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In general, golf clubs don’t differ a lot. The swing, grip and balance are almost the same with all golfing equipment. However, golfers have recently developed a liking toward straight shaft putters. These grip-friendly and centered putters are designed to change your golfing experience and give you the feel of winning every game. The best straight-shaft putters are hard to distinguish as every golf swing is designed with a different player in mind.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Some golfing pros believe they have a lucky golf club that helps them win when it’s all about the right design according to your body and stance. To make things easier, we have crafted a list of the best straight shaft putters that can help you win any game.

What Makes a Good Straight Shaft Putter?

The robust design, an element of balance and a sturdy grip is everything a golfer needs. However, finding the right club takes trial and error. No one wants to pay for a golf club just to find out it doesn’t match their rhythm. Therefore, our list of some of the best straight golf putters will help you understand the dynamics of golf clubs and how they can improve your game.

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Innovation rhymes with Odyssey and their new line of straight shaft putters. The Odyssey stroke lab versa putter is one of its kind with the best grip and a sturdy design. The first difference any golfer will notice about the new odyssey stroke lab putter is its weight distribution and reduced overall torque.

An orange straight shaft putter

Another worth mentioning feature of this magnificent putter is Micro Hinge Face. This new face can be commonly found in Odyssey White Hot putters, which increases the topspin. Moreover, its high contrast paint job is not for showing off. Instead, it helps in addressing and aligning the ball.

Key Features

  • Smooth roll for those curvy corners
  • An excellent feel with a strong grip
  • Tremendous balance that helps hit the ball where you aimed for

2. Odyssey Black and Chrome O-Works Putters

Another magnificent straight putter by Odyssey is the 2018 black and chrome O-works putter. This straight putter is a close relative of the Odyssey Stoke lab versa and resembles to it a lot in many ways. For starters, its grip and balance are the same as its latest version. The design on the front is also similar but with added balance and feel to it. Its weight distribution is adequate, and the ball will go where you intend it to.

Out of all the putter Odyssey makes, its O-works line represents some of the company’s marvelous engineering and attention to detail. The Odyssey Black and Chrome O-works putter comes with two different size grips for complete control.

Key Features

  • Consistent distance with robust results
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Soft feel with a sturdy grip

3. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT Putter

The cleave land Golf 2019 Huntington Beach putter is known for its sleek and aerodynamic design. Its effective design promotes a smoother swing and a consistent roll even on mishits. Made to replicate the famous Fang Counter, its balanced design helps in building momentum of the ball for a sure-shot pot.

One of its noteworthy features is the optimized speed control on the clubface that creates a better roll on mishits and un-centered shots. To boost topspin and add more swing to your shots, Cleveland comes with a diamond shape design. While the diamond structure is well spread across the clubface, it’s denser in the center to facilitate your perfect hits.

Key Features

  • Optimized face to better roll even on mishits
  • Diamond milled texture that facilitates your perfect shots
  • Optimized CG position

4. Bell Putters Non/No Offset Golf Putter 360g

If you are in search of a simple yet sturdy bell putter, then you should check out the Bell putter 360g. Its lightweight makes it absolutely perfect for swings, and its robust shape compliments your shots. With a game as complicated and frustrating as golf, it pays off going back to the basics. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aerodynamics and the feel of the best straight shaft putters.

Mad from a single CNC milled stainless steel, no other straight shaft putter comes close to the Bell putter. Its premium feel and stainless steel make it irresistible for golf enthusiasts, and its promising weight balance make it a number one choice for pro golfers.

Key Features

  • Made from CNC milled steel for a sturdy grip and premium feel
  • Well balance straight shaft putter with excellent aerodynamics
  • A micro-milled face that helps in making the right shot
  • A lightweight 360-gram head that facilitates your swings.

5. Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter

Last but not the least, Ray cook Golf Silver Ray SR4000 Putter is an amazing addition to our list of best straight shaft putters. The brand is well known for making simple and elegant putters with a strong grip and a textured clubface. Its swings are well-balanced thanks to its weight distribution that spreads the mass of the club evenly. Even if you apply unnecessary pressure, this straight-shaft putter can divide the tension equally on all its parts for a perfect shot.

The Ray Cook Golf SR4000 putter belongs to the family of fangs putters known for their unique design. To improve your shots, Ray cook has added grooved designs on the clubface for an added topspin and even on mishits.

Key Features

  • Counterbalanced fangs design that distributes tension and weight equally
  • Textured face for an added topspin and more control of your shots
  • High contrast colors make the ball visible even in high sunlight.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen a few of the best straight shaft putters, you can make your purchase much easier. Get your straight shafted putter and start sinking those birdie putts next round.

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