Best Center Shafted Putters

When it comes to putting, each golfer has a different grip, stance, and swinging motion when attempting to sink the ball into the hole. That’s primarily because everyone has a different approach to keep their swing stable so that the golf ball doesn’t go off-course on impact.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Golf club manufacturers have witnessed several rising demands for different kinds of putters in the past. However, among all of them, the one that stands out more than others is the center shaft putter.

A center shaft putter is explicitly designed to offer golfers the best ball stability at impact. So, if you ever find yourself struggling with your putter when making those final shots, you may want to try your hand with these golf clubs to level up your game. The center shaft putters are among the best options to stop the unwanted wavering or drifting of golf balls. Furthermore, several golfers also believe that the center shafted putters are the next best thing when struggling with alignment.

If you’re looking for the best center shaft putters that would help you come out on top, you can use this article as your ultimate guide to choosing the perfect golf club.

Best Center Shaft Putters

Choosing the Correct Putter Length to Up Your Game

Before we move on to the list of top center shaft putters you can find online based on the best customer reviews and high ratings, let’s discuss why it is important to choose the correct putter length before making your final choice.

One of the biggest issues that most golfers deal with arises when they don’t get the correct length shaft for their putters. While most golf clubs’ standard size lies between thirty-two to thirty-five inches, that doesn’t necessarily mean these are the only sizes you can purchase a putter in. Many manufacturers make that option customizable, so you can get a putter that matches your height, stance, and arm length.

The best way to figure out the correct putter length is to grab a club and see at what length you can get your eyes over the golf ball adequately. The numbers will vary, depending on your height, stance, and putting stroke.

The 5 Best Center Shafter Putters

Now that you understand how important it is to choose putters while considering their length attribute, let’s review the best center shaft putters that Amazon offers under excellent price ranges.

1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is a relatively new and unique design incorporated with high-end technology. Odyssey is also one of the few manufacturers that focuses on the center shaft putters’ grip and not just on the clubhead. The shaft is made of both graphite and steel, which saves about forty-gram weight right off the club, ready to be located on other matters more effectively.

The overall weight distribution is the product’s key feature as it leads to better and more stable putter balance with stiffer grip. Plus, the micro hinges in the putter smoothen the stroke’s motion, making it an excellent choice for far-distanced swings.

2. TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter

If there’s one thing we can guarantee about the TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter, it is the product’s exceptional stability. Some people don’t like their putters with the insert. However, if you’re one of those who don’t mind the insert, the Truss’ Cobalt Blue can offer you an excellent feel, roll, and sound. Moreover, it can be challenging to find a putter with adjustable sole weights like this product, making it an even more reliable choice for golfers.

3. Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter is one of the best center shaft putters to use on the golf course. The feature that differentiates it from other putters is its diamond CNC milling pattern that encourages a more consistent roll and putting swing. The manufacturer has also improved the technology by optimizing the club’s topspin, giving it an enhanced speed and controllable center of gravity.

Moreover, this product’s pricing is something to be appreciated, as it provides the best features at the least price. Based on the customer’s reviews, it is a durable accessory that all golfers should have in their cart to up their game.

4. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Putter

For those golfers looking for a super affordable center shafted putter, they should give the Ray Cook SR400 a try. It is an excellent putter for beginners and high handicappers who don’t want something over-the-top but still want to get a real feel for this golf club.

The SR400 putters are a little too light to the feel. However, its alignment is top-notch and will help you be incredibly accurate with your swings.

5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Another great Odyssey product is this Triple Track Putter, which is one of a kind when it comes to center shaft putters. These putters are developed with innovative triple-track alignment technology, a multi-material stroke lab shaft, and a micro hinge star insert. All of these combine to create the perfect putters, providing improved tempo, CG positioning, and smooth putting strokes. Moreover, this Odyssey putter provides a firmer grip and feel, making your golfing experience even more satisfactory.

6. Wosofe Golf Club Men’s Steel Mallet Putter

If you’re looking for something unique under a fairly reasonable price, the Wosofe Golf Club Steel Mallet Putter should be your go-to choice. The honeycomb concave lines and eighty-five small platforms on its clubhead form a spider-web-like hitting surface for producing more friction.

Moreover, this functionality speeds up the ball rolling and reduces green grassland’s impact on the ball. To top it off, the shaft grip’s quality is better than what most putters offer in the same price range.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Center Shafted Putter

Before beginning, let’s know the exact attributes you should consider when buying a center shafted putter that matches your preferences:

1- Mallet vs. Blade

Mallet and blade refer to the putter’s clubhead shapes. While many golfers still use blades because of their traditional clubhead’s shape, mallet putters have also been making the rounds recently. The center shafted putters come in both styles, so you’ll have a choice to make based on what you prefer.

2- Insert vs. Milled

This feature is less about design and more about the putter’s hands-on feel. Several club manufacturers integrate a soft insert into the putter’s face for providing extra traction. On the other hand, others use steel that goes through the milling process where a texture is milled into the putter’s face.

3- Length

The putter’s length is a personal preference as it is related to your height, arm length, posture, and stance. It is always best to try out a few putters in the local shops to decide which one suits you best as even an inch difference can cause a huge difference.

4- Offset

While most center shafted putters have a very little offset, that is not always true because of the putter’s quality. You should always invest in a good-quality product attested by more than a few customers, so you don’t buy the wrong thing.

Our Final Thoughts

Many people assume that choosing the best center shaft putters is more accessible and convenient than picking out other types of putters, as there aren’t many of them available online. However, despite the limited choices, you should not neglect the fact that there are only selected ones out there that are explicitly manufactured for golfers’ ease.

The list in this article identifies the top five choices among those products, giving you a convenient way to select a center shaft putter that matches your preferences with quality.

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