Best Scotty Cameron Center Shafted Putters

In general, center shafted putters can be of great advantage to golfers. These clubs are straightforward to align, reduce deflection at impact, and keep the putting strokes well-balanced, preventing the ball from unexplained wavering. With these many benefits to consider, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these putters are considered one of the finest accessories for golfers when it comes to lowering their golf scores.

Among the several brands coming up with exceptional integrated technologies and designs, one golf club manufacturer that stands out is Scotty Cameron. The center shafted putters this brand produces are commonly used by the professionals on the field, including Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Spieth. Moreover, its designs, craftsmanship, and the proven performance is a testament to the brand’s credibility for making the world’s most outstanding milled putters.

The 5 Best Center Shafter Putters from Scotty Cameron

If you’re in search of the best Scotty Cameron center shafted putters to level up your game, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will highlight the most exquisite Scotty Cameron putters that are a perfect blend of art and engineering.

Best Scotty Cameron Center Shafted Putters

1. Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7 Golf Putter

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura X7 is a wingback mallet with a singular bend shaft, designed for better feel and forgiveness with its heel-toe weights. It’s high-tech and multi-material production with a lightweight face-sole core design is one of the key features that enhances its appeal for the golfers. Moreover, the core is integrated with a precision-milled 303 stainless steel frame that delivers an advanced perimeter weighting for achieving a higher MOI performance. And the deep CG positioning stabilizes the putter through the stroke and at impact, making it a reliable choice for professional golfers.

2. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter

This Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter is the culmination of perfect balance and feel when it comes to the best center shafted putters under a reasonable price range. It is a longtime tour-favorite golf accessory, mainly favored because of its precision-performance, sporty look, balanced putting strokes, and excellent grip. This club’s balance and stability are elevated due to the weights residing in its heel and toe, perfectly matching the shaft length. The mentioned features make this golf putter a great choice, especially for beginners.

3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 Putter

Preferred by the golfers looking for crisp, alignment-promoting clubs, this Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 Putter is one of the best choices you can say ‘yes’ to without having any second thoughts. The solid milled construction from 303 stainless steel also makes a favorable point for its timeless performance, soft feel, and pure sound. Moreover, the interchangeable, customizable sole weights on this putter’s heel and toe offer a convenient way to fine-tune your performance on the golf course by matching your exact putter length. To top it off, this Scotty Cameron club is explicitly re-engineered to enhance the player’s performance on the field.

4. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putter Newport

Continuing with their multi-material technology, this Titleist Select Newport Putter is considered one of the best Scotty Cameron center shafted putters to date. The modern aesthetics combined with a vibration-damping system and next-generation superior balanced structure makes it the ultimate choice for golfers who want an all-in-one package for the best plays. Furthermore, the heel-to-toe weighing technology is perfectly matched to shaft length, offering you precise putting strokes with ease.

5. Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 5CB Putter

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Futura 5CB Putter is a classic mid-mallet that’s best for golfers who are just starting on the golf course. The sound of impact is surprisingly lower-pitched and richer than the other old Futura versions. Plus, if you want something that’s not overly expensive but still offers excellent stability, then this should be the right putter for you.

Now that you know all about the best Scotty Cameron center shafted putters, you can make the final choice based on your personal preferences. However, before doing that, you should understand how important it is to get the right length for your putter if you hope to enhance your golf game performance.

How Can the Center Shafted Putter Length Affect Your Game

It is essential to acknowledge that no matter how durable and technology-driven a putter you invest in, it wouldn’t matter if you neglect the golf club’s length. While most golfers assume that the right putter size always lies between thirty-two to thirty-five inches, as it is the most standard size in many cases, it is not always true. Instead of grabbing just any size putter you think is suitable for you, you should choose a golf club whose length matches your height, stance, and arm length adequately.

To figure out the correct putter length, you should visit your nearby golf store to check out some clubs hands-on. This way, you can see at what length you can comfortably get your eyes over the golf ball. The putter’s size will specifically depend on your height, stance, and putting stroke approach.

Our Final Thoughts

If we have to pick one, our top recommendation for the best Scotty Cameron center shafted putters would be the Titleist Select Putter Newport (#4 on our list). Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most trusted and favored golf clubs by the game’s top players. However, each of the putters we’ve compiled in this list is in a class of its own and can be a perfect choice for golfers who want both performance and beauty in their golfing accessories. Remember that the best putter is always the one that feels right in your hand as if it is an extension of your arm!

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