The 4 Best Ping Putters

Putting is an essential aspect of playing golf. 40% of golfers’ strokes are made because of putting. However, most golfers still don’t realize its importance and spend most of their focus and time hitting the perfect swing. The swing’s intensity matters too, but a good putt can change the overall dynamic of the golf game.

Many golfers don’t pay too much attention to putting, and since they ignore the worthiness of a good putt, they don’t practice their putting skills, ignoring learning how to read-greens. The lack of practice and knowing how to read greens negatively impact their game.

Also, to be good at putting, you’ll undoubtedly have to invest in a good putter. The brand, manufacturer, and features play an integral role in the putter’s credibility. Speaking of credibility, several brands may manufacture putters, but one brand that has been consistent in the market by launching the best golf products is Ping.

Best Ping Putters

Let’s explore what a golfer should look into before buying a putter and the best putters Ping has released so far.

What Should You Look for in a Ping Putter?

Before investing in the right putter, you must zoom in on several aspects. You’llhave to explore how putters work thoroughly before purchasing one to practice your putting skills. For example, you need to know the importance of aiming when about to putt. If you have poor aim, your putt won’tgo very far, which could blow your golf game.

If you’re serious about golf and want to improve your performance, you’ll need to factor in the ball line. Speed, control, and distance are a few of the many elements that determine your golf game. Being a pro at golf involves being an all-rounder in all the aspects golf has, and putting is undoubtedly one of them. Finally, when putting, please pay attention to reading greens correctly. If you lack adequate read-green skills, your putting won’t go very far.

Here are a few other elementsyou should consider before investing in the right Ping putter.


Alignment plays a significant role when putting. Many golfers struggle with their alignment when they’reabout to putt. Youneed to buy a putter that helps you feel confident when you look down at the address before putting.

If the putter isn’taligned well with your target, you probably won’tbe able to putt well. Many golfers don’trealize the importance of alignment as it’sconsidered a relatively minor element. However, the proper alignment has its benefits and positively impacts a golfer’sputt.

Putter Head: Blade or Mallet?

Golf games aren’talways the same, mainly because of the greens the golfers playthem on. The green you’replaying on plays a significant role in deciding what type of putter works best for you. The putter’shead also contributes to determining how well you putt. For example, if you go with a blade-head putter, putting willbe easier on a faster green as blade heads are way lighter.

However, a mallet-head putter will have a different impact altogether. Since they have larger heads than blades, they’llbe easier to handle on a slow green. Mallet heads also allow you to control the precision of the putt. Hence, do explore your game’sanalytics before going putter shopping.

Putter Face

Anothersignificant aspect of deciding which putter to go with is its face. This majorly depends on the type of golf ball you’replaying with. Not just that, but the greens also determine the kind of putter face you should get. The point is that the putt should make a significant sound when it hits the ball. The sound is directly related to the putt as it tells you how far you’ve hit the ball. The farther the ball goes, the greater your putt will be. Most golfers go for a metal face as it always makes a more prominent sound upon impact. However, you have other options too. So, know your game’s dynamics before you settle upon a putter.

Shafts and Hosels

Every golfer has a unique way of putting. The type of shafts and hosels present on your putter depends on your putting style. Those golfers who rotate the blade open and shut it through a stroke will be better off with a heel-shafted putter. However, golfers who hit flat strokes will fare better with a center-shaft putter.

As a golfer, you need to explore your style and techniques in detail to know which kind of putter would be best for you. If you’reunaware of your golfingabilities, you’llprobably just make the wrong purchase, which can worsen your skills. Hence, be mindful of your putting style so that you’llknow which putter should you go with.

Importance of Loft

Your putter’s loft should be a few degrees as it contributes effectively to how great you shot it. The precision and control of your putt are also determined by the loft of your putter, which is why you should consider its loft when you’re out shopping for putters. It wouldn’t be too good for your putt if the loft is at zero degrees, as it will make the ball jump on impact.

The average loft on your putter should range from two to four degrees if you want to make your putt as impactful as ever. Hence, loft should greatly emphasizewhether you’rea new golfer or a professional. If your putter has too little loft, you’dbe looking at a lost game likethe lack of loft will press your ball down into the turf.

Face Balanced or Toe Balanced?

The putter’s balance is clearly of great importance as it dictates a golfer’s body language while putting. A face-balanced putter is when the putter lies parallel with the golfer’s body and has the golfer’s face up. This type of putter works excellent for golfers who do not have back problems or injuries of any sort and can afford to stand with their backs straight while putting.

