How to Break 100 in Golf

Golf is a sport that requires lots of practice and patience. One cannot only master the game after a couple of matches. Like other sports out there, golf also needs plenty of observances before a player will be able to break a hundred in golf regularly.

The interested players who are attempting to boost their level should look for some stuff. They must grasp certain techniques. So these tips and tricks can facilitate you to move during a direction you want to take to break a 100.

how to break 100 in golf

Most golfers use and suggest the strain-free swing to players to assist them to break a hundred. This process shows an easy but a strong hit. That makes it easier for the player to make the ball go straight and far. A few things that you have to keep in mind as well, such as;


Breaking 100 in golf

Do Not Consider Yourself a Master Yet

The first and foremost thing to do is not give into the pressure. Do not start comparing oneself to the players who have been playing the game for years. The professionals are playing this sport for a long time.

Moreover, they have had several years of training from well-known coaches, and they have participated in matches. Therefore, comparing with these people is no use.

When you consider yourself a professional, you tend to go for shots that you are not skilled yet. You believe you will be able to pull the shots but in reality you cannot. Thus will take you away from proper practice, which is why you shouldn’t be comparing. You need to practice the shots first and get a hang of it.

Keep Your Expectations Limited

The most necessary factor you’ll be needed to do to score a hundred on every occasion is to lower your expectations and go steady. You’ve got to grasp that you simply aren’t going to score greens systematically. Moreover, your score card won’t look polished.

However, abiding by these easy steps, you’ll be capable of breaking a hundred on a regular basis. Very soon you will be able to practice to break a 90 as well.

If you break a hundred throughout a game of golf, you’re visiting the end of the round roughly through twenty-seven over par. Your final record book can look like this 2 pars, 6 double bogeys, 2 triple bogeys or 9 bogeys.

After implementing all these techniques, if the card does not look satisfactory, you will have to pacify yourself since this result is excellent for some with such skill level.

You Have to Keep Pars Out of Mind

If you wish to grasp the most effective ways to break a hundred in golf with no professional lessons, you would like to know the correct data. Learn these vi easy secrets which will have you ever breaking a hundred in golf on every occasion.

Keep the Pars Out

A good start to improving yourself is by having your approach very dynamic to every hole. Rather than attempting to create par on each hole, you’ve got to realize that you simply cannot play these shots. If you don’t stop, you will only keep hitting bad shots and end up nowhere.

In such cases, a player should want to hit a bogey in every shot which sounds impossible. However, it is not a bad option to take for a player who is facing such issues. If you can hit a bogey for every shot that you make, you will eventually end over a 100 as it will create for 18, which is over par.

Some individuals might frown upon this tactic and let their pride get in their way. Nevertheless, by following this tactic going slow and steady the player will be able to go beyond par and eventually reach over 100.

If you are able to forget about your arrogance and you want to boost your golf skills, this is often how you’ll be able to break a hundred by attempting to bogey each hole.

Don’t Try to Show Your Skills Too Soon

If you want to shoot for a bogey on each hole, it is not necessary that all your greens can hit in regulation. The player will not have to think about hitting one at all the entire round. After taking your first approach, you must aim to stay near the green. Consider yourself lucky if you get on the green side.

This information permits the player to be more focused on keeping the game consistent and be a little less hostile off the tee It implies that you shouldn’t play together with your driver any longer.

If you wish to score a hundred in golf, you’ve got to have the driver in your backpack. That’s because they cause too many bad shots as they are not correct all the time.

The irons can facilitate to hit the golf ball with a lot of accuracies. This provides a higher likelihood of reaching the green with lesser shots than any drivers could.

You Should Not Be Considering the Pin

Since you now have perceived the most effective ways to deliver shots that require a tee and you used for somebody with your skillset, you can now focus on approach shots. The most common and biggest mistake an individual makes once it involves such shots by considering a pin to work out a way to approach.

For folks that aren’t there nevertheless, the pin shouldn’t be supposed to confirm how accurate your shot is as it is a fast way to make a mistake.

