The 5 Best Set of Irons for the Money

Golf is an expensive sport. Although many people follow golf because of their passion and love for the game, it’s hard for golfers to get good quality equipment at low prices.

After you buy a golf set, it’s possible that one of the irons may get damaged or lost over time. If you don’t want to buy another set because of a few missing irons, you can get individual irons to replace the lost pieces.

Best Sets of Irons for the Money

In this article, we will look at some of the best value golf irons for your money.

Best Set of Irons for the Money

Callaway Rogue X Irons

Callaway Rogue X Irons offer multiple technologies that are unique to its brand. The Rogue line has four sets with Rogue X, boasting a wide sole, great offset, an oversized head, a long blade, and a deep center of gravity in the club’s face.

Moreover, these golf irons are supported with lighter shafts that are also longer in length. These features allow a golfer to exert greater power behind their drives and produce stronger lofts. As a result, you can achieve greater distance, ball speed, and lower ball spin with these irons.

If you choose Rogue X, you will have an iron that is long, accurate, and easy to hit. These irons are designed to max out the distance with the help of long shafts. Furthermore, the wide soles and long shafts allow you to put extra power behind your hits and achieve stronger lofts of your irons.

Although Callaway Rogue X Iron is more expensive as compared to other irons on this list, it can prove its value by durability and usefulness.


  • Lighter shafts with longer length
  • Wider sole
  • Stronger lofts
  • Helps achieve greater distance
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Variable Face Technology
  • Easy to hit the sweet spot
  • Offers balanced feel when combined with lightweight steel and graphite stocks shafts


  • Can have a harsh click on impact
  • Lower spin, thus not ideal for experienced golfers
  • Expensive

WaZaki WL-IIs All-Hybrid Iron Set

The WaZaki WL-IIs All-Hybrid Iron Set is designed for beginner golfers or those who have slower swing speeds. The set contains hybrid irons to provide you all the help you need to become a better golfer.

These clubs are aesthetically pleasing and are available in a whole black finish, coupled with the blue paint cover. Each of its clubs has a thin face and varying thickness, depending on the purpose of the club.

This unique attribute enables these clubs to hit the ball at greater speed over the face and deposit them to a greater distance. Furthermore, the elongated face of the club enlarges the sweet spot for a golfer and increases the extent of forgiveness in each strike. Therefore, you would be able to get away with mis-hits and gain greater scores in each round of golf.

If that wasn’t enough, the casting body of the irons presents a lower center of gravity, which allows you to deposit strong launches and low spin. Besides that, the MWMF Bushikadna Shaft made from titanium and carbon will assist you in hitting stable and controlled strikes. The entire set is available in three flexes, namely, regular, stiff, regular, and stiff.



  • Only good for beginners
  • Not durable
  • Overly high trajectory

TaylorMade M6 Irons

TaylorMade M6 Irons are equipped with Speed Bridge technology. This new technology connects the back bar of the iron with the top-line to increase rigidity, and boost ball speed while enhancing the feel and sound of the club.

These irons also feature 360° undercut and an extremely low and deep center of gravity supported by a Fluted Hosel. These attributes relocate the club’s weight deeper into the head, ensuring that your strikes have plenty of power behind them.

Furthermore, each iron has an ultra-thin face with varying thicknesses. This allows the iron to deliver maximum ball speeds over an extended face area. If you hit the ball with the off-center positioning, you can introduce a directional bias in your drive.

Compared to the company’s previous M5 golf iron, M6 is slightly longer, more forgiving, and also has a lower-spin. It’s true that there isn’t a considerable difference between M5 and M6, but if you desire more distance-orientated performance and forgiveness and a sleek design, M6 is a great option.


  • Long, thus exerts greater force
  • Extremely forgiving irons
  • Sleek design
  • Distance-oriented
  • Higher flights


  • Not much different than the M5 iron
  • Lower spin, thus lower control on greens
  • Relatively expensive

Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set

The Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set is known for its unusually long length. These golf irons offer the perfect weight balance, design and length to make golf easier for beginners. Even if you don’t have much power behind your swing, you can still exert additional force behind every hit.

At the same time, the irons provide considerable accuracy to your hits and help you strike closer to the pin. The Advanced Undercut cavity in the clubhead allows the iron to have a lower center of gravity. Consequently, it helps the striker to achieve greater distance with each strike.

Because the entire set has the same length for each set, you have to spend time mastering only one swing. As a result, you can utilize your improved swing in both irons and wedges and strike the ball more consistently.

However, the greatest benefit of this iron set is its unbelievably low price. Orlimar cuts the cost by offering single-length options. Unfortunately, the iron set is not known for its durability and also has poor grips. Still, you can consider this option if you are shopping for golf irons on a tight budget.


  • Wider sole
  • Stronger lofts
  • Helps achieve greater distance
  • 360 Face Cup
  • Lower cost option if you’re interested in trying out single-length irons
  • Extremely cost-effective


  • Overly high ball flight in short irons
  • Poor grips
  • No 4-iron option

Cobra F-MAX Superlite Irons

Cobra F-MAX Superlite lives up to its name and offers some of the lightest and fastest iron clubs on the market. Golfers who have moderate swing speeds can use this club to accelerate their ball speed.

The progressive hosel lengths in the iron strategically position the center of gravity to give golfers their desired launch and trajectory. Models with shorter hosels in long irons have a lower center of gravity, which helps achieve higher launch and distance. On the other hand, short iron wedges have taller hosels that raise the center of gravity and allow golfers to drive at lower and controlled trajectories.

Since most beginners look for an iron that can help them strike long-distance drives, the Cobra F-MAX Superlite is a decent option. While it may not offer the best design and feel, the iron is extremely cost-effective when compared to other advanced options.


  • Top-quality and highly durable cart bag
  • Easy to use set, even for beginners
  • Progressive hosel lengths across the set
  • Lighter and more comfortable grips
  • Pleasant look and finish
  • Has lots of alignment aids on the heads
  • Includes headcovers
  • Cost-efficient


  • Markings on the headcover can be misleading
  • Shafts could be better quality

Our Final Thoughts

Although most golf equipment is expensive, you can save yourself some money by buying the pieces you need instead of replacing them with a new set. However, if more than a few of your irons have been damaged, it’s better to buy an iron set, since buying individual pieces would drive the cost up.

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