Srixon Z 785 Driver Review

‘The goodness of the bad shots matters more than that of good shots’ – this quote is famous among golf players.

It reflects the importance of choosing the driver wisely because it will be critical in determining whether you lose the match or win it.

Srixon Z 785 Driver review

Our Srixon Z 785 Driver Review

The Z 785 is the newest model Srixon has to offer. It will ensure you to preserve control over the ball speed and spin. Also, it will maximize the carry distance when you hit shots off-center.

Its modern looking shape and futuristic design will certainly get your attention, but looks aren’t all that it offers. You will have a good feeling when playing with it. The sweetness of the sound created by this driver will surely make it a favorite choice.

So without further ado, let us jump into the detailed review. We will be discussing all the top features and merits of the Srixon Z 785 driver.

Things We Liked

  • Modern and futuristic design with traditional characteristics
  • High trajectory with low spin
  • Offers solid feel when shot
  • Has weight port that offers great adjustability with quick tune system
  • Quality product for a reasonable price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The brand doesn’t have much reputation, although the product is great

Key Features of the Srixon Z 785 Driver

Titanium Alloy Face

​Srixon claims that the new, light, exotic, and expensive titanium alloy face is the most durable driver face you will find in the market. It also has cup-face construction which allows you to maintain ball speed by providing a bigger hot zone.

Carbon-Fiber Crown

​The carbon-fiber crown gives it a modern look. The company claims it to be stronger than other drivers on the market. They have every right to brag about the crown as it comes from the famous Japanese company Mitsubishi.

Premium Shaft

​Previous Srixon drivers had shafts manufactured by Miyazaki. But it seems like nobody preferred Miyazaki shafts on tour. As a result, they have used a premium tour shaft named Project X HZRDUS in the latest Z 785 driver.

Quick-Tune System

​You can adjust the swing weight of this driver. Nonetheless, the other drivers also had an adjustable weight port. Even the previous ones manufactured by Srixon also had this facility. So, how come this is a unique feature?

Well, what makes this one special is the quick-tune system. The system allows you to adjust the swing weight and the loft effortlessly.

Appealing and Functional Design (5/5)

​I have already mentioned that the Srixon Z 785 driver has a quite modern and futuristic look. If you are a traditionalist, you will find its design to be very appealing as its head is compact and symmetrical.Every traditionalist likes that in a driver! Right?

The carbon-fiber crown is what gives it a smart look. But don’t get worried about being distracted by its beautiful design, because it is plain black near the ball. The simple alignment on the top is very pleasing to the eye, unlike some of the drivers that have shiny surfaces. Even its bottom is quite smart looking!

Accurate Shots (5/5)

This specific driver is very forgiving. You will find the spin to be low. The ball speed and launch will also remain consistent even if your shots are a bit weary. And if you hit it well, you will find a strong trajectory and a medium-high launch.

Additionally, the thin and light titanium cup face construction will help in striking more accurate shots.

Simple Adjustability (5/5)

This driver has a weight port that offers a quick-tune system which will allow you to adjust swing weights effortlessly. You can either increase or decrease the burdens to your convenience.

The hosel is also adjustable which means that you can subtract the loft of the driver by one degree and add by one degree too. The loft change has 12 settings. You will find a detailed guideline in the user manual regarding how to tune the driver.

If you like drivers with simple adjustability, then this one is indeed for you.

Improved Performance (5/5)

After discussing the accurate shots and the consistent ball speed it provides, you might have already guessed how outstanding its performance is.

Just strike with it once and you will understand how well it performs. You can surely hit many fairways with it, not to mention its tendency to send the ball away to the furthest distance.

The carbon crown shifts mass to the perimeter offering you more robust and forgiving shots.

User-Friendly (5/5)

This driver is more user-friendly than the previous ones introduced by Srixon. Its light and thin alloy face will help you shoot smoothly and have a solid feel. Also the sound it creates when hitting the ball is soothing. The simple adjustability of hosel and swing weight makes it even more convenient.

​You can get a high launch and strong trajectory quite easily with this club. Inconsistent players will also find consistent results after playing with it. If you are a new player or if some of your shots occasionally lose control, you will still find consistent ball speed, spin, and launch.

And remember, you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price.

Brand Reputation (3/5)

Brand reputation is the only thing it lacks. But this doesn’t necessarily make a driver worthless.Yes, you heard it right. In this specific driver, the maker has put the focus on making it a club for the professionals.

They have also changed their shafts from non-branded Miyazaki to branded Project X HZRDUS. So look forward to seeing them in play on the next tour!

Our Final Thoughts

With the Z 785, Srixon has hit the jackpot. It is their finest product up until now and stands way above its previous drivers, side to side with the big names.

Whether you are a professional player or someone who wants to enjoy the game, it doesn’t matter. You can get the Srixon Z 785 for a reasonable price and experience its magnificence for yourself without taking my word for it.

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