One should not focus on the pin to evaluate how your approach will be towards the shot but aim at the middle of the greens instead. If there is a bunker on the right facet of green, the delivery ought to support the left facet of the greens and the other way around.

Following these steps will allow you to avoid making big mistakes. Without being worried about having your ball near the opening, you must aim at obtaining a specific place where you want your ball to be and wherever you’ll be able to safely put 2 at a hole. When, by any chance the ball is near the opening, that’s merely a bonus.

Going over 100 for the very first time can mean a very big thing for most amateur golfers. It’s a tremendous feeling which might encourage you to think that you’ll conquer the planet.

While it’s only a stroke, a ninety nine could be better than a one hundred. Doing so is less troublesome and you can easily attain a score within the ’90s.

Usually, players twist the method by shopping for costlier clubs and creating too several swing changes directly. However, to break one hundred you have to be concerned with how you should take your game ahead. Now the question is whether you want to go for 103 shots at an average or you want 120?

If there are instances that a player cannot make a 99 because of 15 or 20 shots, that it is better than players go for the lower score and aim for that. Once they steadily climb up the shots, crossing a 100 will not be a big deal, and they will be able to do it with much less stress.

Learning to Damage Control

A player does not need to have birdies or pars to cross over a 100 even if that is hard to imagine. The player should have a proper plan and stick to that. Then take steps to get the plan in motion and aim for the 100 but steadily. If they stumble upon a missed shot, they should still stick to the plan and work their way up.

Keep in mind, all you require is nine bogeys to go over a 100! One can also use 9 double bogeys. Once you perceive this, you ought to specialize in 2 things; obtaining the ball during the play and attempting to bring the ball close to the greens in two shots.

However, if you want to stop reading the article right now, perceive that there are 2 basic steps to 100:

Keeping the Ball in Play off the Tee

Your utmost priority ought to be to play the ball and bring it much as you can. If you face obstacle after you tread, you can place it back within the bag. You should prefer to hit a three wood, five wood or perhaps hybrid. Opt for a club which will allow you to hit simply, you can be assured that you will stick with it throughout the game and ever after.

Lost balls build up to get multiple bogeys and therefore the alarming figure. These are the game enders which will not only reduce your score but will also break self-confidence. Nonetheless, if you retain accurately while the game is on, you may provide yourself more possibilities for 9 doubles required to score a 100.

Getting Close to the Green

Keeping the ball on the tee and hitting from it will significantly improve the player’s chances. It will allow the player to approach the green and get close to it.

The player should set the agenda to cross a 100 and not just an 80. This mind set will motivate the player because even the professionals can only hit ¾ in regulation!

By hitting fours and fives, the players will obtain a great chance to make it in the 90 score slot with ease. This could be an enormous relief which will remove pressure for hitting new greens in regulation.

The best advice that a player can take is to swing the club with enough force! A huge number of beginners try and swing the club with less than required force and find themselves sculling, chunking or rowing their intended shots. Give up the masculine attitude and take enough club to form it to the middle of the green.

So, there are four fundamentals that can help you to cross a 100. When the player perceives the 2 main priorities to pass 100, they can check out the 4 basics to understand how to aim for the 90 score range.

Taming the Massive Slice

Slices plague a minimum of eightieth of players just starting. Slices also kill distance, cause hassle on the correct aspect of the outlet and might downgrade a player’s confidence level.

A player’s slice may happen for some reasons. However, the foremost common cause could be a weak hold. If the player’s grip on the club is weak, it will create an unusual angle with the plane and will produce a motion like above the required height.

The easiest way to tame your slice or to fix your big slice is to hold your club with enough strength so that it doesn’t lose control. The stronghold will allow for a swing that moves in a pendulum path. It will help to produce a unique swing known as the draw swing.

If the robust grip is not enough to resolve your issues than there are many other tips that you may find helpful.

Getting the Ball Airborne

Secondly, to make more than a 100, don’t try and make the ball reach heights. The club is there to propel the ball in the air by doing its job if the ball is hit correctly, which most players do not take into account.

