Exploding Golf Balls

Are you looking to prank a friend who loves golf? Do you want them to get a taste of their own medicine? Well, you are going to need exploding golf balls to have a fun time doing so.

There is nothing wrong with planning pranks on friends, particularly if your friends don’t find it malicious. A prank is considered safe when it doesn’t harm anyone emotionally and physically, doesn’t damage property, and is not illegal.

Most pranks need you to do some planning so that you can set up an effective trap and make the victim act exactly as you want. You will want to ensure that they don’t suspect you ahead of time and spoil the surprise.

Exploding Golf Balls

In this post, you will find prank golf balls that can help meet your mischievous objectives.

Types of Trick Golf Balls

Golf trick balls came in four different forms. We will go through each of them and recommend some of the best ones. This way, you will have an easy time deciding which one is the best one.

1. Exploding Golf Ball

This is the most widely used golf trick and does exactly what its name suggests. Here’s what happens: one of your naïve friends goes to the tee – where you positioned the exploding golf ball. They take time and go for a powerful swing, but as soon as they make contact, it disappears into thin air.

That’s also why it makes for an excellent gift and can incorporate humor into a golf game. Some of the best exploding golf balls include the following:

Trick Golfball Company Cloud-Flite Exploder Exploding Golf Ball Gag 1.68″ Prank, White

With this wooden box, all you have to is to flip the switch on. After that, a little finger will pop out and turn itself off. This is a box that offers limitless fun.

Lot 8 Trick Golf Balls Jokes Exploding, Mist, Wobble, Streamer with Free Pocket Calculator

With this, you get four exploding golf balls. As soon as your friend strikes it, it will disappear into a cloud. These are unputtable balls – as soon as you putt it, it will jump.

It also comes with a Phantom golf ball, which disappears into watery mist as soon as it is hit. There’s the Jet Streamer Golf Ball too, which ejects a long spiraling and streaming ribbon on impact. Therefore, expect to have plenty of fun this summer.

Loftus International Exploding Golf Ball

This is another golf ball that will make for a terrific gag. The exploding golf ball can be used in a variety of jokes. Just try it once and trick your partner into hitting it.

2. The Phantom Golf Ball

This one resembles the exploding ball. As soon as a player gears for a swing and touches the ball, the ball disappears into a water mist upon contact.

Your golf friends will have a good laugh with this as the one who gets pranked, fails to get to the fairway. In addition, you are also watering the grass with this one, so it ends up contributing to a good cause.

3. Transformer Ball

This is one of the rarer options. But once you decide to utilize it, it converts into a streamer upon impact. This introduces an entertaining twist because your friends will slice the shot but still struggle to achieve any distance with the ball. If you want to joke about hand-eye coordination, ball speed, or distance, this will provide you with the ideal opportunity.

4. Unputtable Golf Ball

This prank ball is tricky to use because golfers tend to line up their own balls on the green. Use your creativity to remove the signs of a joke in motion and see to it that you can trick your friend into messing up.

This ball is weighted. That means that when your friend attempts to put on the green, the ball will jump and roll unpredictably. Incorporate humor into the situation by convincing your partner to make a putting bet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trick Golf Balls

Q: Can I take an exploding golf ball with me on a suitcase during a flight?

A: Although it looks similar to a basic golf ball, it contains chalk-like powder, which means pressure won’t affect it. As such, it is perfectly safe to take a golf ball with you on an airplane.

Q: What is a good way to use exploding golf ball?

A: If you are looking to get more fun out of it, here’s what you can do: if you plan to hit the ball, utilize it as your mulligan on a bad tee shot. Ask your friend to make a slow-mo video. Once the ball vanishes into the air into the cloud, it will make for a great post on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Our Final Thoughts

Pranks contribute to creating some hilarious stories and make up for memorable times, but make sure you don’t cross the line. Also, take your time before running a prank. Everything has to be spot on or your friend might suspect that something is amiss.

With the right exploding golf ball, you have a great time pranking your friend. Hopefully, this guide will help you pick a high-quality trick ball that helps you to have a good laugh with your friends.

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