Best Used Golf Clubs

When you’re shopping for brand new golf clubs, you need to have deep pockets as golf equipment prices are soaring right now. Many newbie golfers are looking towards used golf clubs, which allows them to save money and try out the golf clubs they want to add to their collection. There’s quite a market for used golf clubs, and with a little research, you should have no problems getting the ideal club for your golf club set.

Why Buy Used Golf Clubs?

There are multiple reasons why buying used golf clubs makes sense for golfers. You can try out a different set of clubs, save money on golf clubs, find something suitable for a beginner, and even buy a club that you always wanted to get for your golf club set. Here are some of the common reasons why golfers prefer to buy used golf clubs:

· Value for Money

The main reason players choose to buy used golf clubs is because of the value they provide. Buying used golf clubs allow you to try out newer models with updated technology without overspending.

Best Used Golf Clubs

· Ideal Clubs for Beginners

Most of the time, those starting in golf prefer playing with used golf clubs. It allows them to iron out any flaws in their game, as there will be a few mishits along the way. Beginner golfers aren’t going to hit the ball perfectly all the time, and they don’t want to damage a brand new golf club while they are still learning the game.

· Try Out Latest Equipment

There are a lot of golf players who want to try out the latest designs of golf clubs. Buying a used version of the best putter or driver on the market is an affordable way to try out the latest equipment.

· Treasure Hunting

Buying used golf clubs is also preferred by golfers looking for a classic model from their favorite brand or who want to get their hands on a golf club they regret selling. Shopping for used golf clubs allows you to get your hands on the best golf clubs on the market at cut-price deals.

Some of the Best Used Golf Clubs Available on Global Golf

Now that you know why golfers prefer buying used golf clubs, let’s look at the reviews of some of the best used golf clubs on the market.

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid

TaylorMade’s SIM Max hybrid golf club is one of the best used golf clubs you can get your hands on. It features a V Steel sole design, which offers versatility when playing from difficult or tight lies, and improves interaction due to reduced friction. The Twist Face design has a corrective face angle that is engineered to produce straighter shots and cut down on mis-hits. It is the ideal golf club to have in your collection, as it improves your game and is perfect for beginner players.


  • V Steel Sole Design
  • Twist Face Design
  • C-300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face
  • Speed Pocket

2. TaylorMade Hi-Toe Sand Wedge

The Hi-Toe sand wedge from TaylorMade is another excellent used golf club. It has been improved to offer a broader range of lofts from 50 degrees to 64 degrees. It comes with full-face scoring lines from 56 degrees to 64 degrees, and the range of standard scoring lines lies in the 50 degrees to 54 degrees range. Apart from that, every Hi-Toe wedge comes with an expanded toe area that delivers high-spin performance. That means whether you’re playing finesse shots around the green or taking full swings on your approach, you will get superior performance from the Hi-Toe sand wedge.


  • Standard Sole of 50 degrees, 52 degrees, 54 degrees
  • 4-Way Sole of 56 degrees, 58 degrees, and 60 degrees
  • ATV Grind of 58 degrees, 60 degrees, and 64 degrees

3. TaylorMade M6 Fairway Woods

The M6 Fairway from TaylorMade is an excellent option for a used golf club. It features a cutting-edge twist face curve design that helps deliver straighter shots and reduces sidespins. That also helps players increase accuracy and distance off the turn or from the tee. The modern head design with a larger carbon crown and slightly deeper face offer excellent playability and optimal distance on the course. You also get improved turf interaction with the new TPU slot insert.


  • Unique twist face design
  • New head design
  • Improved slot flexibility

4. TaylorMade M2 Irons

The M2 2017 iron club from TaylorMade comes with technologies and materials that combine class-leading shot height with metalwood like launch conditions for maximum distance, and forgiveness isn’t compromised. The new Speed Pocket and unsupported, large, thin face allow ball speeds that offer excellent distance performance from an iron.

The club uses weight-saving technology such as the 360-degree undercut, new thick-thin fluted hosel, and the L shaped toe design; the ultra-low CG helps use stronger lofts without losing playability and peak trajectory. Face Slots are also equipped with the M2 2017 that limit ball speed loss on mis-hits lower on the clubface. That allows you to take advantage of superior forgiveness on each shot.


  • Speed Pocket
  • L-shaped toe design
  • Thick-thin fluted hosel
  • Face Slots

5. Cleveland CBX Wedge

The CBX Wedge from Cleveland is designed to help golfers using cavity back irons to get their balls as close to the hole as possible. The wedge also has a wide dual-V sole, which offers lift and forgiveness through the turf, and allows greater versatility to execute different types of shots. The cavity back design helps distribute more weight to the perimeter for greater forgiveness on off-center hits. The feel balancing technology moves the weight away from the hosel and towards the impact zone for improved distance control and a better feel. The Rotex Face of the wedge maximizes spin consistency from all lies, helping you get closer to the hole more often.


  • Wide Dual-V Sole
  • Cavity back design
  • Feel balancing technology
  • Rotex Face

Our Final Thoughts

Buying used golf clubs can make a world of difference for any golfer by allowing them to improve their game on the course without spending over your budget. You can not only try out the latest golf clubs on the market but also find golf clubs used by the professionals at cut-price deals. If you’re looking for the best used golf clubs, go through the clubs we have reviewed right here. You will find one that is perfect for your game and your pocket. Good luck.

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