How to Increase Driver Distance Efficiently

Driving distance in golf is very important like it is important for a pitcher to toss strikeouts in baseball. It is the driver that holds the most significant position in a golfer’s backpack. Usually it’s used to start the greatest number of gaps.

This works as in charge of giving you the reach and accuracy that you require. You need more than just a costly club to stretch driving range such as the practice and procedure. Some of the basics that you need to develop yourself on the course include viewpoints like swing point, speed, and precision.

how to increase driver distance

The most asked query that a golfer generally has about driving is how they might increase their clubhead speeds and strike the ball to a great distance. Most of the golfers believe that expanding their shoulders may open the pathway for hitting straighter drives. Actually, it isn’t sufficient to have a noteworthy effect.


Will Redesigning My Driver Help Me?

Among all the other clubs that you carry in your backpack, the driver is undoubtedly the costliest one. Let’s consider a few things before you consider redesigning.

Firstly, is it essential to redesign? The process is surely very costly. Hence, you should only go for redesigning if, and only if you feel like your driver is slowing down all your strokes, even after you follow every procedure there is to follow.

Secondly, do the professional players often redesign their drivers? The answer is ‘no.’ Almost all of the professionals engage themselves in constant practice to increase their driver distances. Therefore, it is not necessary for you at all to redesign your club.

How Important is Swing Speed?

Numbers don’t lie. To demonstrate the importance of swinging speed to achieve a good driving range, you better consider a proven mathematical data. You can set for an increment of one mile per hour in the clubhead speed as the ball covers three yards more, and all other conditions constant.

Have you heard people saying that golf is just too moderate and hence, quite ‘non-athletic?’ You most certainly have. However, if you have seen the young players playing in the courts, you have realized that golf is nowhere near a moderate game and is most certainly quite exhausting.

Accordingly, modern golfers are vigorous and competitive. As a result, when they swing that driver, they try their level best to give it their all. You may see these ground-breaking blasts of vitality originating from their quick jerks.

You have to build certain muscle strands in your body that are explicitly prepared to swing like that. You can do that by moving both substantial and lightweight articles in a quick movement.

Do you know the basic components required to produce speed? Influence and curl are the answer.

You will be empowered to make curl and influence once you can and willing to transfer your body weight to the correct leg while taking a swing at the ball. It will also help you to lessen the turn rate and obviously, to increase your speed.

How to Increase Your Swing Speed

Considering all the things, the only effective way to increase your swing speed is practicing. As to the kinds of practice required;

  • Grab an ordinary stick and swing it multiple times as quickly as possible. Do make sure that you do so in your regular or your most convenient position.
  • Snatch your driver and go for another four or five swings after you’re done with swing by using the ordinary stick. All of the swings must be done in your typical position.
  • Repeat a similar exercise thrice on both hands. Make sure that you hear the “whoosh” sound of the club.
  • Practicing more and more in every week should result in faster club speed because of your improved quick jerk muscle filaments, which will empower you to accomplish incredible range.

Is Speed All that Matters for Distance?

If you have, at any point, viewed the World Lengthy Drive Championships, it is highly likely that you were stunned after watching the quickest and the most famous people in golf sending the balls to astounding ranges.

Although almost none of the ‘recreational golfers’ will ever be able to match these professionals, there are some components that you can apply to improve your driving range from their swings. It mostly relies upon how you can utilize your driver and your physical capabilities.

The stature, position, stance and swing equalization of the ball are some of these components.

Ball Stature

Your driver is accompanied by an enhanced clubface to amplify the effect and the contact while striking the ball. Set the ball equator in a straightforward manner by the highest point of the clubface when you set it up if you’re confused.

It is only by teeing the ball to this stature that’ll help you to hit a powerful strike sending the ball soaring in the sky and also to a great distance.

How Critical is it to Hit the Sweet Spot?

Hit the ball specifically with the focal point of the clubface when you’re chipping away at your driving range because that’s where your club has the most effect. Hitting the ball even an inch skew results in a misdirected shot. It is possible to pick up between 20-25 yards off the tee just by hitting at the middle.

Stance, Position and Swing Equalization

Your optimal stance ought to be the one you are the most comfortable in as a player. Practice continuously before hitting the ball by using your driver as each player has his/her comfortable stances. This is how you’re going to find out yours.

After you find out your optimal position, you will finally be able to strike the ball at the focal point of the clubface.

What is the Perfect Golf Stance?

