Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 Golf Grip Review

When professional golfers do their thing, we need to watch and listen intently. This should especially be the case when it comes to something as simple yet profoundly important as such as their grip preference.

While discussing all the dominant forces in professional golf, very few people realize that Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 may be the most dominant force yet. As it turns out, about 80% of all Tour players in the word are using the Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 (without getting paid for sponsorships).

We’re here to answer the question as to why the best in the sport are choosing these golf grips in our review. Also, if you keep scrolling through, you will be able to read about the best features about these grips. So, let’s get right to it.

Our Review of the Golf Pride Mcc Plus Golf Grips

Golf Pride has one of the most firm holds that we’ve come across in the industry. Even though some classic designs such as the New Decade MultiCompound and Tour Velvet are a lot more popular than the Pride Mcc Plus 4, the latter seems to meet the needs of a very special consumer base.

The Mcc Plus 4 is a minor tweak from the massively successful MultiCompound concept with the addition of a softer form of rubber. However, this little alteration has managed to become popular with some of the best players in the world. Naturally, there has got to be something right here.

Well, if you know your stuff and have been keeping up-to-date on PGA Tour articles about ‘What’s In the Bag’, you will also know that many pros prefer to add extra grip tape wraps over their grip. This is either a simple preference or an impromptu fix that counters hooking the ball.

Even if you missed out on this trend, it seems as if Golf Pride has been paying close attention. What sets the Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 apart that its grip is thicker around the lower half, thereby eliminating the need to wrap extra grip tape.

The ‘Plus 4’ signified that this grip has added the equivalent of 4 times the wraps used by most grips under the lower hand, which boils down to a 4.6% larger diameter as compared to the Original Mcc.

Technology and Specifications

The MCC Plus 4 is a tour-proven hybrid grip and its softer rubber grip encourages increased power, reduced tension, and a lighter pressure on grip. The grips’ lower hand is made using a soft and responsive form of rubber compound that provides an enhanced feel.

On the flip side, the material along the upper hand is made with brushed cotton cord, which is a soft compound, and a strategically tailored logo texture to induce downswing stability. The softer material, bigger lower hand, and its all-weather features promise the best performance. No wonder it is the best hybrid grip on PGA tours.

Light Grip Pressure + Large Lower Hand = Increase in Power

Since the outside diameter of the lower hand has been increased by 4.6%, the Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4 ensures that you experience light grip pressure. This, in turn, results in less tension in your hands and increased fluidity in swings to create more power in each swing.

Tour-Verified Shape

Since 80% of all Tour players in the world are trusting this brand, it is no surprise that they know exactly what the pros need. The Mcc Plus 4 looks a lot like the New Decade MultiCompound, but the white outline of the Golf Pride Logo sets it apart.

The standard size of this grip is available in three colors, including blue, red, and grey. However, the midsize grip was initially only available in grey. This is why most people have only seen the Plus 4 in this color.

About the Feel

While this tour-proven grip looks very similar to the MultiCompound, you’re bound to notice a difference in its feel. Of course, the thickness in the lower half is quite obvious and you will immediately notice the difference whether you’ve used the MultiCompound or you are a complete newbie. What’s more, the grip’s lower half is a lot softer as compared to the NDMC because the Plus 4 is designed with softer rubber.

The Plus 4’s upper half, however, feels a lot like the widely popular MultiCompound. Your first impression of this half of the grip is that it is firm enough to be used in all-weathers.

Improved Performance

According to Golf Pride, the 4.6% increment of rubber from Original Mcc has resulted in increased power, reduced tension, and light grip pressure. While there is a very limited date to support these claims, the fact that so many skilled amateurs and tour pros vouch for it is significant proof that it works.

What we noticed while testing these grips is that they offer consistency. Golfers love this word and it is one of the reasons why so many converted to the Plus 4. Most of them were prone to building up tape on the lower half of the MultiCompound. However, some had trouble doing this precisely. This is now a thing of the past.

Finally, if you’re obsessed with swing weight, this grip’s midsize version is significantly heavier than the standard (by 14 grams to be exact).

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re one of those golfers who prefers to have a bigger lower hand grip, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Golf Pride Mcc Plus 4. The biggest benefit it offers is its taper-free design, which translates into numerous other performance benefits minus the hassle of adding extra wraps to your grip.

Once you’ve bought the Pride Mcc Plus 4, the only problem you’ll have is getting rid of all those grip tape rolls you’ve stocked up on. Get on the course with one of these bad boys and experience the difference yourself. Within no time, you’ll be having all your irons re-gripped with Plus 4’s.

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