The other style, however, is quite contrasting. The toe-balanced putter will have the golfer’s toe drop-down when they place it in their hands. Golfers who are used to throwing well-rounded strokes work best with toe-balanced putters. Both styles are fine as they depend on the kind of golfer you are.

Putter Length: Long, Belly, or Traditional?

The putter’s length is also crucial when deciding on the kind of putter you want. Not every putter is the same as all of them come in different features, and some are even tailor-made to fit the golfer’s needs. The length of the putter allows the golfer to be in control of the putt. The best part about putters is that there are so many types that you have a wide range of options.

A putter’s length comes in three choices: long, belly, and traditional. A long putter is precisely how it sounds: they’re long and minimize “wristiness.” This helps a golfer reach their arms too far on the putter, minimizing their wrist action. Long putters also work excellently for golfers who frequently experience back pains. Belly putters, on the other hand, are precisely the same, with the only difference being the length size.

Best Ping Putters

Ping is known for manufacturing the best golf equipment for amateur and professional golfers. But before you dwell into the golf equipment market, you need to know what type of a golfer you are—barging into the market without prior knowledge about how golf works won’t benefit you.

So, study yourself, and find out your strengths as a golfer and the areas where you can improve. When you know what you need to do to conquer the golf course, you can buy the right putter for yourself. The right putter can help you improve your putting skills and enhance your overall golf-playing. So, let’s explore some of Ping’s best putters.

Ping Anser 4 Putter

Ping’s Anser series is witnessing improvements with each model it manufactures. The Anser 4 is one of the best putters a golfer can have as it helps them dominate the golf course through its high blade shape and arced putting stoke qualities. Anser 4 works especially great for professional golfers who know what they’re doing and the importance of putting. It is smaller in size than its predecessors, but the white line at the back of the putter’s head covers up for it as it enhances the sightline.

One of the many great qualities of the Anser 4 is that it helps the golfer maintain its speed at putters of all lengths. So, you don’t have to worry if you’re only used to a specific putter. No matter the size and length of the putter, the Anser 4 will manage speed as you want. Ping had previously manufactured putters with the adjustable element present within its putters, which isn’t the case with the Anser 4. But luckily, this putter has its set of qualities that outweigh its predecessors ultimately.

Ping Fetch Putter

If you’re looking to add some forgiveness into your putting, the Fetch Putter is undoubtedly for you. The Fetch Putter is a relatively stable putter that helps golfers hit off-center strokes – something that isn’t the easiest but is now possible because of this strong putter. A convenient trait of this putter is the hole present at the bottom. This way, golfers won’t have to “fetch” the ball by bending down. They can get it back by just fetching it off the ground. This reason is also why the putter’s called “Fetch Putter.”

However, the standout feature of this putter is the sightline that helps golfers aim and strike the ball. If you’re one of those golfers who are more comfortable with mallet-head putters, you shouldn’t wait too long to purchase the Fetch Putter. The mallet head makes this putter as stable as it gets, not to mention the aesthetic design, which adds more to the putter’s usefulness.

Ping Heppler Ketsch Putter

The Heppler Ketsch Putter is the most brilliant for alignment and stroking. If you want to step up your golf game, we’ll certainly suggest you invest in this useful putter as it helps you hit countless strokes, improving your skill set in the process. The Heppler Ketsch has three alignments present within its framework, which assists highly with framing the ball. The Heppler Ketsch is a must-buy because it is highly forgiving due to its half-steel and half-aluminum make.

This putter is also aesthetically well-put, again because of the combination of steel and aluminum together. So, if you prefer mallet-heads and are a big fan of hitting strokes left, right, and center, definitely give this putter a chance. Ping adds specific features to each of its putters, makingthem suitable for all kinds of golfers – no matter how much experience they have.

Ping Tyne 4 Putter

Finally, the last putter on the list is Ping’sTyne 4 Putter. This Tyne 4makes for agreat putter, given how the tungsten and steel weights blend. If you’relooking for a relatively more robust putter with the right shape and structure, the Tyne 4 is for you. It doesn’thave too big of a blade, making it excellent for golfers who prefer arced putting strokes.

The tungsten weights at the top and the steel weights at the toe make it a well-structured, well-rounded putter. The weights add to the credibility of the Tyne 4, which is why this putter is great to have by your side when out on the golf course. This mallet-head putter is what you’re looking for to take your golf game up by a notch.

Our Final Thoughts

Shopping for putters is relatively easy when you know what you’re looking for. Since there’s plenty of variety in the market, it’s best if you become aware of your skills first. When you know what you want, you can get the perfect putter for you and ensure you dominate your golf game like nobody else.

Do check out all of Ping’s putters; we’re confident you’ll find the right one for yourself.

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