You have to stand in way that your body has a strong base. Twist your knees just marginally enough to stand accordingly by ensuring that the outer part of your shoulder is reaching out down to the inner part of your feet. As said before, practice more and more to find out the perfect golf position.

How Do You Gain Your Optimal Position?

It is only by practicing in a disciplined, well-thought-out manner you can produce better outcomes. Put your feet as wide as your shoulders and do some training swings. That should help you to find your optimal position out.

Ball Position

In addition to finding out your optimal position, it is necessary that you position the ball in the right place to hit precisely. Your stance should help you to find out the best position to place your ball.

For instance, while hitting with the irons, the ball has to be set at the focal point of your position with a couple of inches forward. Consequently, you can influence your shoulder’s movement right way when you swing the driver to hit the ball.

How Do You Strike the Ball?

  1. You have to place the ball within the foot that’s positioned forward.
  2. Until the club head contacts your front leg, tilt far from your ball. Doing so will help you to find out the best point to tilt when hitting the ball.
  3. You have to make sure that your chest area i.e. your spine and your shoulders are marginally tilted far from the objective. The right shoulder ought to be a bit higher than the left shoulder in case you’re a left-handed golfer.
  4. Hold the driver’s grip at your sternum with the clubhead resting just between your knees.

Imperative Factors That Impact Range

The speed of the clubhead is not the only thing that matters when it comes to the matter of covering a great distance. It is a must thing for you to take care of some other components beside the speed of the clubhead if you want to expand the range of your shots. On to the matter of what these components are…

The Focal Point

The most straightforward approach to expanding your range isn’t just increasing your speed, it is striking the ball nearer to the focal point of the clubface.

How essential is it to do so? Well, look at some numbers. A one-inch askew stroke results in about 12% range. Likewise, when the ball is hit with the focal point of the clubface, an additional 20-25 yards can be covered. Therefore, only by changing a single component you will be able to cover a great deal of distance.

However, what should be your approach to hit the ball with the focal point of the clubface? The answer is ‘swinging in equalization.’ Set your feet as wide as your shoulders and do some practice strikes. Remember, if you can swing in equalization, you will be able to hit the ball with the focal point of the clubface.


The most productive approach to strike a golf ball is by utilizing more space and having a positive assault point. You have to hit the ball in an upward manner if you want to cover a great distance.

Check out the components of an appropriate driver setup as it is those components that will help you to make a positive assault point and give an increased range off the tee.

The Grip

Making the club contact with an efficient grip is as imperative as having an efficient approach. Failure to do so leads to deranged and minimized strokes. It’s essential that your hands are in the perfect positions before you go for the strike.

There is no ‘perfect’ grip in golf, but the ideal grip is quite obviously a tight grip rather than a weak grip for a newbie golfer. You can be quite sure that a tight, well-balanced grip will result in a good stroke to set off the ball from the ground.

Once you can see in between 2-3 knuckles of your left hand after your gripping, you can rest assured that you have a good grip as this position puts your left hand (which is the controller of the discharge) in an incredible position.

What Prevents the Ball from Going Far?

An increased driver distance directly helps you win in the game of golf. Besides, once you will be able to cover a great distance with the stroke of the driver, you will certainly fall in love with the game of golf.

Most of the players out there cannot achieve a good range from a driver shot for being unable to do some simple stuff like maintaining the correct stance, hitting the right spot, swinging the right way, and so on.

If you do commit the mistakes as stated below, you will end up with a horrible stroke covering a small distance with your driver –

  1. Placing the ball excessively near the center of your position. It ought to be set within the forward foot to build club swing and enable you to hit the right spot.
  2. Hitting the ball off the focal point of the clubface which brings about cutting, expanded twists, and diminished range.
  3. Standing in an awkward position that decreases swing rate and influences your striking capacity. A frail strike results in poor range inclusion by the ball.
  4. Having a wrong stance while hitting the ball. The perfect stance ought to suit your stature and the length of your driver.
  5. In the event that you imagine that redesigning your driver is the best way to cover a considerable distance on the fairway, you are sadly mistaken. Notwithstanding the driver you use, practicing is the best and the only method to increase the covered distance.

Our Final Thoughts

A great deal goes into amplifying range with your driver. Rehearsing the drills and taking these ideas we have referenced can enable you to accomplish a lot on the course.

It will likewise enable you to find out your most agreeable position to hit the ball utilizing the driver’s sweet spot. Thus, will result in an improved range inclusion of hitting it far and straight!

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