How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

A common question asked by many golf cart owners is how long do golf cart batteries last? The answer isn’t a simple one because the length of time your golf cart batteries last depends on several factors. Namely, how well you take care of your golf cart, how often you use your golf cart, and the last one is related to extreme weather conditions. For instance, if you drive your golf cart when it is hot outside, you will place an additional burden on the battery.

It would be best if you didn’t also leave your golf cart out in winter to affect battery performance. In general, a standard golf cart battery should last you anywhere between three to ten years, depending on how well you have maintained your golf cart. Another thing to consider is whether you are driving a privately owned golf cart or using a public golf cart.

Proper maintenance of your golf cart will see the battery life extended, while if you neglect maintenance, then your battery will not last as long. You must ensure that your golf cart is parked correctly in the appropriate space away from direct sunlight to ensure that the batteries don’t heat up. If you’re using your golf cart for three to five rounds of golf every week, you can expect your golf cart batteries to last you for around five to six years, provided you take great care of the maintenance of your golf cart.

Factors That Can Affect Lifespan of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Now that you know the average lifespan of a golf cart battery, we will look at some of the factors that play a role in shortening or lengthening your golf cart battery’s lifespan. You must consider these factors if you want to learn how long your golf cart batteries will last.

1. Battery Maintenance

The main factor that can affect your golf cart batteries’ lifespan is the maintenance of the battery. If you don’t take care of your battery, you will not get the required performance. You will need to water your golf cart batteries regularly. The standard practice is watering them once a month with distilled water so that your batteries are operating at optimum levels.

You will need to water the battery frequently when driving your golf cart in hot weather since the high temperature can affect your golf cart’s performance. Ensure that the battery is fully charged when you add water because you can quickly overfill the battery if it isn’t charged.

2. Overcharging Your Batteries

If you want to extend your golf cart batteries’ lifespan, the number one thing you should avoid doing is overcharging your batteries. That is easier said than done because if you are using a manual charger to charge your golf cart batteries, you won’t know when to stop, and you can accidentally overcharge your batteries. You need a charger that can sense when the battery is full and slow down or completely stop charging the battery.

You don’t want to overcook your golf cart battery, as it will diminish its performance and will play a role in shortening its lifespan. To ensure that you don’t overcharge your batteries, you can use a manual timer that tells you when it is time to stop charging your batteries.

3. Battery Quality/Brand

Another thing that plays a role in your battery’s overall performance and how long it lasts is its battery quality. You shouldn’t skimp on price when you buy a golf cart battery because buying a battery of a recognized brand ensures that you get top-level performance. There are various golf cart battery brands, and each has its own list of features and provides an estimate of long the battery will last you.

Remember that you can’t expect them to last you a long time if you get low-quality batteries. It will not only impact your golf cart’s drivability and performance but will quickly become drained as well. These batteries will require frequent charging, and even with proper maintenance, you can’t expect them to last you for more than a couple of years.

4. Golf Cart Features

If you are driving a golf cart loaded with top-of-the-line features, you should know that it will affect overall battery performance and battery life. If your golf comes with features such as fog lights, headlights, an upgraded motor, and a horn, these can play a role in diminishing the life of your battery. You must factor in how often you are using your golf cart battery’s features, which plays a role in how often you are charging the battery.

Remember, if you are charging your golf cart battery frequently, it will shorten your golf cart battery’s lifespan. You must strike a healthy balance between your golf cart’s maintenance and how often you are taking your golf cart out on the golf course.

Our Final Thoughts

Battery life is a major concern for golf cart owners since golf cart batteries tend to be expensive, and you don’t want to be replacing your batteries every couple of years. If you follow the manufacturer guidelines and practice routine maintenance, your golf cart batteries should last you for a good five to ten years. Failure to practice good maintenance on batteries will result in them running out within three years and adding another expense to your bill.

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