Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Review

Choosing a golf ball that matches your style of play is immensely important. Even the slightest of changes can help you improve significantly. A ball that helps you improve on your weaknesses, whether that be your short game or generating distance on your shots, and matches your strengths, can turn you from a beginner or average player into a more advanced golfer. Once you find that perfect ball, you’ll soon feel the difference and improvement yourself.

If you are researching the Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balland are wondering whether these golf balls will match your golf style and help you achieve better scores – This Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Reviewis for you!

Wilson has been a favorite of many golfers, professionals, or amateurs for many years now. While they produce equipment for many different sports, their golf equipment is their headlining product. Wilson manufactures a lot of premium, tour-grade golf equipment used by many pros on their PGA tours. The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls, however, aren’t their top-of-the-line premium level golf balls but land in their ‘value’ line-up of golf balls.

The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls are golf balls aimed at us, average weekend golfers looking to improve their distance game. It was designed with high-handicap golfers in mind, those with pretty good swing speeds of around 90 to 100 miles per hour, who might be struggling to improve their scores by aiding them in maximizing distance. These golf balls are also in their ‘value’ line-up, which means they are affordable and durable – which makes them great for beginners and amateurs as losing a few of these won’t worry your wallet too much.

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Review- Overview

Construction Two-Piece

Compression 90

Cover Material Surlyn

Dimples 432

Let’s begin our Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Reviewby looking into the features and specs of these golf balls. The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls are a two-piece constructed ball, as usually most golf balls at a ‘value’ price are. This two-piece construction includes a high-energy titanium core and a thin and durable Surlyn cover. As these golf balls were designed for beginners, the cover is very durable to make up for all the scuffed shots beginners tend to hit.

The high-energy titanium core is incredibly responsive and helps maximize both launch speeds and distance. The trajectory of this ball is also high to help beginners maximize their distance. The compression rating of 90 means you need good swing speeds to reap the full benefit of these golf balls as it takes a lot more to compress and transfer energy but helps it reach further distances. The high-energy titanium core also helps make the ball more consistent, especially for beginners.

The dimple pattern featured on the thin Surlyn cover consists of 432 dimples – all designed to minimize air drag, improve ball flight, and maximize distance.

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Review– Performance


The Surlyn material used in the Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls construction gives it an excellent feel. Off the tee, it gives off a pretty click sound and provides light feedback. The feedback they provide on the greens and in the short game is a little lacking but understandable for a value ball designed for distance.

Short Game

In the short game, when approaching the greens, don’t expect too much out of these balls. They are low spinning balls and provide very little feedback, especially on putts. The soft feel is pretty good to play with, but the lack of spin and control just shows off that the ball was designed with only distance in mind. With that said, for a value ball in this price range, the short game is very consistent, and once you get used to the ball, very controllable too.


The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls were made for distance. The high-energy titanium core, the thin Surlyn cover, and the 432-dimple pattern all combine to provide incredible launch speeds, ball flight, and, of course, distance.

The 90-compression rating means you need at least average to high swing speeds in order to benefit from these balls. If you are able to reach those swing speeds, you’ll see a 10-to-15-yard improvement in your distance easily.

These golf balls being low spinning golf balls also means a straighter flight for most golfers. The reduced spin helps with the distance but also means the ball doesn’t stop as well when you reach the greens. The high flight trajectory does help a little in this regard.

Our Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls Review. We hope our review helps you understand this golf ball’s weaknesses and strengths and whether they match your style of play. Again, these golf balls are designed for high handicap golfers with average to high swing speeds. For those who have slower swing speeds, a golf ball with a lower compression rating might suit and help you better.

Overall, the Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls are amazing golf balls for the price they come with. They will help you maximize your distance and your launch speeds off the tee. One of the best golf balls for beginners on the market today.

The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls are available in a standard white or yellow color. The yellow version of the Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball really helps with the visibility of the ball, especially in the long game.

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