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Callaway is one of the most popular names today in the industry for golf accessories and products. The high quality products manufactured by Callaway speak for themselves and set the right example when it comes to quality and longevity. While Callaway makes every type of club for golfers, their irons are renowned for their spectacular power and strength.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Since there are multiple Callaway sets available in the market today, it can be hard for consumers to set their eyes on one that does all the work they require from it.

The 5 Best Callaway Irons

In this article we take a look at some of the best Callaway Irons you can get for your golfing excursions today. Go through these reviews and find irons that satisfy your demands.

1. Callaway Golf Apex Smoke Irons Set

Like all good forged irons, the Callaway Apex Smoke Iron Set is forged through high quality carbon steel. The engineers working on this Callaway Golf Set have gone for 1025 carbon steel to help improve the forgiveness this set has to offer, without significantly denting its workability or attractiveness.

This iron set looks just as good as you play. The strength and durability of these irons will keep your clubs looking good for the time to come. There are a number of options available here when you consider flexes and other configurations.

Blade iron golf club


  • Outstanding feeling
  • More forgiveness than some other forged irons
  • Workable


  • On the expensive side

2. Callaway Golf Big Bertha Iron Set

The Big Bertha Iron Set is regarded by many as one of the best Callaway iron sets to be present in the market today. The set comes with an appropriate back cap that can cover the suspended energy core provided by Callaway.

Callaway has moved the center of gravity even deeper in to enforce better launch. The floating weight and the sound signature of the Big Bertha Iron Set are also more aesthetic and pleasing. The suspended energy core is definitely one of the best upgrades you can get.


  • Launch angles are awesome
  • Covers good distance
  • Many customization options available
  • Good feel


  • Can be a bit stiff for senior users

3. Callaway Golf Rogue X Irons Set

The Men’s Rogue X Irons Set by Callaway is based on a cavity back and is part of an interesting legacy. Cavity back irons have improved a lot to offer players the forgiveness and distance they require. The Callaway Rogue X does a good job at giving users both these benefits. The included 360 face cup on these irons makes for enhanced forgiveness.

The irons feature many different and diverse combinations of shaft types and club layouts. These highlights include Synergy graphite shafts and KBS steel shafts.


  • Cover longer distances with ease
  • Confidence-inspiring sound
  • Optimal launch
  • Soft feel


  • A bit hard on the hands

4. Callaway Golf Men’s XR OS Irons Set

The XR series is one of the more popular series released by Callaway today. The series covers clubs including fairway woods, drivers and even irons. The specific iron that we’re looking at here is called the XR OS and comes with a cavity back meant for high handicappers.

The combination of the cavity back design and the 360 Face Cup makes this iron unique in the market. With the super low center of gravity, this iron offers you relief from unwanted spin and more of high long ball flights. The progressive lofts and clubface lengths make it relatively easier to hit the ball with any iron.


  • Great carry distance
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Extreme forgiveness


  • On the expensive side

5. Callaway X Hot Irons Set

The Callaway X Hot Irons are one of the more recent additions to the XR series. These irons offer comfort and accuracy to golfers from all kinds of skill levels. This is something that golfers desire, but haven’t yet received from manufacturers.

The Callaway X Hot Iron Set can easily fit into the cavity that comes behind the average clubface. This device does a decent job at reducing vibrations on impact to give your hands some necessary relaxing period and to also reduce the chances of hand fatigue.


  • High ball speed
  • Lower vibrations
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Good distance


  • None

Things to Consider Before Buying Callaway Irons

Being good at golf includes a lot of variables. While a good player achieves what they do through their own skills, the equipment they carry plays a major role in their achievements as well.

Appearance and Size

The confidence you get from your iron or club is what actually makes you believe in yourself. This belief is eventually what determines whether you would be able to hit a good shot or a bad one. Most golfers lack this belief due to the poor appearance and size of their irons and clubs. A decent golf iron that looks its part can renew this belief and make you confident.


While the head of the club or iron is responsible for harnessing your power, some believe that the shaft is equally important. A player with a property shaft that sits well with them would be able to get better results. You ought to buy an iron with a decent shaft that isn’t too stiff.


Finally, you should consider the cost of your iron before purchasing it. The money matters a lot as you shouldn’t exceed your budget.

Our Final Thoughts

The Callaway Golf Apex Smoke Irons Set is the best on this list according to us. You can look around to read actual user reviews on these irons and compare prices to find the best Callaway irons in the market.

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