How to Break 80 in Golf

Ben Hogan was a famous pro tour player. He wrote a book, and he said in it that breaking 80 is something that every single golfer out there can do. Some golfers see breaking 80 as the last stage for them.

Breaking 80 in Golf

It might be hard, but as soon as you put your focus on specific targets, you will be right on track to break 80.

how to break 80 in golf

However, before anything else, let’s talk about exactly which portions of golf you play needs improvements. That is to be able to break 80 constantly as well. In addition, we will try to dispel a lot of existing legends about this.

The Myths

When it comes to breaking 80, there are a lot of myths out there regarding it. It’s better to clear up some things before we head right into the choices you will be making on your way to break 80.

To continually be breaking 80 not necessarily you have to;

  • Get a lot of birdies at all costs
  • Stroke a ton of fairways (but it is okay to miss a reasonable amount)
  • Get a ton of greens (an average of six to seven would be just fine)
  • Putt in from farther than ten feet

Most golfers generally do not get the breaking 80. The idea is mostly about crossing out huge mistakes by making sure that the more significant part in your play can properly get you done with the round.

On this account, the most important parts to focus on;

  • Make sure the tee shots do not end up out of play
  • Try to avoid the three putts
  • Make sure to hit sufficient greens to make standards
  • Play a short game that supports the rest of the game

Accordingly, many courses will allow you with seven bogeys but still break ninety. The problem starts when you begin to make triple or double bogeys. The game will turn to be much harder in that case.

That’s why it is all about your consistency and quality throughout the game rather than just getting a large number of fairways.

It is possible that you are excellent at some things. It is also possible that you are that at all the things you do. There are a lot of golfers who can break 80 on a random day.

In spite of that, you need to go above what is expected or be great in everything at the same time in the sport. In other words, be thoughtful about how you can utilize your ability to score within the hundred yards using your putter and your wedges.

Though there are golfers do not have great handle over every part of the game and also do not get a ton of greens, they will perform excellently outside of the green and make their way to standards many times.

On the other hand, you could be one of those golfers who are great at their strokes as well as putters and wedges.

Regardless of the skills of these two types, your aim should be to become good at striking balls. Likewise, you should be able to hit about six to nine greens with control for each of the rounds at least.

If you are a player who can to do the lesser amount in the range, your target should be to improve your swing or perhaps work on developing your short plays.

Accordingly, if you have a good grasp on the long game and you want to constantly break 80, your priority target should be to hit a fair good amount of greens.

It might sound simple but the idea quite isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Which Path to Choose?

Basically, if you are trying to be breaking 80, the right choice would be to focus on your ball strokes. Make sure that you get a large number of greens. This will just be promising that you will be getting more break 80.

On the same run, if you are looking to improve your strokes, you would have to work on swinging your golf club because it is difficult to accomplish without this practice. Moreover, it can turn to be a troublesome process.

It also gives a fair amount of reason to believe that you should put more focus on the short game, especially if you are one of those golfers who have limited time on their hands to play and practice.

You have to choose between long game and short game. Either one you should decide on if your objective is breaking eighty.

For your short play, try to find out the portions where you are lacking and put a good amount of practice on that. You will be able to do better with your short play with large bounces instead of going after drivers and expensive equipment.

Every golfer has their good and bad parts of the game. You cannot generalize a single process for every player to break eighty. If you genuinely seek to improve yourself, you have to put in a bit of investigation on your play yourself.

Try to break down all of your details to take proper steps and improve yourself.

What Impact Do Gears Have?

When it comes to golf hardware, speculative decisions are critical. The golf club inside your bag is not as important in the play as the other things in your bag. These are known as gear.

This can come off as very amusing as the makers out their usually publicize the former more than the latter mentioned above.

Purchasing Better Golf Clubs

It is not as if golf clubs have zero effect on the game. Instead, the case is way different here. It is just only moderate in terms of the other things in the bag.

Take the irons as an example. Imagine that you bought the newest clubs featuring sports improvement. These are advertised to help you to go straighter and farther than any other recent club out there.

Nevertheless, the club only gives you about one or two shot advantages over other clubs in the best scenario.

Having given the cost of golf clubs, it would not be wise to spend money on for that little to no amount of improvement. It would be better to put it in other parts.

The Benefits of Genuine Gear

Presses with single length can make your game easier that than your generic set. Furthermore, they provide you with more predictable plays to help you to save time for different shots that have an effect of any kind.

The innovations can be of great help for various territories. Reports might say that driving separation is not a thing that has generally changed throughout the past decade. However, you will see that drivers from ten years or prior are more demanding than the recent 460cc ones to hit.

Even if so, as long as you are playing with something that is from the last few years, you are not missing on much. The key here is to find something you are capable of hitting easily.

Old Iron Replacement

It is a no-brainer to throw out those older and worn out irons that you are most likely holding on to. There is a fair number of choices of driving irons out there for you to replace your three, four and five irons. This replacement will help you to be better with your hits on the ball. This is on the other hand, only the very beginning.

