Ping G410 Hybrid Review

Ping hybrids just feel marvelous when you hit them off the clubface. That is something anyone who has tested it will agree to.

Hybrids are specialty products that are different from classic irons and woods. The Ping G410 Hybrid lives up to the technical hype of hybrids with its new adjustable ball flights.

ping g410 hybrid review

While hybrids are known for their distance and often associated with flatter shots, this one will give you both flight and distance.

This is why it is one of our new favorite hybrids.

Due to its technicalities, players who have previously worked with hybrids and prefer workability over rigid shots will definitely enjoy exploring and manipulating the different trajectories of this club.

 Let’s dig into the details of this fine and thin hybrid.

Ping G410 Hybrid Review

Being one of the oldest manufacturers of Golf items, Ping products are both reliable and accessible.

G410 is the latest hybrid from the Ping hybrid series. One of the first things you will notice about this is, it has met the demands of the golfers and made the stead head more substantial than the previous hybrids. The head is larger to provide more solidity.

And the overall shape of its head was made keeping stability in mind. The larger head makes this really attractive to handicappers as it gives you more confidence to hit the shot.

However, don’t assume it will not go the distance just because of that because it can go as speedily as hybrids with shorter heads.

The back is also heavier with larger turbulators. What this does is, it fits the ball perfectly into place and helps to frame the ball quite efficiently, making it go much faster.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what kind of shots you can play with this? The answer is, you can play all sorts of shots. This hybrid isn’t limited to any lofted or straight shots.

You can hit versatile shots while covering more distance and trajectory. It gives you the control to work on different angles, and it also guides you to learn from it. Amateurs will do well with this as the customizable ball flights will give an accurate understanding of what shot to hit.

Not only that, you can even customize it to flatter angles to test your performance.

So now let’s look into the features that make the Ping G410 one of the best crossover hybrids.

Key Features

We have already mentioned that this has a larger head and is adjustable. So now we will explain how that actually plays out.

Adjustable Tuning Hosel 2.0

This utilizes a trajectory tuning hosel sleeve that can be adjusted to up to eight positions.

You can tune it to anything between lofts -1.5⁰to +1.5⁰. You can also choose from neutral to flat lies. When adding 1⁰ to the loft, you can also adjust the lie to the flat or the neutral and see how it works for you.

All of these different combinations have different outcomes. One combination may result in a higher launch while the other will be better in achieving distance.

Therefore, this will undoubtedly impact the flight and distance of the ball. Golfers who enjoy manipulating the ball will also love exploring all the opportunities of this club.

So, fine-tuning the loft and lies is something golfers have wanted for a long time. And Ping has brought it to you.

Maraging Steel Face

Ping uses maraging steel for the face, which is stronger and thinner than stainless steel.

Maraging steel is one of the most durable alloy known for its flexible and robust body. This steel is perfect for the face as it makes it lighter yet more sturdy, hence giving a high launch, speed, and distance when hit.

The G400 and G410 hybrids both use maraging steel with a matte black finish. 

Moreover, the launch is vital in golf; hence, this material is used to get the best out of the face of the club.

The Design

While the face uses the maraging steel, the head uses stainless steel. The multi-material construction of the club speaks volume of the engineering that went into devising this hybrid.

With a larger head and heavier back, this hybrid is very forgiving. Therefore, we have recommended this to amateurs a lot. With the heavy back and customized lofts, it becomes difficult to miss the ball.

The sweet sound at the time of impact is also a blessing to the ears. You don’t usually expect hybrids to connect and feel this good.

It is also effortless to hit. So golfers in need of some confidence should definitely give this a shot.

Iron club users will especially connect to this hybrid because of its iron-like design.

And you can also use a longer shaft than most hybrids have to offer; something fairway clubs have in common.

High-Density Tungsten Weight

For more forgiveness, this has a deeper high-density tungsten back weight. So, in the time of launch, there is better stability and flexibility.

However, in case you find this unnecessary, it is removable. But we don’t recommend that as the tungsten weight is needed for smoother hits.

Furthermore, golf is a tough sport; we should use the forgiveness we can find in the clubs.

Finally, the benefits of this hybrid rest in its forgiveness and covering greater distances with ease.


  • Stainless steel head and Maraging steel face to get more distance
  • Adjustable tuning hosels for customizing the launch
  • Tungsten weight ensures forgiveness
  • Larger head to hit more precise shots, suited for handicappers


  • Better players might find the head too large
  • Workability compromised due to adjustable features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have listed down a few of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Ping G410 hybrid:

Is this for amateurs or pros?

The Ping G410 is a hybrid that all players will find interesting. It isn’t limited to amateurs or pros precisely.

Is Ping a good Golf brand?

They’re one of the top 6 golf brands.

Will G400 users be benefitted by buying the G410?

Although the body is similar, the G410 has new adjustable features that G400 users will like.

What is it like to hit with this?

It is one of the easiest to use clubs.

Will iron and wood club golfers be able to use this?

This is a technical hybrid, but with a little bit of acceptance, this will surely find a place in the bags of all golfers.

Our Final Thoughts

While amateur golfers will like the easy to hit and forgiving traits, better players, on the other hand, will like the customizable tuning lofts and lies.

This is a modern-day club that will only get better and more popular with time. So all golfers should start getting accustomed to this spectacular hybrid.

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