TaylorMade Speedblade Irons Review

Before the BMW Championship, TaylorMade launched their Speedblade iron. It was certainly not the first speed pocket iron by TaylorMade, but it was the longest and the widest at that time. The golf club was designed to add more trajectory and speed to the ball. Moreover, the speed pocket technology allows a higher launch and a well-balanced swing. All these robust features complimented with a premium iron body lead to one simple question, will this iron club help you win?

In this review of the TaylorMade Speedblade iron, we will look into its performance, technology, and build quality. We will also review TaylorMade speed blade’s look and feel so that you can make a well-informed decision about buying TaylorMade Speedblade irons.

1. Look

The TaylorMade Speedblade iron is fantastic at first glance. Its iron-clad body oozes confidence, and its mat finish appearance makes it desirable for many pro golfers. This top-of-the-line golf club might not be razor-thin, but it’s not that bulky either.  The overall size of the blade is adequate, and it doesn’t completely envelop the golf ball.

review TaylorMade speed blade's look and feel

All in all, the TaylorMade Speedblade irons are spectacular golf clubs in terms of appearance and feel. While these clubs won’t flood forums with its outlandish compliments and appraisals, but they won’t turn people away either.

2. Sound and Feel

The sound and feel of the TaylorMade Speedblade iron are what golfers have been searching for. The main difference in sound can be noticed on mishits. While other golf clubs are loud, the Speedblade iron sounds more soft and smooth. It is as though the ball always meets the center when it makes contact with the TaylorMade Speedblade. Moreover, the feel of the swing on a pure center shot is sweet. The club’s vibration felt low compared to other clubs, while the swing was smooth without air friction.

3. Performance

The one performance feature everyone loves about the TaylorMade Speedblade is the distance, and there are no surprises that TaylorMade blades go long. Compared to other iron golf clubs in the price range, the TaylorMade Speedblade 6-iron is 13 yards long, and the 5-iron is even longer. This added length adds more power to your swing. However, many people believe that the lofts are just jacked up lofts, and the shafts are too long.

People refuse to look at the shot quality of TaylorMade Speedblade. If the iron was just “jacked up lofts,” the shots won’t land as gracefully as they do. Comparing it with other golf clubs, shots made by TaylorMade Speedblade covered more ground and sounded smoother. On top of that, most hits with the Speedblade were near perfect, and the clubhead always seemed to align itself with the ball.

Putting its aerodynamic clubface to the test and we discovered that it’s great at cutting air friction. The club did not feel any heavy at the time of swing, and the long shaft held its position very well. TaylorMade Speedblade was designed to deliver high launch and more distance, and this was evident when we scored a lot more ground with the Speedblade than with other clubs.

4. Forgiveness

The TaylorMade Speedblade was designed to be a speed pocket from head to toe, which delivers maximum speed thanks to its inverted cone technology behind the face but is it forgiving? No matter how fast your iron is, if it has less room for forgiveness, you won’t be hitting any putts on the field. However, the case with the Speedblade is different.

This iron club is designed with torque control technology and air pockets that reduce friction. And just like RocketBladez, there is a stack on offer here. The shots felt like they always hit the center no matter how off your club is. The curved shape leaves less room for mishits and improves its forgiveness. Moreover, the shot’s sounds were all smooth, and it was hard to tell where the ball was actually struck. The distance with the TaylorMade Speedblade was adequate even on mishits, and the ball did not lose its topspin.

5. Technology

A lot of hard work has gone into making these amazing irons, and the engineering behind it has paid good attention to detail. Just looking at the shape of the clubface, it is evident that its enclaved shape keeps the ball from escaping the clubface’s sweet spot. Moreover, TaylorMade promises that 72% of shots will connect with the Speedblade. But how TaylorMade make it possible?

TaylorMade has used engineering to cater to gaps between the speed blade irons. Once these gaps are tightened, air friction is mitigated and shots land on the sweet spot. Moreover, the clubface’s thickness, long shaft, and lofts play an important role in keeping the ball aligned with the shot. Finally, its center of gravity and speed pocket technology adds agility to the ball, and it rolls faster and smoother on the green.

TaylorMade Speedblade Iron Set Options

The TaylorMade Speedblade Irons are available in:

  • Right and left-hand orientation
  • Graphite and steel shafts for a premium feel
  • Regular and stiff flex choices are available for all sorts of players
  • Combination of different iron.

Our Final Thoughts

The TaylorMade Speedblade Irons are game improvement clubs and will boost your confidence. Its long shaft adds to its speed pocket technology, and clearing distances with this club is a breeze. These iron clubs are great to golf with, and we enjoyed ourselves reviewing TaylorMade Speedblade irons on the field. If you are new to golf, then these clubs will help you improve your game. We hope you like this review of TaylorMade Speedblade Irons.

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