Best Nitro Golf Balls

We all know just how expensive the game of golf can be. Those who have played or continue to play will wholeheartedly agree that golf is not an affordable passion to possess. In fact, buying all the equipment you need to play the game and continuously upgrading on them can eventually drain your pockets.

Between the cost of golf clubs, practice sessions, greens fees and other equipment needed for the game, many golfers come to realize just how difficult it can be for them to find the best equipment at the most affordable prices.

One cost that golf players find just as bothersome here is that of a golf ball. All golfers want to invest in a ball that is reliable and actually accentuates their game with additional spin and performance, but most of them do not have the budget to continuously invest in such golf balls for consistent periods. The price of some of the premium golf balls in the market may outweigh the benefits that most amateur golfers desire from it.

Fortunately enough, there is a company that works on producing golf balls that aren’t just affordable, but also effective on the course; Nitro. In this article we take a look at some of the best Nitro golf balls and list down the pros and cons of the 5 we have shortlisted. Go through these reviews to streamline your search process.

Best Nitro Golf Balls

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Nitro Golf Balls

There are a number of Nitro golf balls available in the market today. Knowing the variety and options available to you, one should consider a number of key factors during the purchase. We list these factors down in this section:

Distance and Power

The distance you get from a golf ball isn’t just based on the brute force that you put into it. Golf balls typically come with cores on the interior and exterior side. Golf balls with 3 interior cores and 2 exterior cores will cover a lot more distance than others without them. The core is the engine that powers the ball forward.


Dimples are located on top of all balls and help reduce the impact that wind can have on the distance of the ball. Nitro balls usually come with better dimples and can help reduce the impact of the wind on the total output. Golfers playing with a golf ball with good dimple technology can make decent swings even with high wind pressure.

Control and Spin

Golf balls display a certain behavior when they land on the grass. Excessive side spin can be detrimental for the player as it hurts their chances of landing the ball where they want it to land. Control and spin are both factors determined by the exterior cover of the ball.

1. Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Balls

The Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Ball comes with the optimal design and exterior to take your golf game to the next level. The crossfire golf ball helps give you amazing distance with exceptional control on shots that you would otherwise find hard to control.

The titanium core is part of the two-layer structure and can significantly improve the distance that you get from your ball. The ball comes in a variety of different colors including white, yellow, orange and pink.

2. Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls

The Nitro Tour Distance Golf Ball is just as good as the name suggests – it helps you achieve longer distances and takes your game to the next level. The Tour Distance is made out of a titanium core, which does well to add speed and aggression to your golf swings.

The ball also boasts better dimple design, which decreases drag and enhances the flight. The cover is made out of Dupont Lithium Surlyn, which is significantly durable. The ball is available in a variety of different colors including white, yellow, orange and pink.

3. Nitro Eclipse Golf Ball

The Nitro Eclipse Golf Ball definitely stands out in the selection of golf balls offered by Nitro. The ball comes made of Tu Tone technology, which helps improve aesthetics by bisecting the ball into multiple colors.

The exterior Surlyn cover is durable and comes with a blended polybutadiene core for better performance and a softer feel. This ball can be used in a two tone design.

4. Nitro LD+20 Non-Conforming Golf Balls

The Nitro LD+20 Non-Conforming Golf Ball is the perfect ball for expert players looking to add more distance and power into their shots. This ball is the end result of a perfect engineering process that comes with advanced USGA guidelines.

The ball cannot be used for official tournaments and tours. The 100 compression cores present on the exterior cover allow for a soft feel and greater distance. Additionally, the Dupont Lithium Cover is highly durable and will last you a significant period of time. All in all, this is a good golf ball for beginners to start practicing with.

5. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

This Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball does an incredibly good job at what its name might suggest to you: offering excellent distance to your golf swings. The golf ball comes with a highly reactive and powerful titanium core that adds a lot more speed and power to your shots, eventually resulting in more distance.

The golf ball is made out of a Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover and offers a no-cut performance. The greenside control of this ball is exceptional and will add precision to your game.

Our Final Thoughts

The Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Ball is our top pick for the best Nitro golf balls. The ball comes with good dimple technology and a hardened titanium core for more precision and better swing. You can make your final decision on the best Nitro golf balls by reading reviews online.

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