Best Golf Clubs for Tall Guys

Golfers today have a much wider range of golf club options to choose from than ever before. Yet, most golf clubs are standard in size and are meant to suit the needs of individuals with an average height. Thus, finding the right club for taller players can be challenging as well as time-consuming. As a result, instead of looking for clubs perfectly fitted for them, most occasional golfers would rather get standard club sets.

Surprisingly, many so-called experts disregard the need for golfers to get clubs compatible with their height, claiming that standard clubs have the potential to serve any height, which is not true. They often say that buying clubs specific to your height is a waste of money.

However, if you’re a serious golfer and are determined to perform well, you should definitely consider buying clubs that fit your traits, particularly your height. Golf clubs for tall guys are necessary for you if you are tall, 6 feet or over, to be precise.

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Guys

Why Golf Club Fit is So Important

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, the number of golfers that fit a standard club is just 5%, which clearly explains why there aren’t many Tiger Woods out there. Let’s take it from the basic level. The key golfing skill is the ability to hit the ball right from the center of the clubface, which should be square to the target. The required precision is unattainable unless you use a perfectly fitting club, which is why tall players need tall golf clubs.

In addition, there is no perfect definition of a standard club in the industry, so there are discrepancies with the standard clubs. This means you cannot achieve the desired precision with standard clubs.


35-40% of your scoring in golf is contributed by what’s referred to as putting. To ensure the best performance, the setup and right length of the putter matters a lot. If your club is not designed as per your optimal height specifications, you won’t be able to consistently hit the ball with the heart of the putter’s face. On the other hand, a club that’s adjusted to your height will allow for more consistency, better touch, and a smaller number of putts during the course of your golf sessions.

Length of the Shaft

One of the most common ways used by club-fitters to adjust clubs for taller golfers is increasing the length of the shaft. However, fitting a shaft length to a golfer’s height isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sometimes, the club-fitters need to take into account the golfer’s natural stance.

The shaft length greatly affects the golfer’s consistency in playing accurate shots. While it is important to extend the shaft to the fit a golfer’s tall height, the player may also require a professional trainer to have the correct stance.

Lie Angle

Equally important is the adjustment of the lie angle for all clubs in a set. In golfing terms, a lie angle refers to the angle measure that’s formed between the shaft and the leading edge of the clubface. Tall golfers typically possess a relatively more upright stance when addressing the ball. This distorts the lie angle.

To make sure that the sole of the club sits flat on the ground during the address, the lie angle has to be adjusted. If it’s ignored, it will be difficult for taller golfers to direct their shot toward their desired target.

Golf Club Recommendations for Tall Guys

Palm Springs Visa Graphite and Steel Club Set

This club set is exclusively designed for taller golfers. As compared to those in a standard club set, all clubs in this set are one inch longer. Besides this, it comprises of a huge sweet spot that will certainly guarantee more consistency in shot accuracy. Plus, you don’t necessarily need a tee to play shots. The clubs are characterized by a low profile sole that eliminates the need for a tee.


  • Good for taller guys
  • The outstanding sweet spot allows for straighter shots
  • Better forgiveness and consistency offered by a low center of gravity and higher MOI
  • Comes with an appealing stand bag
  • Hybrids replace long irons, allowing for easy hits


Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

While this product does not specifically target tall guys, it has become extremely popular among golfers who are 6 feet and over. And for a good reason, too. It is one of the best club sets available on the market. This club set offers the most value to taller golfers. However, the problem with this set is that it is meant for beginner or amateur golfers, and therefore, it may not suit your needs if you are a professional golfer.


  • Durable and well-manufactured clubs
  • Better shot precision and control
  • Comes with a stylish, elegant-looking bag, with an array of pockets for accessories
  • More forgiveness provided by the putter


  • Too large a distance gap between the hybrid and the wood
  • Not suitable for fast swingers
  • 3-wood tends to punish on mis-hits
  • No sand wedge included in the set

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Irons Set

This club set is made entirely of irons, yet, it is an expensive choice. But the quality of clubs is excellent. If you spread its price across the expected time span, you’ll realize the value of this investment. Among the distinctive aspects of this set is that the manufacturer has kept the design highly customizable, which is great for any golfer, regardless of their height.

The high level of flexibility you have in terms of club combinations, shaft material, etc. is an added bonus. The rogue irons set does not only help improve the performance of tall golfers, but it is actually meant for all golfers.


  • Compatible for taller golfers
  • Highly customizable
  • High-quality clubs
  • Great value for money


  • Expensive choice
  • Drivers are prone to get dented

Our Final Thoughts

Just like any other game, proper sporting equipment that is compatible with your needs is crucial for success. When it comes to playing golf, minor aspects of the design of the golf clubs have a direct impact on your performance. The clubface design, the head size, weight positioning, and other things should be adjusted to fit your needs, especially your height if you’re a tall golfer.

Your performance indicators, such as shot direction, accuracy, precision, and overall performance, are thus closely linked to the design of the club you use. These metrics are determined by lie angle, putters, and shaft length, with varying level of contributions. Your club-fitter will obtain your exact height to adjust these dimensions.

However, if you’re a beginner, there might be other issues that might be affecting your performance, such as your incorrect stance. Hence, before fitting your clubs to match your height, keep playing under the supervision of a trainer who will let you know what you’re doing wrong.

Once you decide that you need to get the clubs fitted, the best option for a beginner would be the Palm Springs Visa Graphite and Steel Club Set since it has been specifically designed for taller golfers. Yet, if you wish to go for the other two options in the above list, it would still be a wise purchase. The Callaway Rogue irons would be our recommendation if you’re an intermediately skilled golfer or plan on improving. They’ll suit your game well for a long time to come.

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