Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set Review

The Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set is meant to instill confidence in impressionable little kids so that they can be motivated to improve their game starting from a young age. A golf club set that can do that will imbue in your kids a lifelong long of the splendid sport.

If you want to inspire your child with self-assurance and teach them how to play the sport well, then you should giftthem something like the Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set that can really improve their game.

Here is what you need to know about the Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set.

Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set

The set is designed for aspiring youngsters aged 4 to 8 years old.

This junior golf club set has a lot going for it. Clubs are suitably lightweight so that junior players especially those with low swing speeds won’t have too many problems. They will also find these clubs comfortable and easy to use. What’s more, these clubs are made from resilient materials so that they can withstand heavy daily use without any issue.

Club shafts are comprised of graphiteso that they can weigh less and be easier to handle. They also have soft grips for added comfort and confidence.

The stand bag is well-designed in all respects. There is adouble shoulder strap that will make the bag more comfortable and easier to haul for your young high flier. The 4-way divider easily stows golf clubs when they are not in use. There are 4 extra pockets for stashing goodies and other vital supplies. The umbrella holder and rain hood will protect your youngster and the golf clubs from the elements.

There are 4 clubs in all. Here they are along with their corresponding lengths.

  • Driver – 36 inches
  • 7 Iron – 30 inches
  • 9 Iron – 29 inches
  • Putter – 27.5 inches

The driver has an extra-large head for added forgiveness. Hence, shots will go straighter even with off-center strikes. It is important that you provide Junior with a club that will assist them when the shot is less than perfect. So even with misaligned hits, the ball won’t go completely awry. This is paramount for imparting confidence and mitigating frustration so that junior players feel intrigued to play more.

The 7 and 9 irons are designed to ace the fairway. They have an oversized head for an extra big sweet spot that will assist them in their gameplay. It is imperative that irons have a big sweet spot and plenty of forgiveness since they are traditionally the toughest clubs to play with. This matters especially for youth players so that they don’t get exasperated too soon.

The titanium matrix perimeter weighting allows for extra high MOI that will maximize forgiveness and ensure that the ball won’t go completely off-course even if the shot is not perfect.

The mallet putter too is designed for higher forgiveness so that the club does not twist too much with a slightly off-center strike. The plumber neck hosel allows for proper alignment and better visibility.

In short, clubshave a wide scope of great design features embedded into them so that your kids can play their best game.

In case you want a greaterchoice, you can also look into these alternatives.

PreciseGolf X7 Junior Golf Set

This club set is great for testing the waters. Before you splash the cash on that premium set, you will want to ensure that your young one loves thegame of golf. Hence, this is the affordable set that you should go for when testing how popular golf will prove for your offspring. Also, this is a nice golf set to have if you are on a budget and don’t want something too expensive.

The good thing about this set is that it is highly inclusive. Hence, it is available in different sizes to accommodate various age groups. You can get the right or left-handed configuration as per the needs of your kids. These clubs and bags also sport a fascinating assortment of vibrant hues that should be appealing to youngsters.

This may not be the sturdiest golf set around. But it sure is good for testing to confirm that all is well before you commit yourself to a premier set.

Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set

If you want a quality set that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then the Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set is the selection to look forward to. This one is certainly one of the better junior golf sets out there. They are available in different sizes as well as colors.

The manufacturer has surelypaid attention to detail with these clubs and ensured that they will all prove adequate for youngsters of different ages.

Hence the smallest set for the most adorable players includes a putter, wedge, iron, and fairway wood. It is nice to note that a wedge is included since it is often missing in golf sets made for the youngest players.

The medium-sized set for older kids has an iron and an extra driver. The biggest-sized set has an added hybrid. These clubs rock robust construction, fine design,and high quality.

This set is good to have since clubs are durable. Hence, it is less likely that the club shaft will break at the head before your junior player outgrows them. This is what you can expect from the Callaway brand since it has made a name for itself with premier quality.

Our Final Thoughts

The Confidence Golf Junior Complete Golf Club Set comes with all that you will need to ensure young players aged 4 to 8 become proficient in their age group.

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