Ping G410 Fairway Wood Review

Do you want to play those fancy swing shots that fly from over the turf to the shrubbery of bushes lining the far distance?

But you just can’t seem to do it no matter how hard you try, do you? Well, this may be the opposite of what you hear, but it is possible that the problem is not you.

ping g410 fairway woods review

Getting the right kind of gear in a precision sport like golf is crucial to your performance.

Unfortunately, you just might have ended up with the wrong gear.

Check out the Ping G410 Fairway Wood for all those fancy swings over the sky.

If this name is foreign to you, then you need to get more deep into the golfing world.

Well, despair not. We are here to tell you all about it.

Ping G410 Fairway Wood Review

The company designs products solely based on the satisfaction of their customers. They faced a number of complaints about the model that came before this one.

And so they have made the necessary modifications and produced this flawless design on the G410. This one is entirely on a league of its own.

But let’s get to the real deal. So basically, there are two types of woods. One of them is called the Fairway Wood; the other one is for some other time. Well, the Fairway Woods are for off the turf shots over long distances.

Let us begin by saying that these are not recommended for you if you are not aiming to challenge yourself. These clubs are heavier to swing and harder to control. However, that is actually a part of their appeal. The G410 has been modified in order to make it easier to launch them.

It now has a lower center of gravity. Due to this, your club will feel more sturdy. Its entire weight is focused at a lower point.

So, when you turn higher angles with this fairway wood, and when it drops, the control will be well distributed towards the end. The result is a clean swing through the ball that gives it a nice controlled spin.

Another change to note is the design of the hosel. The loft range has been increased to support ease of practice. This means that the club of your head will point more upward, so when you hit the ball, it will have a sharp line of lift and decline.


The first thing anyone will notice about your golf club is obviously its external beauty. Well, invite them in to do so because these fairway woods look absolutely beautiful.

They have thick turbulators and a neat gray matte finish which really does give them the sleek, elegant look. When you point it at the low angle to the ground, it looks supremely in charge.

Well sure, it’s mostly psychological, but when you hold this elegant club in your hands, you will feel like you’re in absolute control.

And you can’t even begin to understand how much that will do to improve your performance. 

The Hosel

A short introduction to the hosel is due in order to start the discourse on this. Hosels can be called the neck of the golf club.

It is the specific part that connects the golf head to its shaft. There are eight settings to the hosel of this fairway wood. This helps in the angle of trajectory.

The Angle of Trajectory

The angle between the head of your club and the ball is called the loft. For this club, the angle has been increased to approximately 1.5 degrees from the previous angle of 1 degree.

This is helpful in the way that the angle of trajectory will be higher, and thus, your ball will travel a shorter distance.

Moreover, the trajectory on this club uses an aerodynamic hosel sleeve which will allow you to try out 8 different positions through the adjustments of loft and lie angles by up to 3 degrees flat.

If you have a positive angle of attack, then this will particularly help you to gain control over the distance of the ball.

The Shaft Length

You can already tell that this matters a great deal, can’t you?

The shaft is the part you hold. Having an ill-proportioned shaft will render your club completely useless. So make sure you understand this feature well.

Now, on your club, you will see a number. This number indicates the length of the shaft. For the record, know that higher numbers indicate shorter shafts. A 3-wood fairway wood is longer than a 5-wood or a 7-wood.

Ping G410 can be found in all these different lengths: 3, 5, and 7. You can pick as you please, but we suggest you choose wisely. It is because this will not only affect your success rate but also whether you enjoy this sport.

The Sound of the Hit

If you are into golf, you are no stranger to the singular clean sound that ensues when the clubface hits the ball upon contact.

The subtle ‘crack’ of this fairway wood and the ball could easily be one of the delicate pleasures of your life. It sounds like hitting something that is simultaneously both a metal and a wood.

This sound is due to the huge C300 maraging steel face of the club. It’s a tough alloy that doesn’t give in to pressure. So it goes a long way. You can tell by the crack of the impact how well a condition your club is in. This sound also resonates if you have hit the ball correctly.

A mishit will not produce the mid-volume subtle crack. So listen carefully, you will find answers in the sound.


  • More swift swings
  • Reach greater angles of trajection
  • Make your golf ball spin a lot less
  • Achieve longer distances
  • Have more control over your aim


  • Not for beginners
  • The matte gray color may not be for you

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have provided answers to the commonly asked queries:

Will the clubs be assembled when I receive them?

Yes, of course. By the time they reach your doorstep, they will be fully ready for use.

How heavy are these fairway woods?

The weight of the shaft is 63 grams, which makes a good balance between the height and the golf head.

What is the club made of?

The club is made of steel. No, it won’t slip off of your hands if you wear good golf gloves.

How can I improve the way in which I hit my fairway woods off the floor?

The most important thing is to have solid contact with the ball. Maintain your posture and swing through the ball without thinking about the tee.

I am left-handed. Can I use this fairway wood?

Yes. It has loft ranges for both right-handed and left-handed use.

Our Final Thoughts

Ping has been a trusted company since 1959. If you want reliability with your club, then this is a good company to look at.

You will find your golf standards rising high with this premium club at your disposal. So don’t hesitate, give it a try. We bet you’ll love it!

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