How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Imagine being fully engaged in an intense round of golf with your golfing mates on a fine Sunday afternoon. While you are entirely focused on playing the best round that you possibly can and winning the game, the last thing you want to worry about is finding the right kind of club in your golf bag at a time when you urgently need it. Having to search around in your golf bag for the right golf club looks unprofessional, and more importantly, it takes you out of the zone, which is something you don’t need when you’re focused on your game. So how do you prevent something like that from happening?  The answer or the solution simply lies in ‘organization,’ and we are going to tell you how to organize a 14 slot golf bag.

Many golfers make the mistake of leaving their clubs in the wrong place. The majority of them don’t even give the idea of organizing their golf bag a second thought. According to experts, the organization of a golf bag is one of the main factors that separate an amateur from a professional golfer.

If you want to give yourself an edge over your opponents, you must know how to organize a 14 slot golf bag so that you pick out the right club when you need it, without interrupting the flow of your game.

What You Will Need

First things first, you obviously need some essentials to begin the whole ‘sorting out’ process. These include:

Golf Bag

Speaking of golf bags, you need the right kind of 14-slot golf bag that best fits your golfing requirements. The best kind is one that has full-length dividers for club storage and easy transportation, along with additional space or pockets for carrying extra gear or any valuables. You should also make sure that it has a hard plastic base, and shoulder pads with adjustable straps.

Golf Clubs

Since you are only allowed to carry 14 clubs at a given time, make sure you have all the clubs that you need for your round of golf or practice.

Other Accessories

Other than golf clubs, there may be additional accessories that you need to carry to the golf course. These accessories typically include golf balls, golf gloves, golf weather gear, and towels, to name a few.

5 Steps to Organize Your Golf Bag Better

Once you have all the essentials well in place, all that is left for you to do now is kickstart the organization process.

Here is a comprehensive yet easy guide to help you organize a 14 slot golf bag without any hassle.

1. Empty the Contents of the Bag

If you are new to golf, you definitely need to buy a brand new golf bag. However, if you already own one and have been carrying it around for a while, it probably contains a lot of things that need to be sorted out.

The first step is to empty all the contents of your golf bag and remove everything from it. The chances are that it has some things inside that you no longer need. This can include damaged golf balls, discarded tissues, food wrappers, etc.

Make sure that you unzip all the side pockets of the bag and also empty all the golf dividers. You will be surprised to see how all this extra and unwanted content can weigh your golf bag down.

2. Filter the Content

Once you have thoroughly cleaned and cleared out your golf bag, the next thing you want to do is categorize or filter the contents. Keep the things that you need on one side. These will include your golf clubs, reusable golf balls, and other golf-related equipment that can be used again. Similarly, discard the items you don’t need, such as broken golf balls, torn gloves, and scorecards from the previous games.

Doing this will help you gather everything that you need for your games. It will also help you figure out what exactly you don’t need in the bag.

3. Clean the Bag from the Inside

If you haven’t cleaned your golf bag in a long time, you are likely to see a lot of accumulated dirt and dust, especially toward the insides and the inner corners of the bag. Give it a thorough wipe-down on both the inside and the outside with the help of a damp cloth. You can even clean it with a cotton ball that is dipped in rubbing alcohol in case the bag is too dirty to be properly cleaned by just a damp cloth.

4. Arrange the Golf Clubs in the Bag

Now that your golf bag is all clean and fresh, it is time to assemble all your golf clubs inside the dividers. The key to organizing a 14 slot golf bag is to first identify how many sections it has. The process of assembling the golf clubs greatly depends on the number of dividers. Some bags come with just two partitions, while others consist of three or more. Once you have correctly identified the storage sections of your bag, it is now time for you to start stocking up the putters, irons, and wedges inside the bag.

It is generally recommended to start organizing by arranging your clubs from left to right. The rear of the golf bag is closest to the strap, which is where you should place the longest clubs. On the other hand, the smaller clubs should go in the front portion of the bag.

In case you want us to be more specific, place your putters towards the back end of the bag. If your golf bag has separate putter sleeves, even better! Just slide those clubs into their designated sleeves. Similarly, place the woods and drivers in the back, right next to the putters. Place the remaining short clubs and mid irons under the drivers in a left-to-right fashion.

This particular arrangement will help you balance the bag when you have to carry it around. It will also help you pick out the right type of club when you need it.

5. Categorize Additional Accessories

Many 14-slot golf bags come with front and side pockets to help you keep all your additional golf-related gear and equipment, other than the clubs. These sections should be reserved for essential items like tees, golf balls, and divot repairing tools, to name a few. The smaller and less accessible side pockets can be used for less-used items such as rule books, sunglasses, gloves, etc.

You can also slip in pens, scorecards and fresh towels in designated slots so that they are easy to find whenever you need them – before, during, or after the game.


Q: How many slots are in a typical 14 slot golf bag?

A: A typical 14 slot golf bag will have 14 individual compartments for each club in your bag.

Q: What is the best way to organize my golf bag?

A: The best way to organize your golf bag is to group your clubs by type and size. For example, you can group your woods and hybrids together, your irons together, and your wedges and putter together.

Q: What should I put in the top slot of my golf bag?

A: The top slot of your golf bag is typically reserved for your driver or longest club. This makes it easy to access and keeps it from getting tangled with other clubs.

Q: How should I organize my irons in my golf bag?

A: You can organize your irons in your golf bag by placing them in numerical order from your longest iron to your shortest iron. This makes it easy to find the club you need for each shot.

Q: How should I organize my wedges in my golf bag?

A: You can organize your wedges in your golf bag by placing them in order of loft, with your highest lofted wedge (such as a lob wedge) in the top slot and your lowest lofted wedge (such as a pitching wedge) in the bottom slot.

Q: Should I organize my putter in a separate slot?

A: Yes, it’s a good idea to keep your putter in a separate slot to protect it from damage and to make it easy to access when you need it.

Q: How can I prevent my clubs from getting tangled in my golf bag?

A: To prevent your clubs from getting tangled in your golf bag, make sure they are placed in their designated slots and that the grips are facing down. You can also use club head covers to protect your clubs and keep them from getting tangled.

Q: How often should I reorganize my golf bag?

A: You should reorganize your golf bag as often as needed, such as when you add or remove clubs from your bag or when you notice that your clubs are getting tangled. It’s a good idea to check your bag before each round to make sure everything is in its proper place.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to organize a 14 slot golf bag, you probably also realize how important it is to have a clean, clutter-free, and a properly assembled golf bag. You will feel and notice an obvious difference once you clean and organize your golf bag in terms of its weight, portability, and balance.

However, the organization process doesn’t stop there. When you pick out a club from the bag during your game, you must remember to keep it back in its designated spot or place. Doing this will help keep your golf bag in a proper condition for a very long time. Otherwise, you will always end up with a messed up bag after every golf game! You surely don’t want that, now, do you? We think not!

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