The 3 Best Gap Wedges

As you can infer from the name, a gap wedge is meant to fill a gap between your pitching wedge and your sand wedge.

Although this was important years ago, it is now essential – the 5-degree difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge has increased to 10 degrees, increasing the need for a gap wedge along with it.

Best Gap Wedges

Because this golf club is a crucial part of your golf set, this article has dissected the best gap wedges on the market for you. With this list and our buyer’s guide, you’re sure to find a gap wedge that suits you.

Best Gap Wedges

1. Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedge

The JAWS Mack Daddy 5 wedge from Callaway boasts aggressive grooves, great feel, and extreme spin. The unique club head is shaped to suit golfers’ preferences and results in an easy transition into irons.

Callaway has also kept appearance in mind – the clubs are aesthetically pleasing and come in two finishes – tour grey and platinum chrome. The club head is made of 8620 mild carbon steel which results in a satisfying feel and improves the overall golfing experience.

Premium materials are used throughout the construction of the club, which also applies to the shaft – golfers have the option to choose between True Temper steel and Project X Catalyst graphite. The clubs are also suitable for women with ladies’ flex and come with a graphite shaft as well as a Lamkin Comfort grip.

Users are spoilt for choice since the JAWS MD5 comes in 23 different configurations which can be further customized with 5 different grind options. Additionally, the JAWS groove-in-groove technology uses a sharp edge radius to increase spin, helping players with both, control and launch.


  • Groove technology for increased spin
  • Comfort grips for women
  • 5 grind options
  • Excellent feel
  • Suitable for right and left-handed golfers
  • Options for shaft material, finish, loft, and grind


  • High investment

2. Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedge

The RTX 4 has been dubbed “the most tour-authentic wedge of all time” and brags increased spin, accuracy, lower scores, better distance control, and great feel.

With 4th generation Rotex Face Technology, control and spin are a given – the grooves on the club face are both sharp and deep, resulting in consistent spin no matter the landscape. Since friction is important for spin, laser milling has been used for durability and additional texture. Additionally, the milling is designed to be in line with the golfer’s strike pattern, which results in increased backspin no matter the shot.

Cleveland Golf has designed this wedge with forgiveness in mind – center of gravity is moved to the strike area, which results in forgiveness and consistency. The Progressive Feel Balancing Technology works alongside this to improve both, control and feel. In addition to this, center of gravity is also adjusted by loft, making all shots easier.


  • Forgiving and consistent shots
  • Increased control and better feel
  • Raw finish rusts, resulting in added friction and spin
  • Options for size, bounce, and loft


  • No left-handed option

3. Tour Edge Golf TGS Wedge

The TGS gap wedge is designed for maximum spin and uses toe-weighting to achieve this – by expanding the sweet spot, the wedge maximizes both forgiveness and stability, resulting in increased spin and great feel.

To increase control, this wedge uses CNC milling and deep grooves, maximizing friction, and thus, spin and control – no matter the lie. The club’s design also includes a beveled leading edge, which makes sure to decrease digging into the turf. The sole is also rounded, which makes the wedge easy to extract from bunkers.

The graphite shafts are also taken into consideration, and Tour Edge has used Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and other lightweight materials in their construction. A graphite shaft would also benefit beginners and high handicappers since it makes the club easy to use and provides more forgiveness.


  • Affordable
  • Forgiving
  • Premium materials
  • Textured face and friction, thus increased spin and control
  • Options for hand orientation, shaft material, and loft
  • Suitable for women and seniors (ladies flex and senior flex options)



What to Consider

The following factors should be kept in mind when shopping for a gap wedge.

Gapping & Loft

Since the purpose of a gap wedge is to bridge the gap between the pitching and sand wedges, it is important to determine what that middle point is. On average, golfers aim for a 5-degree gap in loft. Gap wedges usually have a loft of 50-52 degrees.


Bounce prevents the wedge from digging into the ground and is extremely important to consider when selecting a gap wedge. Higher bounce will make the club more versatile, but lower bounce is ideal for firm turf. Ultimately, this depends on the player’s preference.

Spin & Grooves

Grooves are essential since they create friction which results in spin. Spin can help golfers provide stopping power and improve their accuracy. High spin is preferred by those who prioritize accuracy. Another factor that affects spin is the center of gravity. Many manufacturers manipulate the center of gravity to make it lower in the club, which then results in more spin and launch.

When selecting a gap wedge, one should carefully examine the grooves and type of milling to make sure that the wedge is the right fit for them.


Construction should be considered to determine not only quality, but also aspects like forgiveness and weight. When it comes to shafts, golfers can choose between steel or graphite, with steel shafts being heavier but more accurate. Graphite shafts are lightweight and more durable, but also pricier. However, they are preferred by beginners as they are also more forgiving. Beginners also opt for a hollow design and perimeter weighting since this also increases forgiveness.

Our Final Thoughts

After a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of each club, and a look through our buyer’s guide, we have determined that the best gap wedge on the list is the Callaway JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedge.

However, all of our options are the best gap wedges on the market and will never steer you wrong. For more suggestions, check out our articles on the best pitching wedges, the best sand wedges, and the best lob wedges!

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