Instead of aiding the ball in the air, try hitting down and use the club to follow the ball. The weight offered from the loft will allow the club to attain height but land properly.

Limiting Sprayed Shots

Here you will get some additional instructions on what to do to eliminate more full shots and skinny ones too. No matter what you say, they are necessary to break 100 in golf. You should learn to limit these huge misses by keeping your posture similar and consistent for every swing in the match.

The main reason behind you chunking shots is your posture and also the need to approaching the greens. The sole purpose behind skinny shots is that your position doesn’t remain consistent throughout the impact. This can also be a reason why you have to create an angle with the plane grooves and go towards the greens.

You should attempt keeping a position that is consistent, identical throughout all your swing and also keeps your head on a fence post.

Stay in that position throughout the entire game that calls for back-swinging. Abide by the provided instructions to hit consistent shots during the match.

Playing the Correct Tools

This sport is difficult enough. As a result, one should not complicate the game by using the wrong equipment. Too many golfers pay their cash attempting to play with superior instrumentation. But most importantly you should use the specific clubs for specific shots because you cannot adjust to the equipment used by someone else as every player has their style of playing.

Through in-depth analysis on how to score 100, information on how to choose the right equipment or the most straightforward clubs for players have been found. Check it for yourself that you’re taking part in the correct clubs to offer yourself the most straightforward chance to break the 100 mark.

Techniques to Break 100

There are also 4 shots that you need to practice and master to Break 100. To cross one hundred, you don’t have to hit the ball perfectly every time. Finding fancy clubs to score over 100 is not necessary but you need to keep a shot of four in your card to cross over a 100.

  • Playing low near the greens
  • Hitting short putts
  • Finding your favorite shot that requires a tee

If the player wishes for the ball to be consistent while the game is on the need to be confident about the fact that their tee will not slack off or move from position, a club that will facilitate the tee should be chosen such as a fairy wood or any club similar to this that will get the job done.

Even if your favorite shot involving a tee is a 15 or 14 cut, aim to play it. Chances are you will be making a shot.

Keeping it Low Near the Greens

While you would possibly wish to score the top flop instead of a cheap quite pinch potential, put rather than splintering it in the slightest degree. A bump on the golf stroke from the green could be a safe option. It will be easier to make big shots and bring more significant numbers in the game if the loft is placed at a higher distance than the plane.

That is why the ball should be played low while keeping the loft high. Learning to empty the three-pointers not being able to short putt might be one of the biggest reasons you can cross over 100 yet. However, 3 foot putts must be working on its own.

Accelerating During the Putt

To make more short putts the player should facilitate them to the hole by stimulating the stroke. There are videos by professionals discussing how it is done and what secrets they have to share.

Often the beginners decelerate and fail to putt shot. Therefore, they should use smaller swings that are in the style of a backswing instead of longer swings. This will allow the player to gain acceleration at an optimum level and the player will be able to make short putts easily.

Keeping Head in a Steady

State condition – If you would like to hole additional 3-foot putt, you need to keep your head at a standstill position. Similarly, you will have to keep your head down the entire golf stroke. For 3 footers you ought to hear them rather than the visual aspect of it.

Observe 3 footers and build a minimum of 5 during a row before the next round begins. Try to keep your head steady and listen intently.

Getting Started with Breaking One Hundred

Since you know the simple basics and the shots required to cross one hundred, you should also keep in mind the sports arrangement. Your goal should be for 9 double bogeys or at least 9 bogeys. When instances occur that you got a 3 bogey, do not worry and keep playing according to plan.

Always keep your expectations and emotions in check during your round.

When you realize that you’re near the holy number, that is the time to play even more strategically and pick a good club. Keep a steady head, keep the balance and hit it properly from the tee and you will hear the perfect sound.


Following these simple steps any player will be able to cross the magical 100. However to do that,, they will have to practice regularly, have to abide by the rules and play with the tricks and techniques they know. Soon the 100 will be theirs.

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