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It’s no secret that custom golf clubs are extremely expensive. For most golfers, it just isn’t feasible to spend thousands on golf clubs if they aren’t professionals. Casual golfers need not worry – you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to improve your skills. Using the best adjustable drivers available, you can get a custom experience without the hefty price tag.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The 3 Best Adjustable Drivers in Golf

Adjustable drivers have truly changed the landscape – the center of gravity, loft angle and lie can all be adjusted to suit the golfer’s preferences. Step into the future and check out our top picks for adjustable drivers below.

1. Titleist TS3 Golf Driver

The Titleist TS3 boasts speed and versatility by allowing users to adjust loft, lie and weights. These adjustments result in higher launch and speed, thereby increasing distance.

The driver’s large clubface already makes it forgiving, but the adjustable center of gravity takes this to the next level. The T3 comes with a SureFit weight that can be adjusted toward the toe or heel depending on the user’s preference. For draw bias, it is adjusted toward the heel and increases launch and distance. Those looking for fade bias can adjust it toward the toe and benefit from lowering the launch, and thus, increasing MOI (moment of inertia).

The hosel is also adjustable and golfers can change loft and lie angles to customize their launch. Increasing loft can close the face and reducing loft can open it. This fractional change affects both, launch and spin rate. Golfers can also increase the lie to create a fade and reduce the lie to create a draw.

A round of golf


  • Lightweight graphite shaft and titanium crown
  • Adjustable weights, loft and lie
  • Increased speed and distance
  • Oversized 460cc clubhead


  • Less forgiving than TS2

2. TaylorMade M4 Draw-Type Driver

The TaylorMade M4  brags straighter shots, distance and extreme forgiveness with its oversized 460cc club head and draw-based design. To increase forgiveness, the M4 has a curved face that corrects mishits from any angle, resulting in straighter shots. Heel-toe weighting is manipulated, with more loft in the toe and less in the heel to prevent spins and make the most of every shot.

The heel weighting also prevents slicing, while the Twist Face technology increases not only forgiveness but MOI, resulting in more stability. Another impressive feature is the hammerhead slot that results in a larger sweet spot, which increases distance by making the driver easier to hit and more forgiving. The flexible face also improves feedback, resulting in better feel.

The adjustability comes in when you look at the hosel. It can be adjusted 4 degrees to make sure that your loft is perfect for the launch you’re aiming for.


  • Options for hand orientation, flex and loft
  • Suitable for women (ladies flex) and seniors (senior flex)
  • Lightweight graphite shaft
  • Adjustable loft


  • Not as many options as others on this list

3. Cobra Golf King F9 Speedback Driver

Cobra Golf’s F9 Speedback driver uses a low center of gravity, an aerodynamic shape, and a milled face to provide maximum speed, and thus, maximum distance. This sleek black club has a streamlined design with a raised crown, skirt, and tail. The rounded edges complete this, resulting in reduced drag and increased speed.

The graphite shaft is combined with titanium, carbon fiber, and tungsten club head, making this driver lightweight and easy to maneuver. The center of gravity is lowered, which increases energy upon impact, resulting in reduced spin and a better launch.

While this driver is forgiving, Cobra Golf has not created this at the expense of control. The CNC milled face results in a thinner club face and 5 times as much precision. The F9 Speedback driver also uses dual roll to reduce gear effect and increase distance by promoting higher launch. The large sweet spot allows for mishits to be straighter.

Golfers can adjust center of gravity as well as loft to optimize trajectory, launch and distance. The driver boasts 8 adjustable loft settings, moveable weights and makes sure to keep the face squared despite the changes to keep the shot straight.


  • Adjustable loft and CG
  • Lightweight graphite and titanium club
  • Aerodynamic, milled face
  • Precision and control
  • Increased forgiveness


  • None

What Exactly You Can Adjust on These Drivers?

Different drivers may have some or all of these options available to adjust. Check these out to know exactly what to look for when shopping.

Weight & Center of Gravity

Center of gravity is essential when it comes to golf. Most drivers on the market use perimeter weighting and other design elements, but adjustable drivers give you an edge – weights are not only interchangeable but can also be removed in some drivers. Golfers can customize this to optimize launch and reduce spin, thereby increasing forgiveness and distance.

Adjustable drivers also sometimes provide draw/fade bias weights so that the golfer can use heel-toe weighting to balance their swings and make straighter shots.

Loft & Lie Angle

Some of the best adjustable drivers feature an adjustable hosel so that golfers can change the loft, and therefore, the lie. The loft of the club can drastically change the spin, and in turn, the trajectory of your shot. If your shots are too high, decreasing the loft can help you increase distance. On the other hand, if your shots are too low, increasing the loft can also help increase distance.

This is useful for all golfers but is especially useful for beginners and high handicappers. Since their swing speed is likely low, a higher loft can compensate for it.


Golfers are also given a variety of options if the driver provides interchangeable shafts. Not only does this save you money since you aren’t buying a variety of shaft lengths, but it also helps keep the number of clubs limited. According to the USGA, the maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry is 14.  Golfers can carry different flexes or just move on to more advanced shafts as they are released without needing to buy an entirely new golf club.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for forgiveness or just more versatility, adjustable drivers may be the answer for you. This list of the best adjustable drivers covers options for men and women, old and young. Happy shopping!

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