The 3 Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane

Golfers often complain about how most training aids oversell their features and don’t have a significant impact on their swinging ability. Nevertheless, some golf training aids are specifically designed to make subtle improvements in your game, thereby resulting in better performance on the course.

Golf is a difficult sport to master without extensive practice and training. A good golf training aid can assist you in several ways. From aligning proper body mechanics to helping golfers get on the right swing plane, and teaching them to swing with the right tempo, this tool can help you in different ways.

In fact, many golfers, including the pros, use golf-training aids to work on specific aspects of their game. By using this equipment properly, you can develop an effective and repeatable swing, which ultimately helps you have greater control over your hits.

With that said, you need a specific type of golf training aid to improve your golf swing, called a swing plane trainer. The swing plane can affect everything, from the direction and the ball’s path to the ball’s trajectory along with the distance it travels.

Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane

To put it simply, a golfer’s swing plane is the vertical angle between the circular angle of their swing and the ground. Since everyone has varying height and body posture, it’s hard to improve the swing plane without proper guidance and necessary equipment.

Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane

With that said, if you manage to find a swing plane trainer and understand what you need to practice, then you can perfect your golf swing. In this article, we will list down the best golf training aids for the swing plane.


PlaneSwing is one of the best golf training aids for swing planes available on the market. The equipment is designed to maximize your golf swing. The goal of this device is to help you develop muscle memory for the perfect swing.

The PlaneSwing golf training aid is easy to use. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to spend too much time learning how to work with it, and you can immediately start practicing your swings.

The manufacturer has used heavy-gauge stainless steel for PlaneSwing to increase its value and make it durable. The basic mechanics of this device include a weighted power slider, coupled with a metal hoop.

You need to keep the power slider in contact with the hoop throughout your swing while using it. The movement from your action will replicate the movement required to keep your clubhead on the plane.

With the help of this training tool, it is extremely easy to figure out your ideal swing, based on your height, body posture, and your club. As a result, you can keep practicing your ideal swing plane until you can perfect your swing. Since you are training your muscles and practicing for maximum performance and efficiency, it will easily translate to success on the course.


  • Find out your ideal swing plane.
  • Learn to strike the ball consistently and with less effort.
  • Excellent for increasing power and speed for the swing.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Less pricey than other swing plane trainers.
  • Highly durable.


  • Although less pricey than others, it still isn’t a budget-friendly option.
  • Because it’s made from heavy-gauge steel for durability, it is slightly heavy.
  • Requires you to practice to perfect your swing, so not an instant fix.

Golf Swing Plane Perfector

Although hoop trainers like PlaneSwing offer quite a lot of effectiveness, some golfers prefer using a simple and straightforward training tool. For these golfers, the Swing Plane Perfector is the ideal tool to improve their golf swings.

Swing Plane Perfector is a lightweight training tool favored by many golfers because of its small size. The compact size of the device helps golfers carry it just about anywhere, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The whole package consists of a small device used for measuring swing plane, along with three alignment sticks.

The great thing about this device is that it’s extremely adjustable. Therefore, you only need to line up the required swing plane for your style of play and height to start using the device. Furthermore, the device’s ability to give golfers instant feedback allows users to work on crucial adjustments, thereby making it easier to perfect their swings.

Just as the PlaneSwing training tool, Swing Plane Perfector is meant to work on the muscle memory of golfers and help them practice the ideal swing plane. Although receiving instant feedback and the option to adjust the plane are useful features, the device doesn’t tell where you need to adjust the plane to perfect your golf swing.

For this reason, you need some basic knowledge regarding the optimum swing plane for each of your clubs. Knowing this is necessary for adjusting the plane, according to the ideal swing on a particular club. Alternatively, you can ask a coach to dial you when you are using the device for the first time.

Aside from that, the Plane Perfector is an excellent and easy-to-use device. It can help you to obtain instant, accurate, and useful feedback about your swing plane, and you can practice on this device to develop the perfect swing for your game.


  • Extremely portable.
  • Instant and accurate feedback.
  • Inexpensive.
  • You can use it anywhere from mats and turf to indoors and outdoors.
  • Provides an excellent visual guide for the club path and wing plane.


  • Golfers need to have some idea of how to use it or ask a coach to set the device up for them.

Explanar Golf Training System

The Explanar Golf Training System is one of the most comprehensive swing plane trainers available on the market. The training tool uses a hoop design to help golfers to identify the flaws in their golf swings.

What’s unique about this device is that it finds the middle ground between the PlaneSwing and Swing Plane Perfector. The Explanar Golf Training System is feature-filled, like the PlaneSwing tool, and is less complex when compared to the Swing Plane Perfector.

The objective of using this device is to discard the features of your swing that affect your performance. At the same time, the tool reintroduces improvised methods and techniques to help you improve your swing.

In other words, Explanar reconstructs your entire golf swing from scratch and allows you to develop an optimized swing. As a result, the device not only improves your golf swing but at the same time, increases the distance and the trajectory of the ball after impact.

You can work your muscles to adapt to the new swing through repetition. With the help of this training tool, you can set the perfect swing in your game-play. Typically, golfers need to spend a few minutes each day at a place they find comfortable for using it. Since the device is also extremely portable and adjustable, you can use it almost anywhere.


  • Forces you to use the right muscles in your swing.
  • Easily adjustable and portable.
  • Builds a new swing from scratch.
  • Helps ingrain your proper swing plan.
  • Comes with an instructional DVD.


  • Extremely expensive.

Our Final Thoughts

Golfers often struggle to find the perfect golf swing once they change their equipment or start playing golf after some time. If you are looking for golf training aids for swing plane, these three options are the best options.

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