Let’s talk about what you can get in terms of gear if clubs are not the desired things to spend money on. Considering everything out there, gears or gadgets that could help to improve your game might be the best choice out there.

You could settle for those portable range discoverers or GPS to map out the course or perhaps shot trackers or better swing examination gadgets for your technique.

Best Gear for You

It is quite possible that up until now you have been using a gadget that has been helping you out with your plays at the golf course. It does not matter which gadget you use in case of range discovering.

Whether you decide to choose a laser option, or a GPS option depends on various things. Both of the options are great. The gadgets used for range discovery basically will be helping you to understand different ranges at the golf course as the name goes.

In addition, you can figure out the distances for your golf clubs. You can find out truly how far you can hit each of them.

For example, there is no reason for you to keep saying that the seven iron you use goes about a hundred and sixty. This happens especially when you can use the gadget to measure the distance and find out that the iron goes a hundred and forty-five.

As a result, with the range gadget, you can eliminate some of the unsure aspects of the shots you take. You will be able to know which irons to use for what distance and eventually start getting a lot more greens than you used to.

There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that you fell short by just ten yards of your target into the hazard. Just because you did not understand how far the target was from you, the ball might end up in a pit or water because you flunked your shot.

Apparently, it still probably would not be on the target of the range you were not aware of.

Hitting the Golf Ball

The swing at a golf ball has a lot of technicalities related to it. As for your consistency goes with the swings, it is not an easy feat to conquer. You have to understand a couple of things in the process to know how you will be able to get consistent swings with your club.

There are two major ideas that every golfer should be focused on if they aim to be very consistent with their drivers to hit a higher number of greens.

Point of Impact

Golfers should understand that the area of impact between the ball and the club determines their shot along with some other things. Being able to hit the middle of the ball with the center of the clubface is a technique critical to every golfer’s skill.

Beat & Balance

To break eighty, another extremely important thing that golfers should work on would be the beat as well as the balance part of their swings. It is not suggested that you attempt to replicate a seasoned player’s swing accurately.

Almost every tour pro out there has acquired such an amount of experience that they hardly ever lose their balance. Moreover, they rarely fail their swings and have proper rhythm on the swing.

You can do the challenge of multi-day using the Orange Whip. This will prepare any golfer practically, and they can do this at their very own home. The drill only uses five to ten minutes a day for a month.

However, it will be helping you to feel and understand how it feels to be in beat as well as in balance within your swing.

Doing this drill accurately will help to improve your swing with the golf club with consistency. It will also help you out with that break eighty.

The Short Game

Another significant advancement in case of breaking eighty would be the ability you have to get a hundred-yard score, more precisely with the putters and the wedges.

Any player committing a fair bit of time on this part of the game is sure to observe great results shortly. You will start seeing your numbers go down in the scoreboard as you begin to focus on this particular portion of the game.

For short game improvement and the more fabulous image, you can do the followings in your short plays for breaking eighty.

Amusement Sessions

Golfers generally prefer the long game practice over the short game putters and wedges practice. Even if they do practice them, they end up following stuck-up routines. These routines do not precisely replicate the regular golf round offers.

On this account, you can add fun amusement sessions in between practice sessions to make them more interesting. At the same time, you will be improving your short game techniques for the golf course.

The standard eighteen might be the most fun part you can play in the short game. It will get you pumped up despite being very simple.

The Sport of Psychology

While we focus on other key elements, we cannot afford to look away from the psychological play part of golf. Tons of golfers out there hold the techniques and equipment to be breaking eighty. That is from their physical outlook.

Unfortunately, a drawback for a lot of them is that their minds are holding them back. Firstly, the golfer must have reasonable expectations from their game. Whenever you approach your shots, you have to keep your capacity in mind and set up a target accordingly.

The issues usually happen during the middle of the game. What happens is that golfers will start to lose their heads as they start to mess up their shots. They start losing their heads and make terrible decisions that affect their entire game negatively.

If mistakes like these are recurring, it sometimes ends up in broken clubs. Worse, you leave the course with a high score. So you need to have a calm mind when you go for your shots.

This is very important for the hundred and ninety you want to be breaking. Likewise, the importance increases more as you approach the eighty-breaking mark.

Your play must not include double bogeys just because of those psychological errors. The mess ups are similar to the following:

  • When your target is the green as you are standing with the ball right in the middle the woods
  • When the golf ball has dirt or mud all over it, and you try to risk it by trying to send it across and over the water for the green

These can be considered as terrible plays and the golfers who do not possess that mental strength will just end up ruining the game with a high score.

Breaking 80 is very difficult, especially when you have triple or double bogeys on your name.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Break 80

Breaking 80 quite isn’t very difficult to acquire. At the same time, it is not as same as taking candy from a baby. To achieve the feat, you must have the eagerness to overcome obstacles. This ultimate guide of step by step process of breaking 80 will help you with the said problem.

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