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If you’re a beginner or are gradually working towards improving your golf game, you may not be willing to invest in an expensive golf ball. And it makes sense. In fact, golf balls used by professional and advanced golfers are not the most effective when it comes down to game improvement. While they are great for spinning, precision, and covering long distances, they give no benefit to a golfer who doesn’t already have a solid golf game.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The ideal thing, therefore, is to get a budget-friendly golf ball that is not too heavy on the pockets. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality. Read this article to find out the 5 best affordable golf balls in the market that promise to transform your golf game experience!

1.  Best Overall: Srixon Soft Feel 2 Piece

Our top choice for the best affordable golf ball is the Srixon Soft Feel mainly because it feels like a premium ball off the club face even though it hardly costs anything. As its name suggests, a Srixon ball has an incredibly soft feel due to the Energetic Gradient Growth Core that is incorporated in its design. This core maintains the softness without compromising on the ball speed, launch or distance.

Srixon Soft Feel affordable golf balls have improved greenside spin and their alignment aid helps pre-shot set up that produce better accuracy. They have a two-piece construction with a hard ionomer cover and 344-speed dimples that offer impressive distance, excellent life and great control.


golf balls

· Has a soft feel

· Has a 344 simple pattern that reduces drag and produces more distance

· Is safe to use

· A reliable ball for long-distance shots

· Consists of an energetic gradient growth core that assists in ball speed and launch

· Has good accuracy


· Not recommended for a golfer with a very slow swing speed

· May not produce the desired spin

· Might be a little too soft for the most experienced players

2. Best for Speed: Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls

In case speed is your concern, you should check out TaylorMade Noodle Neon golf balls. These balls easily qualify to be in this list of best affordable golf balls because of their capability to effortlessly cover distances at a fast speed and their extremely stylish outer look. In other words, these beautiful golf balls are meant to fly far and fast!

These neon balls have a soft iothane cover and are sprayed with UV resistant matte paint along with non-fade UV inhibitor paint which makes them highly durable. Additionally, the impact propulsion core technology gives them a great feel and an increased spin that prepares these balls for longer carries. TaylorMade Noodle Neon is also an affordable golf ball choice if you have a problem with accuracy because their patented dimple design helps in keeping your shots straight.


· Good at covering long distances

· Highly visible

· Very durable

· Consist of a long-lasting cover

· Has a UV resistant neon matte finish

· Has a soft feel

· Designed using a low-compression speedcore


· The most expensive of all the affordable golf balls in this list

· Not all golfers prefer neon color

· Performance may not be as good as the overall look

· Feels harder around impact

3. Best for Distance: Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Golf Balls

Any beginner aiming to achieve a longer distance must consider buying the Wilson Golf Tour Velocity golf balls without second thoughts. These highly affordable golf balls have advanced 2-piece construction that gives you superior playability. This kind of construction is done using a single solid core that is covered with a dimpled surface. Its design also incorporates low compression 70 core that gives you maximum feel and dramatically increases the distance. The lower compression tends to make the ball smoother and ready to cover long distances.

The longer ball flight is further enhanced due to the improved dimple pattern that works perfectly for a broad range of golfers providing them with a great performance flight trajectory. Wilson golf Tour Velocity balls allow you to experience the tour feel in an extremely low cost and its durability enables it to last longer than you can imagine.


· Has a hard lonomer cover that helps in giving maximum distance off the cover

· Has an excellent feel

· The dimple pattern gives the extra launch

· A two-piece construction

· Available for female golfers


· May scuff too easily

· Might not produce the best spin when played using shorter wedges or irons

4. Best for Spin Control: Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

For high and mid-handicappers, spin control is an alarming concern. If you can relate to it, chances are that your golf ball is the culprit. Titleist DT golf balls are designed to give you optimum control over your spin. Their low and fast compression core allows you to cover impressive distances whilst providing you with a very low spin.

These high-quality balls are some of the best affordable golf balls in the market that cut down spin on longer irons and are more forgiving on your short game shots on the golf course. Their unique dimple pattern makes them reliable for short game playability and gives you a better launch.


· Great for a spin; gives a low spin on a long game

· The dimple design helps with consistent flight and launch

· Gives a great feel on all shots

· It is reliable for long-distance shots


· Some golfers feel these don’t produce maximum distance

5. Best for Accuracy: Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls

Are you struggling to strike accurate shots? You must consider getting the Wilson Smart Core golf balls right away! These are not only one of the best affordable golf balls but also some of the most technologically advanced ones. These balls are designed to minimize spins during your practice sessions giving you greater control over your shots and letting you cover longer distances.

Wilson Smart Core balls consist of a durable lonomer cover that increases their playability over different conditions. Their smart core technology allows you to have a reactive experience every time you swing with your golf ball by delivering unique spins and distances based on your style. For instance, you can expect a soft reaction around the green for exception feel and a firm response off the tee when aiming for maximum distance.


· Incorporates a smart-core technology

· Reacts individually to each different swing

· Has a brilliant accuracy than other affordable golf balls

· Provides minimal spin


· Some golfers have reviewed these balls to lack distance

Our Final Thoughts

Many golfers believe that getting cheaper golf balls do not have enough accuracy, spin control or precision. Hopefully, you now know that it is only a misconception. Even the cheapest options on this list use golf ball technologies that aid in improving your overall game.

Whether you buy our top pick for the best affordable golf ball – the Srixon Soft Feel golf balls – or any other balls on this list, remember that it is important to keep your needs ahead of everything else. Figure out your weaknesses and choose a golf ball that best addresses it!

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