Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Review

Titleist isn’t taking it lightly when it comes to the No.1 golf ball remodel. The new Pro V1x has

been revealed to the world after two years of development and months spent seeding tours.

The new model promises to elevate the ball’s status. Pro V1x is for those who prefer a firmer feel and a higher trajectory than Pro V1. The 2021 Pro V1X offers a mix of distance and control in the long game while maintaining a high level of feel and control in the short game. It builds on the previous versions of this ball.

Titleist has made improvements to their four-piece design of the Pro V1x model to offer better performance.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Review

What are the latest additions to Pro V1x 2021? What is the performance of this version compared to the previous versions?

Continue reading to learn everything you need to make informed purchases.

Titleist Pro V1x: User Reviews

Titleist 2021 Pro V1x golf balls are rated among the best, but it isn’t as well-known as the Pro V1. This is because it has a comparatively higher compression rate which requires a faster swing speed.

It has been a massive success, with customers rating it as follows:

  • Amazon: 4.9 out of 5 stars with 500+ reviews
  • Rock Bottom Golf: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Golf Galaxy: 4 out of 5 stars

Professional critics continue to give the Pro V1 high remarks.

Many of the best players in the world have used the Pro V1x in tournaments, such as Justin Thomas and Patrick Cantlay.

The Titleist Pro V1x currently enjoys the #12 spot on Amazon’s top seller’slist.

What Users Like

  • Unparalleled control and spinning across the greens.
  • Better, softer and more spin than its predecessor
  • Premium construction
  • Allows for extremely long tee shots

What Users Don’t Like

  • To get good compression, you need to swing fast
  • Expensive

Titleist Pro V1x: Features

Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball comes with a compression rating that is quite high. However, the compression rating of their Pro V1x ball is even more significant. This means that only high-swing speed golfers can realize the full potential of the 2021 Pro V1 ball.

Contrary to the Pro V1’s three-piece design construction, the Pro V1 ball features a four-piece design construction. It consists of:

2.0 ZG Dual-core processing:The Pro V1x’s core is made up of a soft inner core and a firmer outer core. It is technically divided into two parts.

Ionomer covering: This high-flex, resilient ionomer covering results in faster ball velocities and lower long-game spin.

Cast urethane-elastomer: The cast urethane-elastomer, considered the softest cover ever, delivers the best short game controllability and spinning around the greens.

Titleist also has a renewed aerodynamic dimple pattern for the Pro V1x. Titleist has also introduced a new aerodynamic dimple design with the 2021 Pro V1x. This is the first since 2011.

The Pro V1x comes in yellow and white. Titleist also allows you to customize your Pro V1x ball by adding text, numbers and logos.

Titleist Pro V1x: Performance

From the Tee

The Pro V1x spins more and has a high ball trajectory.

The performance of the Pro V1x and the Pro V1x is very similar. This means that not every player will see the same results.

Our personal experiences with the Pro V1x were mixed. The Pro V1’s speed, flight, and spinningwere virtually identical to the Pro V1. However, our hybrids and woods had roughly 100 rpm greater spin and a substantially higher trajectory.

Your swing will determine your performance off the tee. Although the Pro V1x is a great tee performer, you will need to hit at 95 mph with your clubhead to obtain the best performance. You won’t find greater results with most other balls if you can do that.

The Approach

The 2021 Pro V1x with irons tends to place greater emphasis on trajectory and spin than the Pro V1. The 2021 Pro V1x is easier to fire at flags and stop the ball right next to the pin.

This is preferred by many golfers to have a slightly soft feel and greater distance. Again, this makes the Pro V1x suitable for players who are able to generate higher clubhead speeds.

Around The Green

The Pro V1x is a joy around the greens. It has so much control and spin. It will perform in even the most difficult situations. A professional golfer can spin the Pro V1x from any position.

The Pro V1x is very similar to the Pro V1 and rolls nicely off the putter. It encourages great swings. Many golfers will find it easier to hit the ball into the hole with a slightly firmer feel.

Titleist Pro V1x: The Feel

Let’s get to the point: The Pro V1x feels firmer when compared to the Pro V1, so it shouldn’t surprise that. Practically, the Pro V1x does not feel as if it’s on your face as much, and the hit sound seems a bit crisper and louder.

The ball’s firm feel can be most apparent during a short game as the ball is compressed less. However, you can know that you are swinging at a Pro V1x off the tee.

Titleist Pro V1x: Our Final Thoughts

You can think of the Titleist Pro V1x’s performance as the Pro V1 but with more spin and launch to make it feel firmer.

In comparison to earlier Pro V1x versions, this case demonstrates significant performance improvements.

The Pro V1x’s reliability, dependability, green-to-green performance, endorsements from many Tour pros, and outstanding reputation continue to make it a popular choice. They are a great choice if you have a high swing speed and enjoy playing with the Titleist golf balls.

The best way to decide whether to play with the Titleist Pro V1x or the Titleist Pro V1 is to hit both and see which one produces better results.

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