Pinemeadow Hybrid Review

It can be quite difficult for new golfers to begin their golfing journeys, especially with the many obstacles they are likely to face.

Green Fees and memberships can be pretty expensive, and you would also need to buy golfing equipment to learn the game and overcome the challenges that prevent you from improving your scores.

Most players have trouble hitting the club flush with each swing, and beginners often struggle to learn how to effectively strike the ball, which leads to hooking and slicing of the ball.

It isn’t too difficult to learn control when it comes to using golf clubs, but longer clubs make it difficult to get the ball flying across the field.

Pinemeadow Hybrid Review

This is where hybrid clubs make their appearance with high handicapper designs that provide greater control and accuracy and good loft to boot, allowing golfers to cover similar distances as their fairway woods.

Let’s do a comprehensive review of Pinemeadow hybrid Excel EGIgolf clubs to know if they’re worth buying for the average golfer.

Pinemeadow Hybrid Excel EGI – What to Expect?

If you’ve recently played a game using hybrid golf clubs, you may have noticed some improvements in your swings and overall game, which might have brought to your attention a brand of hybrids called the Pinemeadow Excel EGI.

Pinemeadow is an established brand that has been in the golfing world for quite some time, and they have created many affordable products since 1985, with the EGI Hybrid series being one of their most popular clubs thus far.

Customer reviews online on amazon have been overwhelmingly positive, with over 1000 people acknowledging their superiority over other models.

As golfers begin improving their game and start to reach mid to low handicaps, they begin transitioning to high-end brands, including Taylormade, Ping, and Titleist.

However, not every golfer can afford such a brand or would not want to spend so much money on golf clubs they might not need, which is why they transition to Pinemeadow.

Many have reported that the Pinemeadow hybrids are an excellent choice if you have reached a novice to intermediate golfing level and would like to try better clubs at an affordable price.

Pinemeadow Hybrid Excel EGI – Design And Looks

Professionals don’t design the Pinemeadow hybrid golf clubs to compete with high-end brands or even hybrids like the M6, but their performance and control are what truly matter.

Experts design the golf club heads to be at 120cc, which might bother some people, but the large sweet spot they offer makes them worthwhile.

Since they are available in 8 Lofts, you can expect the heads to get smaller as you switch to the pitching wedge hybrid, which means that the clubs’ forgiveness is the redeeming factor.

These features truly separate them from many other hybrids, making the Pinemeadow hybrids to be an excellent choice for beginners and high handicappers.

Pinemeadow Hybrid Excel EGI – Which Lofts Are Available?

Before diving into the performance of these clubs, we should consider the lofts that are available to be used.

It is quite possible to use the Pinemeadow Set (3-9) to replace all of our golf clubs.

A standard Iron set you are likely to buy has lofts for 19/21 for the 3-iron. You can expect the angle to be around 42 degrees for the 9-iron.

You will get a higher trajectory with a higher loft when you take a swing and drive the ball towards the put.

There are eight available lofts, from 19 degrees to 45 degrees, offering a diverse golfing experience.

Pinemeadow Hybrid Excel EGI – Overall Performance

There are many advantages of switching to the hybrid variety, which many consider to be superior to traditional irons.

In terms of distance and accuracy, the hybrids allow greater distance to be covered on the field with every swing compared to traditional irons.

As a result, you will be able to hit from a better lie in most cases, resulting in better performance.

When considering off the tee performance, the hybrid manages to shine again with more consistent hits towards the pin and a greater accuracy rate that trumps the fairway wood or driver.

Off the fairway, performance is exceptional no matter the distance between the golf ball and the pin, resulting in a more optimal swing.

If you aren’t managing to improve your golf game with your short irons, you would probably see a dramatic improvement if you choose the Excel EGI clubs, resulting in a noticeable difference.

You may notice better spin and control using shorter irons, but you should definitely consider hybrids if you are looking for a change.

Our Final Thoughts

Hybrids are definitely worth considering if you have identified a sticking point in your game. Many people report that their game has dramatically improved after switching to Pinemeadow Excel EGI hybrids.

These golf clubs are suited for beginners and intermediates, especially those who are tired of using traditional irons and beating themselves up over a lack of improvement in their game that isn’t entirely their fault.

Although different clubs are likely to suit different people, you cannot deny that the hybrids are making lots of noise in the current market and outshining traditional irons and fairway woods.

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