of the ball helps to increase the yard coverage increase even more.

The urethane covering of the ball is probably the most durable covering of every golf ball from the brand. Not only is the covering robust, but it also has a REACTIV technology that further increases the ball’s responsiveness for every shot.

XS also has many dimples that enable a higher contact space between the club and the ball. That, hence, results in longer and straighter shots, gaining you the distances you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

5. Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball

Are you a mid or low-handicap golfer and want to increase your distance while achieving the soft feel? The Tour B RXS is something you should consider playing with, then. The model has a gradation core and offers a low compression rate. That means that you can deliver a shot that has an exemplary lower-side spin.

RXS offers you a straight ball flight with an overall high speed. So, even if you have a standard or low swing speed (lesser than 105 mph), you can still cover a greater distance because of the RXS golf ball. The golf ball also offers an exceptionally soft feeling for people who prefer and value softer feels. The golf ball also has a dual dimpling that lowers the dragging rate, helping with the overall ball speed.

Though if you have a fast swing speed, RXS might not be the right golf ball for you then. RXS may not gain as much distance as the RX because the ball is about softer feels and more golfers with low swing speeds.

HOWEVER, the RXS golf ball is still one of the best Bridgestone golf ballsthat several professional golfers like Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate use. There are two colors for the ball- white and green and you can choose whichever color you prefer more.

6. Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept Pink

The 2021 Lady Percepts are some of the smoothest golf balls

in the market. The golf balls offer an upscale and comfortable feel, and the gradation compression core further enhances your golfing experience. The model is ideal for prolonged use and is one of the best models for ladies.

The golf ball also has a comfortable feeling and has a high and effective energy transfer. Whatever force you swing the ball with, you can be sure that the ball will absorb most of that impact and fly further. Plus, the ball is light, so you don’t need to put in a high effort or strength that makes your arms ache.

The cover of the Lady Precepts is relatively thin, which offers you a longer and higher launch. The golf ball delivers high responsiveness even if you use the average swinging speed. The Lady Precept golf balls enable you to control the side spinning better and enjoy an enjoyable game even during windy times. The aerodynamicstructure of the golf ball thus, makes the model a must-have for lady golfers wanting their shots to go high and far.

Some Tips For Buying Golf Balls

Before buying the golf ball, it is crucial to research. You should first jot down your requirements and then see if the golf ball you are buying matches them or not. Here are three variables that you must consider before purchasing a golf ball.

1. Layering

What kind of a golf ball do you want? You can either have the two-layered or the multilayered ones. Two-piece golf balls have wider cores but a thin covering. These golf balls are the best for beginners because they are easy to cover vast distances. On the other hand, you need to swing the multilayered golf balls with a lot more strength.

2. Professional Level

Are you a professional or just starting to play golf? If you are a beginner, you should go for two-layered golf balls. If you are a competent player and can manage your control and spin, premium golf balls work the best for you for a tournament experience.

3. Feels

Do you prefer softer feels? If yes, then go for the golf balls with a lower compression rating. They feel light, though they get deformed quicker as well. If the softer feels aren’t a massive priority for you, then you can go for balls with higher compression rates. They need a higher swinging force, but they don’t deform easily.

Our Final Thoughts

Bridgestone golf balls are the epitome of technical innovation. The firm manufactures golf balls that all serve their essential purposes and enable you to play excellent golf. That is the reason why large-scale golf tournaments and golfers use Bridgestone golf balls, after all.

It doesn’t matter that you are a pro or just a beginner wanting to play golf as a relaxing hobby. Bridgestone’s range of golf balls has a ball for every individual and your preference. We have offered the six best Bridgestone golf balls, including the E series and the Tour B collection. Now comes your decision-making.

Assess the benefits and features of every golf ball and decide which ball caters to your demands the most. Once that’s settled, get on with your golf ball shopping and make sure to take into account the three factors as you buy the best Bridgestone golf ball model.

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